Thursday’s park, Friday’s TV show

After I hung out with Tsuru-chan, I went for a walk, on a quest to find a nice park with GRASS. Call me ungrateful, but Japanese playgrounds are REALLY nice, neat, safe, well kept, and clean.

But it’s like…sand or concrete or gravel. I want some grass, baby. So I found this athletic field with areas of recreation and rest for adults. It was really nice. Here are some pics.

Yesterday, I had my first and probably last “Happy Warrior” TV show. I tried to stream it like Little Evil TV, but I don’t have that sweet setup that he has. Plus, he can just talk while other people manipulate things for him. I had to sign in and do everything myself. I tried to have Tara LaRosa on as a guest speaker, but even though she signed in, I couldn’t cue her video. I did it just the way it was explained to me, but it wouldn’t work! Thank you very much to everyone who came into the chatroom. I answered some questions and then tried to get Tara on, but it wouldn’t work, so I ended up with long moments of silence.

I was embarrassed. u_U Oh well, life goes on. Two nights ago, I slept for 6.5 hours! 😀 I think that’s partly because I grappled hard, and tried to relax my mind. I’ve been trying to use my iphone less. Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling fatigued so I’ve been eating more. I’ve regained weight I lost over the last month. 🙁 Very sad about that….

This morning I woke up at 2. ;__;

My back hurts. u_U…