uneventful day, silly movie

I woke up pretty under my fight weight. Well, I’m most comfortable walking around at this weight nowadays. :/ I hope Akano isn’t too much heavier than me.

It won’t matter, though.

Billy had taught me a good saying, that he said Abe-san used to say: Face your opponent with a firm heart and you won’t even feel the punches.

I won’t back down.

I kind of had a big breakfast just because I could. Man, those frosted corn flakes are killing me…so tasty, I just can’t stop munching them down.

This morning I really enjoyed chatting in my new chatroom! 😀 <3 There were a few more people than last time! Come one, come all! XD

I then finished “Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus.” It was kind of…ridiculous. lol But it had a lot of action. I liked it…kind of. I dunno if I’d recommend it…maybe as a background movie.


Took a nap, cuz I was exhuasted from training yesterday. Even though I don’t have work on Thursday, I’m always a little tense and it’s hard for me to nap in the afternoon, because I know I have two training sessions. But on Friday, I don’t have training.

I had beef, rice, and veggies for lunch, and then hung out with my friend Kozo and taught him English. It’s been like 3 weeks since we last met! That’s where the tweeted pics came from.

I went to work, and had two kids classes in addition to adults.  In one, two girls came late and two boys didn’t come at all. Why not? That left me with one sit-in student. It was kind of awkward, because I pre-teach the vocab and then do activities. So if they come in after I pre-taught the words, it’s kind of pointless to try and make them do an activity, since they’d be clueless.  That annoyed me. ~_~;; Oh well, we can only do our best.  Something must have been going on, because everybody was in a bad mood.   Then the group of super young ones that gives everyone trouble were okay today, so I didn’t use any of my back-up activities. woo.

It was an uneventful day, aside from winning 200 yen (like $2.50) on a scratch ticket.…