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Cornering Serena in Utah’s “South Valley Slam!”

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I had a pretty amazing trip to corner Serena DeJesus in Southern Valley Slam this Friday.

Jamie left with Serena on Wednesday, but I taught kids then, so I went on Thursday after early morning yoga. It took longer than I thought, and I hadn’t realized they were an hour ahead of Vegas, so I almost missed weigh-ins! I arrived just in time. Serena’s opponent Bridget was really nice and friendly. She was deaf so we spoke through a translator.
collage of serena weigh in
After weigh-ins the others ate Pho noodles (I had rice and Vietnamese style BBQ pork). Friday we had to drive an hour and 15 minutes through the canyons to the venue – the Tuscan. It makes me really appreciate Kansas city and the other places where the hotel and weigh ins and venue are so close. The scenery is nice, but I’m not so into scenery. I spent quality time with Serena and Jamie! :}

We drove through stretches of wilderness where there were no buildings or anything, so I always made sure I had enough gas and didn’t have to use the bathroom. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences in the past that I don’t care to repeat. We arrived in Price and killed time fooling around in Kmart until we could check into the new hotel.
jamie and bike

roxy and darth vader
The promotion was pretty well organized. Some nice gentleman who was somebody’s coach wrapped Serena’s hands. He said, “Can I use this cardboard?” and I saw him put it against Serena’s knuckles and then start winding gauze around it.
wraping her hands 2

I walked away and had this following conversation with John…
convo with john
That was funny.
He did a great job, though! Thank you SO much! I need to learn how to wrap hands. John, teach me! @_@
wrapping serena's hands

We had to share gloves, so Serena warmed up in her own gloves.

Jamie and I had to be serious full-time corner people because there was no cutman. I hadn’t really realized that. For Invicta and UFC, they provide the bucket, bags of ice, gloves, cold presses, towels, Vaseline, etc. They didn’t have ANY of that. Jamie told me to bring a bucket so I bought my bathroom one. I happened to have a ziplock bag by chance, no gloves, and had Vaseline in my panda bag I carry with me everywhere with my Band-Aids and mouth guard and tape. I then thought, “oh, I should have brought one of those cold compresses, or froze a spoon or something!” I thought back to when Kirik used to corner me and had to bring everything. I didn’t think enough to go upstairs to the restaurant and get a spoon. But I got ice from the bar.
serena and jamie warming up
Waiting is the worst! I was getting stomach trouble just from nerves. lol Finally we were up at like 10 PM. We walk out, hug, and it’s time for me to put on Vaseline. I had never done it before, so here goes. I put a blob on my wrist like I always see the other cutmen do. I used my pointer finger to put some around her eyebrows. While I’m doing it, Jamie whispers, “Put on more!” So I get a big blob and stick it on the bridge of her nose. I’m trying to smooth it and it just sticks half to my finger, so I switch to using my middle finger. XD Jamie whispered, “It can’t be blobby! But put more on around there!” and indicated cheeks. So now I’m using my ring finger and trying to spread it and put more on and it’s all over ME and I feel like I’m taking too long at this point. ^_^;;;; When I think I’m done, I kind of look at Jamie and stage whisper “Good?!” I don’t want to seem not confident. She nodded, so into the cage Serena went. My hand was a big mess of Vaseline, but I had guessed that would happen, and I had paper towels in my back pocket.

Bridget had this look of “I’m gonna F you up!” CRAZY expression on her face that was scary to ME. The second Serena threw something, Bridget lunched at her with crazy flurries, pushing Serena backwards. Serena tried to counter and circle away. The first round, Bridget pressured more. When it hit the cage, Serena did a good job of stuffing takedowns and getting off the cage. Nobody can hold Syndicate fighters on the cage! XD We train that SO much! In the second and third round, Serena played the bull fighter and managed to tag her as she came in and not be as bullied. Serena’s movement got better and better as the fight progressed, and could NOT get taken down by this girl. I’m so proud of her. Bridget was really strong and REALLY tough. All that training she has been doing has really paid off in a big way. It reminded me of when I watched Hannah’s last fight and her movement ability really showed itself. Hard work on their part, plus good coaching by John. :}

In between rounds, I TOTALLY forgot to reapply Vaseline. I was too focused on the water, stool, giving advice. I’m so sorry, Serena! Good job Jamie, my cornerwoman partner! *high five* I forgot to wipe the floor once but remembered the other two times. I think we did a good job of keeping the advice simple and calm. I tried to use the tone of voice John uses for me in fights that’s just like “Okay, Serena, you need more movement now…” rather than “MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVEEEEE!”

