“End of an Era” by Robert J. Sawyer

I had a great training session with Sean in the morning.  On the train ride home, I finished this Sci Fi book by Robert J. Sawyer called “End of an Era.”  I got into this author when I found the trilogy  The Neanderthal Parallax.  Then I read The Quintaglio Ascension, which was outstanding.  This book is just a single one, but it had vocabulary I didn’t even know in it.  It’s been a while since my vocabulary was challenged.

But anyway, I’d highly recommend any of the books I mentioned.  In fact, I’d buy ANY title that this author writes.  He has very interesting ideas that at first sound far fetched, but somehow he actually backs them up enough to be believable!  It’s amazing.  And the charcter developement is masterful.  I was particularly impressed with this End of an Era book because it was kind of short, but I got to know the characters enough to care about them.