my first blog entry

(Uh okay I think I made a new ‘page’ before when I meant to make a post. Let’s try this…I’m still new at wordpress.  )

Hello everybody, this is my very own blog on my very own website! 😀

Myspace was great….but it’s time to move on.

Let’s see if I can post a picture…

It's freezing in Miyata's gym

ooooh!  I did it 😀  This pic was from when I trained with Sean Frew in Miyata-san’s gym Brave on Thursday.  I was wearing… a lot.  Until the heater kicked in.

Today I felt really crappy so I went home from work.  SORRY guys ;___;   I have two assessments tomorrow morning, so I gotta ganbaru (do my best) and bring in the new customers! 😀  I work from 8 to 3:15.  I have to lose weight. >_< I hope this weight cut isn’t weakening me.  Maybe it’s that everyone around me is sick, and I’m physically exerting myself. -_-;;  Well.   I watched “Blood: The Last Vampire” the live action movie on my computer.  Looks like the anime is the same plot?

I think I’ll watch Naruto for the rest of the night.  I usually hate laying down, but it feels great at the moment…

I wonder if somebody’ll comment 😀…