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my code of a martial artist

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You have your own value system, code of honor, and rules for living.

what is right and wrong
what you should or shout not do
how to behave

The challenge is to follow these self-appointed rules when you’re tired, stressed, or emotional. If you are a human who interacts with others, you know that pressure and circumstances make people act in unpleasant ways.

Those are the times where self-discipline is needed. Those are the times that test our resolve and hearts.

Will you take an extra cookie when nobody is looking even when you’re on a diet?
Will you yell at someone you care about if you’re angry?
Will you lie about something you think doesn’t matter?

Ultimately, it’s a person’s choice what kind of person they want to be. I won’t judge other people because I haven’t walked in their shoes in life, I haven’t experienced their life experiences that made them what they are, I can’t feel the things they are feeling. That is part of my code as a martial artist.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word, “Honor?”

I just googled the word “honor” and I see a lot of American soldiers, samurai, other warrior-type characters, and cell phones. (huh?)

Can you define “honor” in words? Protection, respect, fulfill an obligation. An obligation to who? To yourself and to other people.

Pride – I feel like lately, it’s getting a negative connotation, where people think too highly of themselves and are ‘prideful.’ For me, it’s not. I have pride so I won’t stop training until I fall over. My pride won’t allow me to slack off on the assault exercise bike and let the numbers fall, even when my trainer Lorenzo walks away for a second and stops watching. I hold myself to a high standard and if I break it, I will be letting myself down and it will damage my self-esteem. Pride lets me sleep at night if I fail at something, because I KNOW I gave it 100%.

Growing up being teased, I admired super heroes who did “the right thing.” They helped others, they sacrificed something to follow some moral principle. They told the truth even if it meant hurting someone’s feelings, in order to fix a situation in the long run. They followed the rules. My teachers and parents told me, “Life isn’t always fair” like a mantra over and over again. Therefore, growing up, it was very important for me to do the “right” thing because I wanted so badly for the world to be fair. The “right” thing is often the hardest thing. I feel like the world isn’t fair because people don’t try hard enough to make it fair.

But WHAT IS THE RIGHT THING?! Sometimes it’s not so easy to know! You can only do what YOU feel is right so you can live with yourself. Sometimes two choices seem right. There are two futures right there, one down path A, one down path B. We have no way of knowing which one is ‘best,’ because we can’t see the future. Just choose.

(That’s a line from Levi from Attack on Titan.)

I also feel a very strong need to accomplish attainable goals I set for myself. For example, Friday morning I have to go to yoga class, or else my back will hurt all next week and my body won’t recover. I will absolutely go to that class unless my car breaks down. No matter if I’m tired or cranky or whatever, there is no way I’m not going to that class.

The trick for me is ignoring my mood and feelings. Those can change so easily. If someone I had a crush on suddenly texted me he was going, I would suddenly be motivated 400% to go. (not true, but just for example). Objectively look at facts.

If I let my mood dictate my actions, and I skip some unpleasant work out or homework or whatever, I’m letting myself down and failing myself. That’s my pride. Otherwise, how can I call myself a martial artist?

Our emotional control and will-power is like a muscle. It needs to be exercised and developed. When I first started fighting and dieting for fights, it was so hard and tortuous to control my eating if I was hungry or craving something. So, I got the idea to train my will-power. I used to walk into bakeries, look at and smell all the delicious breads and pastries, and then walk out without buying anything. Now it doesn’t bother me one bit seeing others eat a lot in front of me if I have to have a salad or whatnot.

I’m not trying to sound high and mighty. I’m trying to explain how I build a mental and emotional structure for myself to live in and live by. I want to know my weaknesses so I can strengthen them.

I guess one of my weaknesses is that I’m not very sharp to pick up on things people might imply. But it’s partially by choice. I don’t try too hard. It’s so easy to misunderstand or misread people. My mom always said, “Don’t be a mind-reader.” So I choose not to think something that somebody doesn’t tell me directly. If I think, “Maybe they feel or think this?” I entertain the possibility, but don’t believe it unless I have proof. I wonder if that’s good or not. Well, I don’t get into trouble at all, but I’m often finding stuff out that I hadn’t picked up or realized and then I think, “Man, I’m oblivious.”

One of my most recent accomplishments was banishing my emotions from training. I used to get frustrated if I couldn’t pick up or learn a move quickly. My brain got more and more worked up until it froze and I got REALLY upset. I started telling myself, “I’m a Jedi, I’m a Jedi, there are no need for emotions here.” As I step on the mat, I bow in respect, touch the post, and imagine leaving my feelings there stuck to the post until I’m done training. If I feel something welling up during training, I imagine it like a breeze, wafting away in the air.

