fast week

Man, it felt like this week really flew by.

Part of me wishes  I hadn’t lifted weights so hard on Tuesday…the rest of the week was SO painful, and my sparring was SO bad Thursday. 🙁  But I want to keep my muscle.  I feel like my shoulders and back are boney. ~_~

I’m constantly fighting myself and trying to manage my own urges.  For example, through being a fighter and yo-yo dieting to control my weight, that switch that turns off my appetite got broken.  Once I start eating, it’s hard to stop.  I could eat so much and still want to eat.  My dad was arguing with me the other day that I’m ‘just not listening to my body.’  I wonder if that’s the case.  But even when I go up in weight, I still want more.  Or is that just because I wanna eat ice cream because it tastes good.  I guess I don’t feel like eating then- it’s a combination of mental and physical.

At any rate, it’s hard.  After training on Thursday I was 131 lbs, so that’s good…. I’m eating a lot of protein.

Every day, I’m getting more and more excited about going to London.  I’m worried about food, though, since I have such a sensitive stomach and everyone tells me the food sucks.

Oh, and it turns out there was a national holiday on Monday January 10th, but I am always off on Mondays.  So our company has a policy called “Happy Mondays” where I can substitute that day for another one! 😀 I’m gonna use it to cover the day of my fight, so I don’t lose pay for that day! 😀  See, I get wages,  not salary.  I already used up my paid vacation for the year, last summer.  Every little bit helps.

I really need supplement sponsors. ;_;  A really nice couple, Claire and Michael Culver own a farm and actually donated to me personally… that’s SO nice of them. Thank you.  I bought 100 bucks worth of protein and BCAA and vitimins using that.

So it’s the weekend, and I work back to back lessons from 8 to 5:30 today, and from 8 to 3 tomorrow.  It seems like a normal working day, but every lesson is high-tension performance, so it’s really more tiring than it would appear.  I actually get out of work at 4:45 today instead of 5:30, and for ONCE I don’t like that.  Usually I go straight to the gym, but this time I’ll have down time in between and I don’t want that.  I wanna do my thing, go home, and sleep. u_U  Nobody shows up to the gym early.  I wanna spar sooner rather than later. hrm. I could go to ZST rather than the AACC since their class starts and ends earlier…but I’m not sure I can do the whole class, and since I’m crashing their practice as a non-member, that might be considered rude…I dunno what the Japanese would think, actually.  They could just be  acting polite….

Look, I’m drawn into Manabelldo’s comic of Megumi Fuji!