It’s been an odd weekend

So this weekend I didn’t feel so hot, so after work yesterday I just came home and lay down and tried not to eat too much. 😡  It’s odd…  I was really looking forward to training on Saturday, so I’m bummed about that.

I watched epsidoes 92-102 of Naruto over the span of two days.  Kabuto is still trying to manipulate Yuukimaru and Guren, and the Konoha group is just about to impliment their plan to seal the sanbi (three-tail).  It’s kind of boring…reminds me of Dragon Ball Z.  The planet Namek will explode in ONE HOUR!  *next episode* It will explode in….ONE HOUR!  *next ep*  It’s…STILL exploding…in one hour!  *next ep*

That planet was just about to explode for like ten episodes.  @_@;;

Yesterday after work, I bought these green casual toasty-warm pants from Uniqlo and two Naruto T-shirts.  I DEFINITELY DO NOT need any more T-shirts.  BUT I certianly DO need Naruto T-shirts. 😀  I bought an orange one, and orange is not my color, but it is Naruto’s color.  I’ll wear it to training.  And I bought a dark blue one with an orange figure of Naruto to wear normally.  weeeee NARUTO! 😀

I fell asleep two times watching Naruto, so I finally went to bed  at 10 PM.  My apartment is so cold. ;_; Japanese homes don’t have insulation, and my sliding glass doors let in the cold.  The wall heater is right next to them.  Oh that’s brilliant.  I turn off the heater for 5 minutes and the place goes down like 5 degrees immediately.  lol

Anyway, woke up at 2, thought “damnit,” but was able to roll over.  My futon is so warm 😀  Woke up again at 5, rolled over, woke up at 6:00.  YAY Sleeeep 😀

Today I’m gonna try and train in the morning with Sean and at night at the AACC.…