[edit] Another thing is that if I notice a grammatical error in my writing, I MUST go edit it because I have my pride as an English teacher! Spelling is a whole different story… lol

post fight: some training, kids, anime, Herbal Papaya

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I always take one week off after a fight. I usually have to. Something is swollen or hurt, I feel the intense full-body soreness the day after the fight, and I want to avoid contact with my head just because I get hit hard and want to avoid any possible concussions.

Thank GOODNESS nothing happened to my legs. I only kicked a few times. My upperbody was sore, but not injured. Two of my fingers were swollen from making contact with my opponent’s skull with a strike. My left elbow was swollen, but I had a swollen bursa sack before the fight started, so it just got worse. From me elbowing her in the head…. so yeah I definitely got the better of the fight. Oh and my zombie eye….broken blood vessel that looks scary but doesn’t hurt and will heal in a week. I’m so lucky.

Before I fight, I always call both my parents. I always take a moment to be grateful for my body that functions in the way it’s supposed to. Because you never know.

Monday, I did chores all morning and didn’t train. Then I taught kids in the evening. They missed me! 😀
Tuesday I did light technique in the morning but didn’t roll. Captain was like, “Hi Roxy…WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! GO HOME.”

I did my physical trainer Lorenzo’s jump squat sets….only three sets! which includes several activities. I usually do 5 when I’m feeling good. Man! Three sets made me sore for days. Crazy how I’m in such good shape stamina-wise for a fight, but had stopped doing squats so those muscles went back to being sore again.

Man, I love Lorenzo’s training. I can feel my speed and power went up! How exciting! SO exciting I finally found there people I need. John for striking and MMA, Capitao for jiujitsu, and Lorenzo for strength and conditioning. Finally finally finally, after so many years of trying to figure stuff out myself. Under the same Syndicate roof. Syndicate is truly the best.

On Wednesday, I had a record-breaking number of kids in my jiujitsu class : 20! HOW AMAZING! 😀 And figures it was a day Serena wasn’t there to help me. ;_; Two kids from the big kids class like to be helpful and kind of assisted me, kind of fooled around near the end so I had to scold them…. but in the middle of class Forrest Griffin and Gray Maynard came onto the mat and helped!! HOW COOL! 😀

Man, Jamie visited Syndicate wearing her Goku outfit on the SAME DAY my Vegeta rash guard came in, and I wasn’t even doing MMA! GAH SO SAD. It would have been SO COOL if we had sparred!!! omg we MUSt coordinate next time!
Special thanks to Herbal Papaya for the awesome products that help keep my healthy. I have not once caught a cold while taking the leaf extract capsules.

Check out my balancing skills.
I have seed extract, too. Good for the digestion and intestinal health because it has enzymes. The blood formula is supposed to help increase your blood platelet count. Please, browse their website…they have graviola products and tea, too.

So Attack on Titan season 2 is out!! Man I wish I didn’t have to wait one week for thirty minutes. x_x I dunno if I can. I might wait a month and then watch in a cluster of 4. Hmm tempted. I kind of know what happens since I read the manga but I already notice small differences, and I forget a lot.
beast titan


Also, My Hero Academia season 2! Man, I forgot how much I love that series. Really inspiring.
In the episode, Deku said, “I wish I could tell my 4-year old self that everything would be okay. Wonderful changes were gonna happen.”

I totally relate to that! I wish I could tell my elementary/middle school self, “Don’t worry, Roxanne! You are lonely and picked on a lot now, but when you get older and start cage fighting, lots of people will want to meet you and you will have friends.” LOL I always wished upon a star to have friends. Always. Well, every kid wants more friends and gets picked on, I suppose. Plus, I was a more of an oddball than average. But seriously, mother, thank you for instilling in me the firm belief that I didn’t HAVE to conform to everybody else and I was fine the way I was. Because of your constant affirmation of the way I was, I never tried to be something I wasn’t. 😀
Mommy! 😀 I miss you!

Another thing about that anime…that girl said she wanted to be a hero for money, and everyone was surprised until she said it was to help her family. That’s exactly what happened when I told Lorenzo that I wanted to get a job where I’d be rich. He said he didn’t think I was that kind of person. Well, I want to be rich so I can buy plane tickets to visit my family and take care of my ailing relatives.

