My baka electric stove is broken. If I try to turn it on, it blows my circuit breaker. What do I do? I dunno. HAHAHAHAH THE ADVENTURE BEGINS HERE!!! *play Zelda music*

I went downstairs and talked to the guardsman/caretaker dude. I asked him if he could contact the owner to get it fixed.
Caretaker: “Oh, I dunno. Let’s ask the Ri-blah blah-cho.”
I blinked. “The who?”
Caretaker: “The Ri- blah blah cho. Here! *dial*
Roxy: Wait! *splutter* Ri…ri…who what why what do I say? Who? The owner? STOP!”
Caretaker: “No, not the owner. More important. Here, he’s on the phone.”
Guy on the phone: Hello? Hello?
Roxy: UM. HI. My name is Roxanne and my stove is brokennnnnnnnnnnnnnn…..”
Guy: blah blah blahjapanesestuffIcouldn’tunderstandatall??????
Roxy: ……. Um. ;_: um. I have no idea what you just said. TAKE THE PHONE BACK, MR. CARETAKER!”
Caretaker: hahahah yes, uh huh *listen* Okay. *hang up* He’s coming down.
Caretaker: The Ri-cho blah.
Roxy: ;__________; The owner?
Caretaker: He’s not the owner. He’s the boss of the owners.
*guys comes down the elevator* aaaaand it’s a guy I had a little run in with when I tried to convince him I paid my bike fee but he claimed I didn’t and I got all upsettttttttttttttttttttttttttt HE’S THE BOSS OF THE BOSS?!? LET’S PRETEND THAT NEVER HAPPENED.
Roxy: HELLO! Oh 😀 😀 😀 It’s you!
Boss dude: Ah 😀 Hello.
Roxy: My stove is broken, what do I do?
Boss dude: you have to contact the real estate agency. They’ll contact the owner. Call them.”
Fine. I hate talking on the phone because I can’t understand their Japanese, and can’t make myself understood like I can face to face. But fine. Called them.
“Oh, we can’t call them,” the real estate agent dude said. “You have to call your management company.”
Roxy: “Um, you guys called them last time for me when my toilet was broken. Can you please call them again for me?”
Agent: “Sorry, we can’t. I’ll give you the number. It’s Skycourt…”
“No, it’s not,” I said, upset. “It got changed! We had this problem last time.”
agent: “Our records say it’s Skycourt. Who did it get changed to?”
Roxy: “I forget, but you guys found it for me last time. Could you find it for me again, please? Sorry.”
agent: “Sorry, we can’t. Call Skycourt and ask them…”
Roxy: “Last time I did that the number didn’t go through,” I said impatiently. “OH I KNOW, it’s EM…Japan. EMK Japan…MKE Japan or something. Do you know?”
“Sorry, I don’t know. Then ask your caretaker,” the agent said.
Roxy: “He said to call you!”
Agent: “We can’t help you.”
Inner Roxy: You can eat my stinky sweaty BO rashguard, you jerky piece of crap!”
Outer Roxy: “I see. Thanks. GOODBYE!”
*pant pant* I’m gonna go over there and sit in their office until they help meeeeeeeeeeeeee! Oh wait….they gave me a number for just in case something else was wrong. Where did I put it. ….oh my fridge! I found it! 😀 Found it found it! 😀

Here is my stove burner. My panda tea pot is posing, for effect.
panda teapot

*called* “Hi, my electric stove is broken, and you helped me fix my toilet etc etc etc.”
“Oh,” the apartment management company lady said. “The real estate agency usually calls us and then we contact the owner…”
Outer Roxy: Oh really? Well I talked to them and they said to call you directly. 
Apt mgt lady: “Well, okay, we’ll call blah blah and they’ll call you.”
Roxy: Thank you!
*puts a load of stinky laundry in the machine*
*ring ring*
guy: “This is EMK Japan calling for……”
Roxy: OH HELLO THERE, Thank you for fixing my TOILET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guy: o_O;;; You’re welcome…. Um….so your stove is broken, so blah blah yackity fix it.”
Roxy: …… fix it? Yes please?”
Guy: So I will contact the owner who will set up a time to check out your stove.”
Roxy: (the owner STILL has not been contacted?!) So do you know the situation?
Guy: The stove isn’t working well?
Roxy: No. Whenever I tried to turn it on, it blew the circuit breaker, so I called the electric company and the guy came and checked it out, and said that it’s not an electric problem, it’s that the stove UNIT is broken, so I need to replace the unit itself.
guy: OH REALLY. So…is it a blah blah blah unit?
Roxy: What?
guy: An H blah blah unit.
Roxy: ……eh? Sorry….
Guy: smooth or coil?
Roxy: Oh coil, it’s super old. ^^;;
Guy: okay 😀 So they should call you soon to set up a time to replace it.


Hopefully the end. I finally got through to the right people. 😀 Now I’m just waiting for that call!