What a pro fighter needs to be successful

I was having a simple English lesson with Katsumura-san and he said something very interesting. We were talking about the grammar “need to/ have to / must.” I asked him, “What does a person need to do to become a successful professional fighter?” I was expecting to hear “He needs to train almost every day. He must lift weights. He has to drill technique.” Instead, I got some of those answers, but also he said this (I’m paraphrasing):

A pro fighter needs to be loved and supported by many people. That’s why I want my pros to teach class sometimes. They can meet many gym members, share their knowledge, learn through teaching, and also make many fans out of the members. Then, the fans will come and support him at their fights, cheer for them, and be there to help them train. A fighter needs the support of people in order to really be successful.

That’s true, very thoughtful, and insightful. …