Bagels and Cream-cheese

Wednesday I had another two wonderful kids groups. 9-11 year olds.

For my first one, EB1 with two kids, the lesson was telling time.  The text book then showed pictures of Trump doing stuff, like sleeping, waking up, eating, playing the trumpet (himself????).  They were supposed to say “He’s waking up at 7 o’clock” which doesn’t really make sense for Q and A, so I changed it. ^^;;  I first had them just read it, and then said, “So he wakes up at 7 o’clock.”  They repeated it.  Then I said, “I wake up at 5 o’clock.  What time do you wake up?”  and I chucked the stuffed Marimo toy at them. (That green thing I posted about a while back) They had to answer “I wake up at ?? o’clock.” and then ask their partner the same question and throw the Marimo.

Kids love throwing things.  In a controlled manner, of course.  We did a bunch of verbs.  That was last week, actually.  THIS WEEK it was the second review lesson so I had them do it again, PLUS I tried to teach them the third person.  SHE GOES, HE GOES.  ^_^;; MAYBE they understood, but had trouble remembering…I had to prompt them almost every single time, and they got confused as to question word order. Oh well…some kids just remember better than others.  It is really hard….

For my second class, they were lower level.  I taught them to read 😀  The lesson was about food and restaurants. I made flash cards!

Roxy: [oo]  Look!  It’s oooo!

kids: Oooo!

Roxy: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Like room!

kids: Oooo!  Room!

Roxy: Good!  [ch]  It’s ‘ch.’  ch ch ch

kids: ch ch ch



Roxy: Very good 😀  [ee] It’s eeee!

kids: Eeeee!



Roxy: Shhhhh that’s too loud @_@:;;

Kids love making funny noises. 😀

Roxy: Okay, so…*writes on the board* [ch]

kids:  “Ch…”

Roxy:  *writes* [ee]

kids: “…ee”

Roxy: *writes*  [se]

kids: “…….s?”

Roxy: YES!  It’s “cheese!”

kids: aaaah naruhodo! (I understand!)

We did choose, cheese, chicken, etc, and I also taught them ‘oa’ like boat, and the two [oos] as in 1) room and 2) book, cook.  Actually the lesson plan was “I like _____.” But it was about a restaurant, so they SHOULD say “I WOULD like _____”  I know there’s another chapter in the book with the same thing, so this time I taught them, “I want ___, please.”  It’s useful!  We did that last week, actually.  THIS time, I had them make their own menu.  Then present it! (See pic)  “This is my restaurant.  I have soup.  I have salad.  I have (whatever.)  Okay, who’s next?”

The next part was amazing. I only listened for the next five minutes.  T-chan raised her hand.  “Hai!  Uh, this is  restaurant.  One, pizza.  Two, soup.  Three uh…ch…chicken …nandakke (what did I write…) oh, sandwich.”

Roxy: Very good! High five! *high fives* Okay, who’s next?

S-chan:  One, cheese sandwich.  Two,

etc etc Only two boys didn’t volunteer, so I had to call on them. It was great.