good week of training and stuff

I had a very good but tiring week.

I feel good. Really good. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this healthy. I’m walking around at a higher weight and my body just likes it. Some of my pants might not fit anymore but… *laugh*

Training is going well. It’s so good to be back from Vegas and back into my routine. Haha I did like Vegas a lot, but just it was so expensive to eat and get around…I saw how fast my money was going down, and it freaked me out. o_o;

I don’t know if I actually have jet lag because I’m always tired and I always wake up early. lol I arrived back in Japan on Sunday, and went to pro training on Monday. Then Tuesday I picked up a few bonus lessons 😀 Yay. My preschoolers were a little rowdy. -_-;

On Wednesday, I had hoped to do Katsumura-san’s morning class and then get a private lesson, but he was still in Okinawa after having cornered our teammates that weekend. So I taught class.
wednesday morning class

It was fun, but actually, I was kind of bummed about no private. ~_~; I wanted to do my own training.

Thursday, as with Monday, I went in early before pro class and hit the bag and did some stuff of my own. Then sparred. Harley and I had a fantastic sparring match. I went away with a bruised, cut up nose and he, a sore chin. lol I decided to wear headgear, and it’s working out because I think the guys feel they can hit me harder.

I wanted to do the beginner class, but I was wiped. I should have lifted weights, but . ~_~; I met my old coach and a friend, so enjoyed that a lot. Bought some gear at The Fitness Shop. Then I went home and collapsed, watched an ep of TUF 17, glad I didn’t go back to the gym. hah

Now it’s Friday and I have Viper training. I wonder if I should go to Groundslam or weight lifting tonight after work. I wonder if I’ll have the energy to do either.…