donations, AACC, byebye Yuma, Shaman King

Monday I woke up at 3:30 ;_;

Chatted with Dad, Mom, my chatroom friends, and then went to the gym in Machida. After lifting and doing a little cardio on the heavy bag, I went to my ‘favorite’ dermatologist, and had that debacle I posted about.

Ate lunch, and hit the 100 yen shop, picking up small cans of veggie juice, mini-packs of vitamins, canned tuna with beans, and a few pairs of socks. Coming home, I did my Spring Switch, where I take out my huge suitcase out of my closet full of summer/spring clothes. I transfer my fleeces and winter clothes from my dresser to there, and put those in my dresser/hang them up.

In going through my stuff, as I’d suspected, I found clothes that I’ve never worn, but were cool so hung on to them, thinking I’d wear them one day.

But let’s face it…a few I had been holding onto for years, and it’s not like I’m gonna suddenly be inclined to wear them now, so I threw them in a box. I gathered about 7 un-used shirts, (one I only wore once), and prepared two small boxes for donation. Economical donations FTW! 😀

See, Megumi had forwarded me an email that Shungo Oyama, a fighter friend of hers (who I’d met at King of the Cage) is driving up to Fukushima with a truck full of supplies. So I mailed the boxes to this factory, where on the 30th, he’ll pick them up and go.

Yay. A lot of fighters are doing that, seems like!

I kind of ate too much yesterday, but oh well. In the evening I went to the AACC. Abe-san taught some cool stuff I hadn’t known! I couldn’t do everything because one of my injuries was bothering me. –; It should be fine in a few days, but now, it’s annoying. I met Peter, who’s actually a fellow Berlitz-teacher, and a guy Ryan. It was fun. I met Caol Uno there, too, who said, “Roxanne, come on, let’s spar!” Do you know what a cool feeling that is?

I slept 6 hours last night! It always seems that if I do a moderate amount of exercise…not too much, but not too little, I sleep the best. I hit 59 kilos last morning, so my diet is succeeding. Just incase I get the fight offer I want.

Yuma Shizuka-san, who trains at the AACC and sometimes shows me cool moves, is moving to Australia for a year! Good luck to him! We’ll keep in contact on Facebook!

I’ve gotten up to Naruto Shippuden ep 145, but there’s filler now, so I decided to start rewatching Shaman King from the beginning. I’d gotten to like ep 30 in college, but then the fansubbers stopped subbing more, so I had to stop. Now there’s like 60, so I can finish the series! Yay 😀 I’d forgotten how much I loved it!

So why am I falling asleep in front of the computer?

Now, I’m listening to “Diva” by Sirenia. …