I will do it, no excuses, try harder

Saturday was Saturday. Wake up at 3:30, go to work at 7:30 AM, work until 5:30 PM, go to training. Work was busy but I had two training methods to finish off my day, which are less stressful than lessons, so that was nice.

I went to Zest Fight Club and sparred with Hattori-san, Kojima-san (who was training already after his fight) and this other dude who didn’t wanna hit me at first, but then got used to it and we had fun. Then I did the striking part, we did MMA, and then I collapsed!

I’m taking training really really seriously these days. Of course, I’m serious about training, but … something is different now.



I might have a fight, but until it’s announced, nothing is set in stone, so don’t even ask me about it.

This morning, since I woke up at @#$*#$ 3:40 AM again, I tried out a new chat room my webmaster wetdryvac found for me. I have to approve chatters before they can comment, and it says there’s a 25 person limit? But I’m not sure how that works? I can do polls. XD It was good to chat with people again! I think only five people came in. But SUPER COOL PEOPLE came! 😀

So I’ll try and do it again soon.

I'm focused on my goals