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So I HAVE been successfully studying Japanese ten minutes every morning at 7 AM! 😀 It was a good idea, a doable idea, and I’m glad I’ve been able to implement it.

Now I just have to call my Japanese friend because I’ve been neglecting him. :/ [edit] I called him yesterday! Oh I’m so happy now!

Last week, Pannie Kianzad from Sweeden came to stay at my apartment with her boyfriend. She is training at Xtreme Couture for her fight against my OTHER friend Kerry Hughes (oh well!) and uh, ended up trying out for TUF 28. XD

I enjoyed getting to know her a little better. Last Sunday we went and saw Deadpool 2 together!
And we bonded over grocery shopping. XD

We also went sock shopping together, and I got TACO SOCKS.

I really don’t need more socks, and fans give me socks so I never spend money on my own socks anymore…but I don’t have taco socks yet 😀 And Serena bought me ALL MIGHT socks, from My Hero Academia.

I told her I didn’t need them since they were $15 dollars, although I did kind of want them….they were expensive. She was like “Don’t tell me what to do” or something like that and bought them anyway. But in reality.. EEEEEEEEEEE I LOVE THEM SO MUCH THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Training has been amazing. It hurts to cut back on Gi jiujitsu. I have this fear that I’m going to forget grips, lose grip strength, forget techniques, etc, and the worst part is, these are absolutely legitamate fears, and things that actually happen when I stop doing gi. Oh well, ‘shouganai,’ it can’t be helped, as they say in Japanese. I have to….

I have a fight to win in a month!

I do allow myself to go to Dunham’s Jiujitsu academy once a week for some gi rolling and/or technique drilling in the gi with the brown and black belts that go there. And Annie. Although she wants to triangle choke me and take my pants. That hasn’t happened in a while. My pants actually fell off at Syndicate yesterday butwewon’ttalkaboutthat Moving on.

I met ANOTHER BROWN BELT last week, Rita, from California. omg! A unicorn! So rare!
And Thanks, Tammi, for tapping me out. You’re one of my heroes. 😀

I’m in great shape. Thanks, Lorenzo, my amazing physical trainer, for teaching me how.

And go me, for doing all the little annoying and energy-sapping exercises to keep myself that way so I don’t have to GET in shape. Thanks, Chelsea, for helping to do intensive fight-prep with John on Monday. And, also my sacrificing gi jiujitsu time to do more conditioning training. Nothing is an accident. I sacrifice and work for this stuff. Finally after all these years, I know how. I’m so glad I came to Syndicate.

I’ve been watching and finished the second season of Chronicles of Shannara. I really love fantasy stories!
Manu Bennett is such a great actor! I love characters like Allanon. Everybody seemed to be pissed off at him, though.

I also finished the third season of Lucifer! I heard it’s not getting renewed…nobody is sure. I LOVED THE SEASON FINALE! OMG

My kids classes have been a little small lately, maybe due to the end of the school year? We did taking the back and chokes this week, and the knee-slide pass.

I’ve been continuing to take my private lessons with Casey for the gi, and also Mike Pyle for no-gi. I’m getting so much out of them because they answer questions and tailor it to what I need.

They’re kind of my heroes. I’ve been successful with lots of the techniques they’ve taught me over the past months!!

(Casey and G). And I’m so grateful for having a buddy like G. I remember the first day I saw you…. I was warming up on the jiujitsu mat before mitts ( I wasn’t even going to do jiujitsu) and I saw this unfamiliar blue belt with a most impressive beard. I thought, “Hmm I should say hi to the new guy.” You turned out to be pretty nice. 😀

Speaking of heroes, My Hero Academia season 2 has been great so far.
If I weren’t already a fighter, I would want to become one after seeing this series. hahaha So inspiring to do the right thing. Not everybody has the same values as you do, or fights for the same reasons. We have to recognize and accept this. BUT keep on doing the right thing! The negative things will catch up with the wrong-doers. I know it!

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