2011-2012 Reversal Gym Yokohama "Groundslam"

Roxy and Brittany in sponsorware (Fightchix)

Roxy and Brittany in sponsor ware (Fightchix)

After pro practice with sister school Graaca's towels

Strikeforce Challengers - September 2010 - Sarah Kaufman

Moosin - May 2010 - Tara LaRosa

King Of The Cage - Toryumon Okinawa - January 2010

Valkyrie 01 Cage Force - November 8, 2008

Fatal Femmes Fighting - April 2008

Team Pictures

Team Pictures
2001 Royce Association BJJ Club - Adams, MA
Team Pictures
New England Submission Fighting - 2002 team
Team Pictures

Some non-Fighting Pictures

Non-Fighting Pictures
Kwagoe Shrine Dance
Non-Fighting Pictures
Roxanne and friend
Non-Fighting Pictures

K-Grace - May 2007

Pro Fighter Gallery 2007

Pro Fighter Gallery
2006 Trip to Suryuga, Mt Fuji
Pro Fighter Gallery
AbuDhabi vs Lekka Veira