work, meeting, fun and games

Worked in the morning, had a meeting in Tokyo, and then hung out with Tony. We went to Tokyo Dome City, and then to the INOKI SAKABA (restaurant) in shinjuku. WE LOVE that place. omg it’s designed like a pro-wrestling ring/arena. XD
Tony and Antonio Inoki pose! With the chin sticking out! XD

Oh, while we were in Suidobashi, we walked in The Fitness Shop and my fight with Akano in Jewels was playing on the TV. That was super ironic. And I didn’t really care to watch, since I thought I either won that fight or had a draw. -_-;

I’m really tired. I have my TPE tomorrow and a Time Zones meeting I gotta prep for.
I will try and make it an outstanding day! OUTSTANDING DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on! …