I ran stairs this morning and it seems my cardio hasn’t really gone down. That’s good… I got it good enough to go five rounds, but I don’t think my next fight will be five rounds. I hope to fight again soon…. already bought our costumes! 😀

I’m glad I did physical training with Lorenzo today. My ear is swollen and I shouldn’t be grappling…. tomorrow instead of jiujitsu, I coach some of my students at a local tournament. Then watch the UFC!

I have a fight! my training, sponsors, etc

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I’m so excited I have a fight coming up! I’m still under contract with Invicta but they allowed me to take this fight with Fusion Fight League. It wasn’t easy finding an opponent, but finally Priscila De Souza was finalized.

It’s in Montana and won’t be televised, so you gotta go buy tickets! Serena was also given a fight on the amateur section! That’s pretty cool a card can have both, and how often do a a pro-friend and ammy friend get to fight on the same day?

Actually I wish we weren’t because I’m super emotionally involved in her fight and I get really nervous. But I guess it can’t be helped at this point. :/ I’m trying to be positive about it.

It’s gonna be fine. John’s gonna take care of us so I won’t be nervous. She’s been trying to get a fight for a while now, too. She has improved SO Much. I can’t wait to see her fight again!

I’m going with Coach John, and I’m flying in Captain because each team gets only one cornerman paid for. Most promotions have that rule.

You might see me posting about sponsorship. I don’t know how aware the average fan is, but the sponsorship scene has changed so much over the years I’ve been fighting. Back in the day like 10 years ago when the UFC was shown once every month or every two months, the fighters got thousands of dollars for wearing brand name shorts like Sprawl, Tapout, Affliction, etc. Then the market got saturated with fighters and brands and the companies realized that they weren’t making enough money back from such advertisement to justify spending such big money. So they cut back. And got picky with which fighters. Many fighters didn’t make an effort to show off their sponsors before and after the fights. Sometimes, fighters’ money they made from sponsorship was greater than their fight purse! I’m taking like over $50,000! Then the Reebok deal happened and UFC fighters were no long allowed to wear sponsors and only got like $2,500. From $50,000 to $2,500. Crazy, huh?

So my manager stopped being able to find me any good sponsors, and I started seeing fellow fighters posting on Facebook, ‘Who wants to sponsor me? E-mail me!” I thought, well, why don’t I try it?

And I started getting sponsors! Fans who owned small companies would give me some cash to put their logo on my clothes. Fans who didn’t own a company would contribute to put their name on my shorts or banner to show support. It adds up. In my last four fights in Invicta, I can say that other than Dragon Do, Cryohelmet, and Herbal Papaya, every single one of my sponsors was a fan. Well actually, the owner of Herbal Papaya contacted me because she was a fan. I am fan sponsored!


But I think I’m good for unique companies like Herbal Papaya and Cryohelmet because I do have a large social media following and they have unique products that are specifically good for me and the people who follow me. Everybody already has shorts. But do you have a product that can boost your immunity and help digestion like Herbal Papaya, or sooth headaches and migraines like Cryohelmet?!?

Someone suggested starting a gofundme account, but honestly, I wouldn’t do that because I’m not broke and I don’t wanna seem like I’m begging for money. No one is forcing me to fight. I do it because I love it. So I wanna do things that people will enjoy, like making my autographs accessible to buy, or putting someone’s name on my banner which will be shown on TV. 🙂

(click to enlarge) is one of my biggest, most consistent sponsors!
They’re also sponsoring Serena, Captain, and Naldo, so we took a group picture wearing their patches.

And this is me at this very moment typing this blog, wearing one of my two Cryohelmets.

(btw if you use the code: ROXYFIGHTER on the Cryohelmet website you get 15% off for the next month)

Anyway. So if you wanna buy this autographed photo, you can paypal $25 to and include your address! Or if you are interested in more, email me. And because money isn’t everything, even emailing me a “good luck” will make me super happy. 😀

I realized today that I started out this week with a faulty mentality. Last week I overworked myself to the point where I got sick, so I told myself this week I would take it down a notch. Also, John is away cornering Jessy in South Korea, and I’m super unmotivated to do striking when he’s not around. Today, while trying to do kickboxing, I realized that I mentally gave myself an out, so I tried to rev myself back up. However, I think I was still a little burned out from last week because I didn’t even feel aggressive while doing jiu-jitsu, and that’s rare.

