Meiji Mura in Inuyama

I’m trying to make the best of being in Nagoya. I’m ending up spending money. ^^;; Plus I have the inability to sit still. Oh well…
My parents and friends are still urging me to get out of the country, but I’m considering going back to Tokyo today.

Nobody really knows, that’s the problem.
Berlitz is closed this weekend. Yay.

Yesterday I went to Meiji Mura. The Japanese collected various buildings from all over Japan built in the Meiji Era and reassembled them in one location, in Inuyama, a city 30 mins north of Nagoya.

I got up kind of late, and got out of the apartment at about 1:00. Everyone else was a late riser, so I went alone.

It was educational. I walked A LOT and ate interesting foods- Tamasen! etc

I got back in time to go to training.

Suzuki-San wasn’t there. Instead this tall guy showed this really good technique. I knew he must be a pro, so after class, I asked, “Could I ask your name?”

“Hioki,” he said. “I am Hioki.”

Omg. (ーー;)Only the most famous fighter from that gym… Hey, I can’t see anyone’s face without my glasses! Lol

I mis-read the website…I thought there were two technique classes back to back, but in fact, I got changed and was walking out the door when I realized that everyone was sparring. _< I really wanted to spar...but my back was hurting me a lot, and the mats were really hard at Alive. And I had pulled leg muscle picking up my partner and practicing slams, so it hurt to move, so I decided to go home. Well...I guess I could have put my training gear back on, but >_< I guess it was a good move, because I'd been walking all day, and I slept A LONG time. This morning I woke up at 6, and fell back asleep and woke up at 9. That never happens. What should I do today, hmmm.... …