Tara LaRosa

Roxanne Modafferi Defeats Tara LaRosa at Invicta 8

Roxy huggin John after the match at Invicta 8.

Roxanne Modafferi defeated Tara LaRosa at Invicta 8 on Saturday, September 6, 2014 by unanimous decision.

Modafferi and LaRosa were well acquainted with each other coming in, having faced each other in two prior fights: MFC-Boardwalk Blitz, where LaRosa defeated Modafferi by decision on 03/4/2006, and Mossin: God of Martial Arts, where Modafferi defeated LaRosa by split decision on 05/21/2010.

This Saturday, their match went three rounds, staying on the feet the whole time.

Moosin - May 2010 - Tara LaRosa