I had such a headache that got worse after warm-ups, that every time I was hit, contact or blocked, my head would pound. Then everytime I landed a strike, namely on the heavy bag, my head felt like it was going to explode. It freaked me out because I’ve gotten a concussion before, and even though I KNOW today was just a neck-tension headache, I felt horrible.

Training to become a champion on your worst days, right?
I really wanted to go home after jiujitsu but didn’t.

Despite hating striking in general when John isn’t here, I actually really liked Tom’s ideas he was communicating today. I was trying to hard to give myself a goal during training, and ended up giving myself poor ones: don’t let my kicks get caught, and work on feints. They were poor because I didn’t specify how many kicks or how many feints, like “make someone bite on my feint successfully five times.” This locked me into a 100% success ratio expectation, so when someone caught a kick, I felt like I had failed. As I was getting my Cryohelmet out of John’s freezer in his office to try and recover a bit between rounds 2 and 3, I felt like such a loser and failure. Then I asked myself, “Okay, so how many times did you actually do it?” I looked back and realized that I had succeeded quite a lot, but my brain conveniently forgot about those times. I did a lot of good stuff, but my emotions weren’t giving me credit for them.

In the middle of the 4th round, I was going with Tony. Suddenly I heard Captain’s voice erupt from my right, “Let’s GO Roxy!”

I literally felt power enter my body. It was crazy, and very interesting.
He’s training for his own fight so he hadn’t come in today for class, but came in to hit mitts with Naldo.

I am very affected by 1) my trainers’ presences 2) music
I’m also 100% certain I could have ignored my headache a bit more if Rob Zombie was playing rather than the dumb rap and slow instrumentals that have been on in John’s absence.

Oh yeah, I didn’t tell about Tom’s goals yet. So he had us do combos but notice our how opponent blocks, or reacts. Then try and feint them and throw something else. It seems so simple, but we don’t often focus on JUST noticing specific patterns of our training partners. So I gave up my two goals and for the last two rounds adopted those, and man! I had so much success! Then Tom had us do rounds of only power punches.

I’m really proud of myself, despite feeling mentally sluggish and having a headache, I still got great practice in.

I canceled my Portuguese lesson today and I’m so glad, I can just lay down. I actually went food shopping instead. x_x and mailed out some autographs. Wait, so that means I’m not actually resting? I’m SO BAD AT RESTING. I need someone to lock me in my apartment. x_x

My Brazilian Brother Naldo held mitts for me on Monday. I really only want John to hold mitts for me, but I’ve found that if I don’t hit mitts on Monday, it doesn’t rev up my brain for kickboxing and I’m super unmotivated to do it for the rest of the week. Plus I was curious about Naldo, because I saw him holding for another teammate. I enjoyed my session with him! I really need to have a friendship or connection with my mitt holder to help motivate me to do it. -_- That’s another reason I asked him.


This past Sunday, I made plans with Thais (my Portuguese teacher and Captain’s wife) to go to this Brazilian restaurant Boca do Brasil, and Captain came along. It was really nice! Great food, and the garlic didn’t make me melt since I’m a vampire. (i.e. give me an upset stomach)

Captain got a short-notice fight in World Series of Fighting, so he’ll be fighting in NY this Saturday, March 18th! It’ll be shown on NBC Sports! Please watch and cheer for him! He’s on the undercard.

Also Jessy jess in South Korea vs Sarah Kaufman in Battlefront, but I don’t know how to watch that… She has also improved a ton over the recent months! I’m so excited for her to fight and win!! Go Jessy!

I’m in such great shape. I can’t wait to fight!

Jessica Bakan took this photo of me hitting mitts with John. It’s pretty cool!

great week- Katie & TKD, kids promotion, training

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This week was great.

I went back to training on Monday still feeling burnt out and a little over-trained, despite taking Sunday off from training. Well, I didn’t do MMA but I did yoga and lifted weights and did sprints…. *ahem*

On Tuesday, I felt like my body was really fighting a cold and I felt really crappy and exhausted, I only did jiujitsu class and skipped kickboxing. “Only” jiujitsu. Hah. Double classes in a row are hard… anyway, yeah! So tired. Got some chores done, though. Didn’t go to my language exchange. ;_;

