I’m back at work! :D

I worked today! ^^ I went in early and made another BBR book via photocopier because we only had two. Now we have THREE, woot.

It was soooo good to be back! My schedule was all over the place…but that’s okay for now. We got off a little early because of the current disaster situation. One of my kids, who is usually good, was really uncooperative and misbehaving. I got really upset, because he’s moving to the USA in less than a month, and I seriously wanted to teach him some good phrases. But no, he wasn’t having any of it. He was ignoring me and grabbing stuff and doing other things…even when I scolded him and made my voice serious. -_-;

;_; I wanted to teach him TOO much, and I was ranting and raving to poor Daniel in the teacher’s room, after handing the poor 8-year-old over to Chiyo for his second lesson. ^^;;; When I passed the room and peeked in the window later, he seemed to be paying attention. Maybe it’s her charm, or maybe cuz he knew he was bad when I stalked out without giving him stickers. lol

I just finished burning another set of ETI cds, so now we have two books and two sets of CDs.

And I dug up counseling memos for us to read and give better advice to students.

本気で仕事で頑張っている!  It really felt like too long, and I want to do everything I can to improve my school…while I have the extra energy to committ to it, and I’m not dead from training. lol Oh I also made a kids prep folder.

Outstanding! 😀 I hope. lol

Unrelated, I’m not big into love stories or love songs, but I LOVE Splash and this song always touches me.