dreams of work, Jewels weigh-ins

I got this message on facebook:
Hi. I would like to know please , can a women develope powerfull intense fighting skills ? can a women strikes cause any damage ? Thank you
Best Regards

I wrote back: “Yes”
What do you want me to say?
And he wrote back. “its hard to believe !”
That’s great. What are you trying to do, aggrivate me?

So anyway, it’s been a busy busy week. I’ve been working a lot…actually, I’ve had FOUR work-related dreams in a row. I had a meeting with my boss on Wednesday to discuss my lessons, and we’re having a lot more pressure put on us nowadays. It’s good for standards to be high, which assures customers excellent service….but man. After my meeting, and during my next lesson, I felt SO much pressure, I was exhausted after just that one lesson.

Yesterday, I went to Jewels weigh-ins! I tried to do video interviews. I was really nervous, actually…I got the names of Rina’s and Emi’s opponents mixed up and looked goofy, and started pronouncing Jessica’s name the Japanese way. lol omg…

I have so much to do lately… and I thought I might have a fight set, but it turned out not to come to frutition. Kunioku-san emailed me, “Don’t worry, keep your chin up!” I’m sad I gained back the weight I lost…in fat. I need to gain it in muscle! _< I need to stop eating junk food. It's a big problem for me... anyway, today I work work work. I wish people would understand...I have to work to make money. I can't just be a pro fighter. I was chatting with Jessica, too. She says she's having trouble surviving and will have to start looking for a full-time job, instead of doing only privates and training... People who tell me to "just move back to the States" or "you have to chose, work or MMA! Don't you love MMA?" I want you guys to understand.... [caption id="attachment_235" align="alignnone" width="527" caption="Roxy, Jessica Aguilar, Megumi Fuji"][/caption]…