Wednesday I woke up SO excited to go to Katie’s TaeKwonDo tournament! It was the US open, and lots of people flew in from other countries. I woke up early (3:50 AM) because I was so excited, got up at 4 AM, ate breakfast, and then went to 24 Hr Fitness gym and did some weights and Lorenzo’s Hellish Strength and Conditioning Leg explosive jump squat routines. x_x I still felt crappy, so I did two sets (which contain a bunch of activities) instead of 5 (which render me useless for the rest of the day.) Then I did some of Lorenzo’s Hellish upperbody and abs workout. Have I mentioned that Lorenzo is the best physical trainer I’ve ever worked with? I’ve had to skip the past two weeks and I’m sad but rejoicing at the same time, you know what I mean? haha
I’ve still been doing his stuff on other days, though. My diamond pushups have gone from 6 max to 11 max. YAY #results I will make the efforts as long as I know what to do and how to do it. Guide me and I will get it done.

So I forced a decent workout and then went to Westgate Casino were we waited around ALL morning and into the afternoon, but I expected that. Tournaments are like that, not knowing when you’re fighting and always running behind. We got to see only the first of her three matches. She won the first! 😀 And then we had to go, and she unfortunately didn’t win the second, but won the third. She got a silver medal. Congrats, Katie! You were cool! ^_^

(in blue)

Then I went to teach kids.
Thursday, Katie joined us for jiu-jitsu! She’s gotten so much better since I convinced her to join me like half a year ago!!

Hahah Captain’s face in this picture!! XD He’s so happy choking me.

And I convinced her to do MMA! It was sparring day! I know it’s different because you can’t punch the face in Tae Kwon Do. John didn’t run class cuz he’s in Texas to corner Khalil who is fighting today! ….and we didn’t actually “spar.” (Well, I did two rounds with Serena after class ended)

Guns ran us through various drills and stations, which was actually the perfect thing for Katie! She got a taste of ground and pound, scrambles, wall-drills, submissions, etc.

I’m so proud of her. And I enjoyed the guillotine and arm-bar practice. And it was cool seeing Serena’s grappling improvement. She totally doesn’t give herself enough credit, but I notice. But we fighters have a tendency to forget the stuff we do well and fixate on the stuff we mess up. I know this because I do the exact same thing daily. lol I had asked Capitao some questions, saying, ” I struggled with this in my tournament!” and he was like, “But you finally did it right in your fight!!” I was like, “I did?!” LOL I had forgotten I did it…. He said I did everything right. When I heard this, I was like…

We went out to lunch. Then Serena did some physical training, so I took Katie back to my place and forced her to watch the anime Norigami, and she likes it. 😀 <3 This kind of change of pace was exactly what I needed. I trained but I no longer feel overtrained. And I really missed my friends since I didn't go to the last Invicta, so I'm glad I got to hang out with Katie! I miss Candy and Rob pretty badly, though. And my other friends who come see me fight... 🙁 oh well... I promoted Joshua to solid gray belt! I'm so proud of him! He's gotten good!

Today is jiujitsu, and kickboxing… Naldo has been calling me out all week to spar but we haven’t been training in the same sessions! x_x I wanna do jiujitsu and he wants to do kickboxing and he didn’t show up to the MMA class (where I actually have a chance…actually who am I kidding, I have no chance, he’s a bad-ass 25-5 pro from Brazil!) hah!

I felt so loved yesterday when my friends invited me to come hang out via live instagram video feed…but I was sleepy so I went to bed anyway. lol it was 10 PM! I get Roxalepsy!

Then watch Khalil fight tonight! And tomorrow Serena and I have to take the TV back because 1) the port that connects my gaming systems is shorting in and out 2) the speakers suck 3) it’s refurbished and I didn’t realize that until I took it home. X_X;; grrr

I wish I had a fight set.

BJJ tournament coming! Herbal Papaya capsules, anime, TV

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I’m having a pretty good week. Last week was good, too, despite being exhausted most of the time. I’ve been keeping up very well with all my classes, plus cardio, plus physical training. I’m in great shape and so healthy! 😀 It’s great. I just haven’t been to Taco Bell in over a week. It’s rough. SO ROUGH, I tell you.

Every morning I take my Herbal Papaya capsules to support my immune system, digestion because it has the enzyme papain, and specifically this mix supports blood function. I also love the tea but I have to get some more of it soon. For those of you who like health products, definitely check it out!

REALLY good jiujitsu training. I’ve been getting 30 minute private lessons from Casey here and there throughout the week, mostly on days with no morning gi-class. He’s REALLY helping me tweak things here and there in my jiujitsu game and I feel ready for the tournament this Saturday. Well, as ready as I can be. I’m still not perfect, but I’ll never be perfect. I just wanna be better and better. Casey is such a good teacher and has the ability to explain things really well and clearly.

