the theme is “monsters”

I’m feeling great lately! 😀 I got six hours of sleep for FOUR NIGHTS IN A ROW!!!!!!!!!! Last night, six and a half! My energy is back, I’m feeling super! Except for a pulled leg muscle ^^;; but that’s almost better, too! 😀 😀 😀

This week, I rewatched the Trilogy Pirates of the Caribbean….and now I wanna see the fourth one but it’s expensive so I’m gonna wait for it to come out on DVD.

I also failed in my diet this week, so I gotta get back on the bandwagon. ~_~;

I’m listening to the newest Staind album! I really like Staind, but actually, the music is kind of dark, and I’m feeling genki lately, so I’m not really enjoying it as much as I used to…

I am SO excited! I’m going back to the US on the 9th! 😀 My cousin Adele’s getting married! 😀 😀 😀 I’ll get to see my MOM AND DAD!!! XD XD

Yesterday, I taught my beloved Wednesday kids class. We talked about “What do you want to be?” when you grow up, etc? They told me, and then just to practice the sentence structure more, I forced them to pick a card and then say “I want to be ____” whatever was on the card. There were aliens and humanized animals, like cats and tigers, but there are also monsters. There’s this goofy picture of “Mindy” dressed up like a ballerina, and when the kids saw her, they were like, “WHO THE HECK IS THAT?!” and laughed so hard.

XD OF course, T-kun, the only boy in the class, had the luck (misfortune?) of picking her card when it was his turn to say his line. He had to say “I want to be a dancer!” and the whole class errupted into laughter. I had so much fun in that class! I always do! They are the light of my whole week. ^_^ Wednesday, 4:45-5:30.

Incidentally, then I drew monsters with another girl in another class, and practiced saying, “It has five legs, it has orange eyes” etc. I made her choose a name. My monster’s name was Fangor, and then I thought I’d add “evil” to it. I thought she might not know the word ‘evil’ so I added “bad” which is kind of stupid LOL. It essentially means the same thing. XD He likes hamburgers. Notice I got inturrupted when drawing burger #2 so the two buns are floating without filling. XD Hers likes ice cream 😀