rested on the National Holiday, and Mana

It was a holiday today!  In 660 BC – Traditional date for the foundation of Japan by Emperor Jimmu.  So “National Foundation Day.”

I woke up at 4:45, as always.  -_-;;  I was sooo sore from yesterday’s double training that I could barely sit up.

Today I rested !!! in my apartment all morning.   It was great.  I watched Naruto, took a nap, etc.  The only problem was that I get hungry and can’t stop eating.  I ate sooo many vegetables trying to eat low-calorie food.  I finished off one whole package of renkon @_@ (crunchy lotus root) and konyaku and carrots, and then beef and a whole head of lettuce and kamaboko… I bet that if you add all the calories together, I should have just eaten a rice ball and be done with it. –;  Anyway, kind of bummed because my friend cancelled plans with me on the account of not feeling well.  I could have taught bonus lessons.  Oh well, the friend is more important.

Then I taught one bonus lesson in the afternoon and then went to meet Mana in the evening.  My friend from my junior year abroad in college! 😀 She lives in Omori, which is ironic since my gym is in Omori.   Mana lives in a share-house.  It reminded me of a college dorm hall!  Everyone has their own tiny private rooms, but share the dining room, kitchen, living room and bathrooms.  I could never ever live there.  I went through that, done that,  now am enjoying my quiet privacy.

We made and ate nabe, a kind of soup.  Only veggies and fish and Tonyu goma soup broth.  I am sooo full.

Mana and nabe

Mana and nabe

I think today is the last day where it’s ‘okay’ to eat a little extra.  I was so excited about getting close to my weight, but from now on, I have to make sure I’m strict.  Wow, it’s almost two weeks before my fight!  SO excited!…