something that Naruto said

Naruto said something awesome in the episode I watched today. It really made me think.

“Training isn’t that easy. You have to think things through yourself. You have to grab the technique by yourself. Otherwise, you’ll never get better. We aren’t alone. Just the thought of somebody by our side watching over us, that alone makes us strong.”

He was talking about his parents and ‘master,’ but I for me, I think it applies to my coach. Who’s my main coach? Over the years, I’ve had many. Now, it’s Abe-san and Kunioku-san. Recently, I’ve been doing nothing but asking them questions after questions. But first, I should think for myself and develop my own way of doing things that suit me. I kind of knew this in my heart, but after I heard Naruto say those words, I fully realized it. Naruto always seems to say something that hits home with me, with what’s going on with me at the time. It’s soooo uncanny. That’s why I really love that show.

Thank you, coaches.