Always you are remember…

Today involved much playing on my new iphone.

This morning, woke up at 4 AM.  ;___;  *sigh* I ate a big breakfast and then went to the gym.  I lifted for about 40 minutes, and then met a friend who lives nearby.  We hung out a bit, and then  I was starving so I had a snack, and then met Gabriel, my former co-worker and friend!  He’s visiting from Singapore.  It’s been about a year since we last met. ^^ I’m glad he’s well!  We ate at my favorite cheap Okinawan restaurant that Kadowaki -san introduced me to: Yanbaru. Right behind the Alta building at the  East exit of Shinjuku station.

Gabriel and Roxy at Yanbaru

Okay so I went off my diet today, but didn’t really have dinner, so it’s not the end of the world.  It was great to feel that my meal held me all evening!  I ate at like 2 and didn’t feel hungry for the rest of the night.  I guess a super-high fat meal will do that.  I hardly ever eat meals containing lots of fat anymore. ^_^;  Maybe that’s why I get hungry so fast….
Then I went to work, and had lots of time to prep…and play.  I took a bunch of random pics with my NEW BABY!!  Engrish ftw!

Alcohol containing

Very important

Then I worked and did not have fun with my kids….they wouldn’t pay attention, one girl refused to cooperate, threw stuff, and one girl kept grabbing my fingers and twisting when I tried to high five, and it REALLY HURT >< I ended up ordering them to sit down and be quiet without my usual smile.  I don’t do that much… they’re only 5 -6 year olds….

Long day of work tomorrow.  But Rachel is visiting and will stay with me tomorrow 😀…