I don’t feel so good. I hope I’m not catching a cold. Something is going around.

Well, hopefully I can do something useful today.

Got the kindergarten angel’s outservice in the morning. Then small lunch (had a big breakfast), tea with friend, then kids open house in the evening. Then go the gym for the test weight-cut.

My neck hurts.

A positive thing…I have to write one, right? uh. -_-;

I have supportive friends, and I’m thankful. Yesterday, Tony talked to me for over an hour on skype, about weight-cutting and just letting me blab around various issues. I felt slightly better after that. Rosi sent me info on rehydrating and stuff, too.
And my best friends from high-school don’t forget me, and post random messages of love on my Facebook.

I’m really fortunate. I must not forget that.

Okay, off to work. In K. School. The school that I’d been trying to get into for two years and I’m finally here. The school I get along with all my co-workers. I love it. Happy. Yes okay I’m ready.