A bigger piece of the pie

Hmm I haven’t eaten pie in a while.    Actually, today I had my first piece of dessert in an entire month- a single banana-flavored macaron. 🙂  It’s Valentine’s Day!   I’ve lost a lot of weight….I’m right on target for my fight.  Now I’m going to maintain.

Saturday and Sunday were really busy.  On Sunday, I did a lot of stuff related to mentoring.  I really enjoy it, and I hope I’m being helpful in the development of my fellow teachers.

After work on Sunday, I discussed important issues with fellow company employees.   I may have just landed myself an extra website project. u_u  No one else wanted to do it.  I wonder if I have the ability to do it…

Then I went to the gym after to lift and do some cardio.    This morning I trained with Sean Few and had a very good session.  I need to buy some more Gluttamine.  It might have been my imagination, but maybe I recovered faster with it?   I just finished writing an interview.

I had chicken, veggies, and rice for lunch, and sashimi for dinner.  That didn’t fill me up, though, so I had kamaboko (fish sausage).  They have sakura ones!!! 😀

I’m watching The Social Network!  I like it so far.

After training with Sean, I met my friend Kozo and we studied English together.  We met on this online social networking site  (laugh) two years ago and became really good friends.  (Yes, friends!)  He is an excellent cook and owns a wonderful Japanese restaurant.  Too bad it takes twenty minutes to walk there from the station. ~_~;;  I wanted to go there with Mana Friday, actually, but it was snowing and I was afraid I’d get sick.  I’ll have to have a victory party there. ^^