tiring day

I woke up and thought, “I’m not so exhausted, I’ll go to the gym!” but I shouldn’t have.

I ate a big breakfast and felt I needed to work it off.  Arg weight cut.  I ended up dragging myself to the gym, focusing on my lower body and pecs and abs for like 35ish minutes, and then came home.  Probably had too many calories for lunch, but whatever.  It was fish.  Met a friend and we practiced English before me going to work.

My kids class frustrated me because one kid ALWAYS forgets something, but it’s always different, so I can never prepare for it.  Today he forgot his activity book, AND colored pencils.  He or his parents? –;; And as I rushed out of the room to make a photo copy, the machine wouldn’t work, leaving the kids unattended, etc etc and the mothers were in the lobby whispering, “Is class over already?”

I stayed late after work to help my mentoree.  She’s lucky I like her so much, heehee.  Tomorrow should be pretty busy.

I hope Flo shows up to the dojo afterwards to help me drill again.  I hope I can spar early so I can go home and sleep.  I wanted to drop today in my classes….

Just for the hell of it,  here’s a pic that I drew when I was like….I dunno.  Five?  I was a kid once…

[edit] Wait, that looks WAY too much like a Super-saiyan …..

[edit2] It IS a super saiyan! LOL I remember now where this pic came from.  I was drawing with my little kids and they drew their parents, and I drew Vegeta powering up.  LOL omg

drawing from childhood