Lots of sleep on Monday…kind of

I slept so much on Monday.

Kind of.

First off, on Sunday I was tired so I went to bed at 9:30 PM. Therefore, when do you think I woke up? That’s right: 2:30 Am. Freaking TWO THIRTY. Actually, my mom said that as a kid, I’ve always had sleeping problems, so this is nothing new. But during college I used to be able to sleep until my alarm, 6 or more hours. So what changed? u_U;

Anyway, it’s not just like “go back to sleep!” I’m up like a little squirrel; my brain is thinking, oh! What’s breakfast! Oh! Who wrote me emails! Oh! What anime can I watch! Oh! What do I have to do today! getupgetupgetup!

You can’t just give it a nut and tell it to shut up. lol I talked to my mom from 5:30-6:30ish, went to the gym and lifted, came back just in time to get my package from my sponsors Michael and Claire with sleeping pills and a first aid kit! Took a nap. Then went shopping in Kawasaki. Came back, took a nap. Watched some Naruto and fell asleep while watching. After that, I had a big dinner and got rattled by that freaking 7.0? quake up north. Went to the AACC and like NOBODY came until 8:40ish. (kickboxing starts at 8). I heard that some train lines had stopped in Tokyo, but most were running. People may just have beenI chatted with Abe-san for a while, which was nice. <---- interesting, my mind changed topics in mid sentence! o_O;;; I was going to say, "People may have been freaked out over the earthquake and decided not to come. I got to chat with Abe-san for a while." I have a minor injury that's bothering me, but I trained anyway. Abe-san showed some great technique, as usual, paying attention to small details. I can use it, for sure! I had fun sparring. I sparred with Megumi- I always love rolling with her, because we literally roll around and around, over and over. The laws of gravity are optional in those cases. I came home, took glutamine and my melatonin pills to keep me asleep, and went to bed at 11:15 PM! 😀 And woke up at 4 AM. 🙁 *sigh* Almost time for my lesson with Kunioku-san! 😀 aaaaand another big earthquake just shook my apartment. ~_~;; …