My Professional Achievement

I’ve been teaching English at Berlitz for five and a half years.  I was told a year or so ago that I could qualify to become a mentor if I so desired.  This wouldn’t mean a promotion, but rather increased responsibility to mentor new teachers and support the staff in more ways than I am now.  I went to training classes, and received training from my instructional supervisor.  I also had to have a certain “score” in my yearly performance evaluation, and pass some tests.

I started mentorly duties about half a year ago, but only support.  I started in earnest this month with the arrival of a new teacher. I also got my certificate.  This is kind of like the final icing on the cake.  I nearly cried when my boss handed it to me.

I’m not perfect, but I aim to be.  I give 100% at my job and this achievement proves it.

My mentor certificate

My mentor certificate