I’m back from Cage Warriors 40

I just got back from an amazing experience at Cage Warriors 40 in London. Thank you to Promotor Graham, matchmaker Ian Dean, Clare and everyone else for bending over backwards to take care of me and Kunioku-san in every way possible. It was a great honor to fight Rosi Sexton, and share ice cream and cookies after the fight. I hope I have the good fortune of fighting for Cage Warriors again.

To all my loyal fans and new fans, thank you for all the support. You are simply amazing and lift me up, whether it be on your shoulders after victory, or a helping hand up after I fall. The same feelings go out to my coaches.

I’m very happy when the fans tell me that they enjoyed watching my fights. That’s good. Thank you for that. And thank you Celine for flying in from Norway to be with me and corner me.

That being said..

…I am very very disappointed in myself in many ways. There are no excuses- Rosi fought the better fight on Saturday- but the next thing I must do is figure out how to solve my problems to perform better as a mixed martial artist.

I totally let down my coaches. Kunioku didn’t teach me to strike like that, and that’s certainly NOT what I learned from Sean. Of course, from a fan’s point of view, it was back and forth and exciting. For me, I’m revisited and haunted by certain moments where I thought, “If only I had done this…” “why couldn’t I do this?” “How could I have done this?”

Kunioku-san told me that it was experience for me to learn from for the next time.

By the way, I want to apologize to fans after the event. I left the cage and people were trying to talk to me or console me or something, but I was extremely upset and wanted to go back to my locker room. I couldn’t see anything without my glasses- I was essentially blind in the dark with blurry people swirling all around, disoriented and confused and I think Celine wasn’t sure where to take me, so if I yelled at one of you, I’m sorry. ^^;

I think I’m going to be kicked out of my ninja clan for this….

I can’t wait for my body to heal so I can get back to the gym. I’m going to have to make more changes to my training regime. somehow…. I must work harder and harder and get stronger!