exhausting weekend but I kicked butt

Aaah. It feels so good to just sit here. Eating my massive veggie salad. Chatting with my fans and friends in my chatroom. Looking forward to my lesson with Kunioku at 11 AM today.

This weekend was hard. I worked overtime to cover for the teachers who left the country, and also to make up the wages that I missed when I couldn’t work due to the disaster of the earthquake and radiation threat. On Saturday I felt like hell mentally…physically tired because I keep waking up at 3 AM every morning, and really depressed because I kept reading the news to stay abreast of the situation up north, and I had to shift through MMA news and stories about attacks on Libya. All I was reading about is the clean-up effort, how many bodies they’re finding in the Tohoku area, stories of valor and sacrifice….

There are wars and tragedies all the time…but it’s totally different when it’s near your home. You can’t ignore it.

I went to the gym and lost it, and cried in the bathroom over everything for like ten minutes before I could go out onto the mat. Frankly, I was so distracted and distraught that I’m surprised I made it through class, but I was so determined. I’m really trying to drive myself harder these days. Go back to how I used to be. I can do anything. I won’t lose again.

But I finished class and it was great. I could barely get home, I was so sore and tired, but I did it! And I took the L-Glutamine that my friend and fan Dave mailed to me (among a box-load of other expensive-ish supplements!) ! I think that really helped me recover. I was really worried about my condition when I woke up the next morning, but I was able to function. 😀 Thank you.

I had a few high-pressure lessons. This one student reminded me of my father- a business executive fellow who has to make presentations and has really high expectations of teachers. Well, that’s why we’re there. I think he was pleased with my lesson. After it, though, I felt like I’d just taught five instead of two. lol

One more for the record books. x_x

I had a one-period break, and I totally fell asleep on the couch in the teacher’s room….
I worked until evening and then met a student friend after work. I’m glad we spoke in Japanese. I haven’t been writing many entries in mixi or reading them lately since I’m so exhausted and haven’t been sleeping.

I went straight to bed last night without checking my e-mail. (!!!!!) I took some more L-Glutamine. So let’s see how well I do in practice this morning! 😀

I may or may not go to evening practice… last night my brain felt like it was over-heating more than the reactors in Fukushima….

*eyes her chatroom* XD I love the folks in my chat room. <3 I really do...I've met so many awesome people in there. It was Miesha Tate's website that gave me the idea. …