Thursday stress and training

So I spent all Thursday morning being bent out of shape over Paypal, but the auction on my fight shorts for that cause has reached 700. I’m really glad about that.

Thursday morning’s work out actually wasn’t that hard because everybody came late, but Yuma taught me a SWEET variation on a triangle choke, per request, because we both like that move. XD I almost got it on another guy in sparring but I ran out of time!! We did striking drills and a few rounds of sparring.

I went home at noon, did laundry and a few things, then met Megumi for our English lesson.
I post on my Facebook, “We’re practicing English!” and then people message me, “Oh Roxanne your English is so good.” Are they joking, because it’s not funny. I don’t say, “I’m teaching her English” because my company doesn’t want us to teach outside of our jobs, because they don’t wanna lose business, so I’m just trying to be politically correct. -_-;;;

I ate too much salad at the all-you-can-eat salad bar in Big Boys. ^^;

I didn’t have enough time to go home, so I took a walk while waiting for the AACC evening class to start.
I ended up sitting down on a bench and couldn’t keep my eyes open. I fell asleep, but I felt like I never really woke up. I had no energy and was sleepy and exhausted.

I wonder if I shouldn’t have taken the nap, or if I was just exhausted from my day and the stress anyway. I struggled through warm ups, hit mits, and Abe-san showed me a few combinations that I happened to already know, so I was able to do it and got praised for a change. lol (in striking)

So I was able to walk away not feeling like a total failure as we went into the grappling part of the class. I learned a few good ones thanks to Abe-san and Megumi, who re-explained everything to me when I was slow getting it.

I was determined to have fun sparring, but my body wouldn’t cooperate. I tried sparring Nakanishi-san and just ended up getting mounted and choked multiple times, so I went home -o-;; aaaarg. Looking at the clock in the locker room, I saw that I’d been training for an hour and 45 minutes. o.O;;; so it wasn’t short, or anything like that…

This morning I wanted to lift weights because I decided that I wasn’t sore enough. I’m exhausted energy-wise. I just ate some beef and veggies and a rice ball, and now I have an upset stomach. for no reason. wtf, intestines. I wish I knew what was wrong with you. Oh well.

I have work today, after I meet my friend Kozo to “practice” English. I have to go prepare now.

Oh, I just found this Iphone screencap I took because it was funny. (sort of)
Do you notice anything strange?