Workin’ for a livin’!

Yesterday was a great day!  I started later than usual:  10 AM instead of 8:30, so I showed up at 8 and prepared for my day.

I spent a lot of time with my new co-worker Ana, and didn’t have time to obsess about food! 😀  We chatted, checked out the city sports gym together, and then spent hours preparing for her lessons.  It’s all good.  I had my kids group and she sat in and watched.  It went super well.  Haha they love imitating my funny voices, and if I listen to myself, I probably sound like a retard, but exaggerating my speech has really gotten their pronunciation to improve.

The lesson was about ‘wishing’ and ‘what do you want?’  I said, “I want video games!  And I want MONEY!”  The kids were like, “Huh? What’s ‘money?'”  I held up my fingers in the Japanese hand symbol that means money (thank goodness things like that exist) and they were like, “Oh.  MONEYYYYYY” and were screaming “I want money!” for the rest of the lesson.

It was totally hilarious.  Then T-kun made a corny joke, and me and Ana laughed so hard. XD  “Bara wa bara bara ni naru!”  I LOVE IT!  I think the kids were laughing at US because it was so stupid to laugh at it. (The rose [bara] falls apart [bara bara ni naru])

So anyway, I saw this funny sign on the train.

omg beer

oh by the way, when we went to the sports gym, one guy who was working there came up to me and said, “Roxanne Modafferi?  Can I shake your hand?  I’ve seen you in a magazine and stuff!”  COOL, a fan!!!…