Yeah! I’m going to the Jiujitsu World League in Orange county, leaving on Friday and competing on Saturday! *checks website* OH BOY, looks like there are two other people in my division. YAY!!

Capitao’s classes are awesome. The amount of people attending are growing and growing every week. There’s a good rainbow of colors, from white belts, to blues, purples, browns (Casey and then Naldo who moved here), and even an extra black! Marcio from Brazil, who is Naldo’s trainer, joins, too. He tries to give me advice now and then. Last week I got so frustrated because Marcio was saying something I was doing wasn’t good, but I couldn’t understand what he wanted me to do because he only speaks Portuguese. And I wanted to know SO BADLY what he was saying. He made a big effort to take me aside and try and give me advice.

This is Marcio.

That being said, I understood half. My Portuguese lessons with Thais are going very well.
I wish my diet was going better. :/ I have to be 141.9 lbs max with my gi and belt on, which weigh about 4 pounds, so that means my body has to weigh 138 or 137. I’m waking up, and also ending practice dehydrated at 138, but I want to be able to eat breakfast and not be too dehydrated for my match. And it’s still unclear to me if I have to weigh in right before I fight or can I weigh in right when I get there. I WANT TO KNOW. 🙁 I’m waterloading and salt cutting right now. But since it’s same-day weigh-ins so I don’t wanna unbalance up my body’s chemistry TOO much. I guess I’ll be alright. I felt so weak yesterday so I had extra carbs, but I wasn’t sure if it’s because I’m always tired on Wednesday… I feel better today but also woke up a pound heavier. ~_~;;

My kids class is great. I had a few weeks of gigantic classes, and thankfully The Reen was there to help me.

The kids seem to pay more attention when we teach together because we goof around and Serena exaggerates stuff and it’s funny. 😀 Then she left to go work the coffee stand and I kind of lost a fraction of their attention.

Serena and I bought a new TV together! Jamie had lent us a 43 inch for a few months and I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy using it by having people over to watch fights and playing video games. We intended to go with 40 or even 39 inch to keep costs down, but for some unexplainable reason, the 42 inch RCA was cheaper than the 40 inch at $199! Plus taxes and the two year warrantee, it was $240. Not bad!

The Reen and I at Fry’s Electronics store.

People always ask us if we are sisters. Nope, just friends. Some people online have asked if we are dating. NO. Best friends. Yes, we are housemates and training partners and friends. But we are both straight and like hot guys, but don’t wanna bother with such distractions while we’re trying to become MMA champions, so we don’t talk about it or date.

That being said, I’m so fortunate to have such a great friend. I think I’ve mentioned before, but growing up I didn’t have many friends, so when I wished upon a star for my hearts desire, it was always “to have friends” and not be lonely anymore. So my heart is very happy. 🙂

Except when she calls a Super Nintendo a “SNES” (sss-nesss) which is not an actual word. 😛

XD It’s “Super NES (en-ee-ess) or Super Nintendo.” But I still love you, Serena! 😀 I did a poll on Facebook and found that after the Nintendo 64 came out, people started abbreviating the older models, so younger people tend to use the abbreviation more. Anyway. 😛 I’m so happy my old Super Nintendo works and I’ve been playing Donkey Kong Country 3 every morning for the past month ever since I discovered it in my dad’s basement. Weee.

I’m rewatching the Resident Evils so I can be ready to watch the new movie.
I took Serena’s recommendation and started this new anime Psycho-pass, which has a very interesting premise. It’s a police show, but in their universe, a computer system scans every human and reads their “criminal intent.” Most normal people read below 100 points, but violent types and criminals register higher, and then the police guns will unlock and emit a stun ray, so the police can arrest the person and give them counseling to help them and lower their number. It predicts if they are likely to commit a crime. If the person is an actual murderer, the number will be way high like 250 or 300 and then the gun will change to “kill mode” and the computer gives the cop authority to shoot to kill. So interesting.

At first the show was focusing around the woman, but then one of the cop’s backstory is kind of being highlighted now…he’s cool. *_* I’m watching it with my friend Candy now. We do that by watching a few eps, chatting about them, and then watch more. It’s cool since she’s in Texas. It’s hard when I have lots of time to watch and she doesn’t, or vice versa! I’m getting obsessed with this show now. haha