I trained at “Alive.”

The guys I’m staying with are playing Streetfighter on a huge TV right next to me.
And they’re cussing and stuff.

It’s really comforting.

Today, I LITERALLY ate all day, because I have a big appetite when I’m nervous or depressed. I’m both. I’ve definitely gained weight, and that’s frustrating. Finally, we got out of the apartment at 11 and walked around Nagoya castle. It was nice….but I wasn’t paying attention 100% because I kept reading twitter and news sites about the reactors and situations….

This evening, I trained at the Alive Gym, where Hioki and Takimoto train, but neither were there. Suzuki-san was, and he’s a black belt AND excellent kickboxing coach…he was so nice to me. He knew me by name! and welcomed me. We did a striking class and MMA. It was okay. I was kind of depressed so I had trouble pushing myself, and I just wanted to grapple, but it was nice to refresh myself, kind of.

I’ve been struggling with the decision of leaving the country. Many of my friends are. They say their lives are more important than their jobs. But I love Japan and this is my home…and if I leave, I’ll get fired from my job. I want to keep working for Berlitz. But I’ve been invited to go to Singapore for a time. But my boss wouldn’t give me time off…what do I do? -_-;

Maybe I can stay in Nagoya…maybe it’s good enough. But I’m expected to show up to work on Wednesday unless management decides against it.

I heard that there’s no more food in grocery stores in Tokyo and trains are stopped. I’m not going to be able to get from my apartment to work. Do they expect me to camp out at the office?…