“Sweep the leg, Roxy?”

I wrote about this on my Facebook a bit.

It started with ZST, where I saw a fighter start limping. The ref even stopped the fight and had the doctor check him out. They decided to continue, but the opponent was limping heavily. I don’t know if the injury happened before or during the fight.

The opponent kept targeting the bad leg, until the guy just fell down in pain, and the opponent won.

His career advances, he gets paid, he wins. That’s how it works. Right? Well… this is a sport. A combat sport. Are we sportsmen, or warriors, or what? Is there honor involved, or SHOULD there be honor involved? Who decides if that’s honorable or not? They hugged. Is respectful enough?

I will say here that I’m not a fan of a certain fighter who breaks people’s limbs. True, if the attackee didn’t tap fast enough….it’s hard to be a judge, though! I personally believe that I should be able to win by MAKING the person give up without injury. But I don’t hold other people to my beliefs. I’m always saying it – everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

I asked people on Twitter and Facebook, and 90% of the people said, “Go for the leg.” (actually, everyone said “Sweep the Leg.” HolyKarate Kid reference, I got it already, guys! LOL Love you, though!)

I have been in one situation, though, where my opponent wasn’t tapping. It was my rematch with Jennifer Howe in the IFC. ( I screen capped the video on youtube to post here. )This was what was going through my mind:
I got it! I got the omo-plata! But she’s not tapping.

I got it but she’s not tapping. wtf. WHY IS SHE NOT TAPPING….I don’t wanna break her arm…

please tap god please tap I don’t wanna break her arm….ref, she’s not tapping, shouldn’t you stop the fight now? let’s do a combo-omo-plata wrist lock…Why isn’t she tapping…okay, here I go slowly…give her time to tap…let’s put all my weight on her…omfg she’s not tapping…

She.is.not.fsking.tapping…go slow…slow…you’re gonna make me crank it? okay fine……please tap I don’t want to hurt you..

*ding ding* I can’t believe it…is she okay? *look* How could she not tap?

Yes, I pushed as hard as I could.
But she had the chance to tap.
(She actually told me later that I didn’t have it perfectly sunk…)

As I wrote on my Facebook, I was thinking about what I would do if I were that guy in ZST. I’ve decided. I would take advantage of the fact that she couldn’t move well on the leg, but I wouldn’t aim to consciously incur injury. I just want to be clear that I wouldn’t be trying any less hard to win. Nor would I avoid the injured area to ‘go easy.’ No, Mr. Kreese, I won’t sweep the leg. I guess I’m not Cobra Kai material. 🙂 Maybe it’s because I feel I can control grappling more than a fast strike. hmmm

This is an interesting topic, though! Please comment and spread this around!…