Really suffering without my weekly Monday osteopathic treatment. ;_; It’s been two weeks. How have I been able to function all these years without Mihara-san? Oh wait, that’s right…my body kept breaking. ^^;;

Thursday I woke up, ate breakfast, watched the Ultimate Fighter Season 17 episode 3 and some Naruto. I’m behind in both! Did morning training, focusing on cardio and stamina, because my joints felt like a wreck. I hit stuff and did kickboxing. Went home and collapsed. Three translation jobs suddenly appeared in front of me, so I did two of them, and put one off to watch another ep of Naruto. Fell asleep in the middle of a battle. lol. I visited an old friend in Atsugi, which was so nice.

Friday, felt like a wreck but had A-san hold mitts for me in the morning class before Mitsui-san came, and we did physical training (ViRP) together for an hour. 25-30 mins of ViRP and then stretching and other stuff. I could barely get to my feet after that. That means it’s effective!

It’s good mental training to be in pain, though. If I get chosen for TUF it’s not going to be a cake-walk.

Went home at 1:30ish, pulled out my futon, set my alarm for an hour later, fell sound asleep. I woke up at 3 PM and then went to work. Taught, went home, watched one ep of Naruto and went to bed. hahaha Oh yeah, took three SOCK OFF pills. I LOVE SOCK OFF.

Woke up on Saturday not dead (thanks Sock off! The real senzu bean!)
Taught all day, ate a little something, and then went home and collapsed. Didn’t go to training. Didn’t go to Jewels. I have huge mixed feelings about that…I hope Celine knows that I love her and support her, even though I didn’t go! I’m so thrilled she won her fight against Sugi Rock! Celine is really strong and talented, and it’s about time she showed how she can shine in the ring! 😀

I want her to fight in Invicta!

Went to bed early, and then woke up at 1:30 AM, ready to go, starving, and with an active mind. DAMNIT.. I rolled around for half an hour, and then started reading Twitter cuz I got bored. Read about Felice Herrig’s fight … just by looking at the gif, it looked like she yelled at her opponent after the bell, so her opponent backfisted her to get her away, so Felice took a swing at her and the ref had to separate them?

hmmmm 🙁

So I rolled over and promptly dreamed that I was going to Tokyo Dome City (theme park) with Felice, treked around, and met up with Brittany by the Ferris Wheel. x_x; Way to go, subconscious.

Got up at 4 AM and ate breakfast, and almost finished my Megumi Fujii translation. NOW I am sleepy but it’s time to go to work.
Today I teach for half a day and then go watch Amateur Shooto put on my by gym!

I want ice cream. ~_~;

So ridiculously excited for TUF next month.