Serena won the Unanimous decision.
serena hugging roxy utah
serena and jamie in the cage

Thanks a lot to her sponsors, Robvark’s Aardvark Painting, The Void, and Remove it Restoration!

Serena really grew in this fight and showed growth from her training. She’s a work horse in the gym, and a becoming a pro at cutting weight and managing her diet and condition. She’s blossoming into a great fighter and it’s so exciting.

The Venue and promoters were great and treated us well! Great crowd!

the tuscan
Just please fight somewhere local next time. Hahaha! I enjoyed seeing a new place, but I’m very satisfied for along time. My mom told me, “Do not go over 70 because your car is an old lady!” (how dare she, it’s a “he” and he’s not that old…. Toyota Corolla 2008 with 110,000 miles) Well the speed limit was 80 so I ended up going 85 most of the way. HAH take that. Go, Lee! 😀 <3 scenery utah 1

scenery utah 2

kids’ jiu-jitsu, UFC 193 opinion

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Last week was pretty good. Nagging injuries were bothering me and preventing from going all out in sparring, but I learned a lot of great technique on mitts from John and in the gi from Casey, so that’s good. Plus I was productive on the kid’s jiu-jitsu front. I’m in charge of the little kid’s program, so I’m working together with Rick Davis (big kids) and Chris Robbins (teaches both) to structure a new “curriculum.”
rick's classroom
We met last Thursday at Rick’s school – he teaches middle school – and brainstormed. It was so funny and cool to see his classroom. I really felt like I went back in time! And in the middle of our discussions he said, “Wait, I just gotta show you this!” He ran into his room and came out with a mat. What 5th grade teacher has a MAT in his classroom? Haha
chris and rick in the hall

So we did jiu-jitsu technique in the middle of the hallway. XD So amusing.
roxy and rick in hallway

We decided a few things and are still planning a few things.
I watched the UFC this weekend with a bunch of friends. I didn’t go early enough to get a table, so we got a standing space and rotated turns on two stools we acquired.

ufc 193 friends2
I was REALLY impressed with Valerie. No offense intended towards her, but I fought her and I took her down and choked her out. She stood and banged with Joanna all five rounds, and I actually thought she could have won. She improved so much! And Joanna was awesome. She broke some records for most UFC punches and kicks landed.

Ronda vs Holly was amazing. I think Holly is one of the only people who has that one skill needed to beat Ronda, and that is: do not get grabbed by Ronda. She has that movement to not get pressed back into the cage, and the ability to keep distance, and the physical strength to do it. She fought the necessary game plan perfectly. So impressive. Ronda is really amazing, too, but Holly won that fight.

That’s what it is – two amazing fighters, with strengths and weaknesses in their games, clashing. One got the better of the other. Some fan reactions have been bugging me lately. Some people are REALLY NASTY. A few people suggested that Ronda took a dive. Ridiculous. She has her pride. Others say that she sucked anyway. She just got beaten in this fight, but she is very skilled. So is Holly. Others post memes of Ronda’s face as she’s getting knocked out and nasty text. That upsets me. Have you ever been knocked out in front of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people? No? I have. TWICE. If you watched The Ultimate Fighter Season 18, you saw one of those times. The other was Strikeforce 2010.

ko kaufman 1

ko kaufman 2

worst.thing. EVER.

Okay, so everybody is entitled to their own opinions. I have mine – I naturally feel bad for anyone who gets knocked out because I’m a fighter and I had those experiences. Some people think Ronda is disrespectful and cocky. If that’s your opinion, then that’s fine. Actually, I’m NOT trying to defend her actions and personality. I like her, but I actually wasn’t rooting for neither Holly nor Ronda. I just wanted to see a fight that went out of the first round.

What is bugging me is people who show NO RESPECT and say REALLY NASTY things. Just because someone spits in my face doesn’t mean I will spit back. Because that is my policy, my way of life, my “bushido.” I show respect to people even if I don’t really feel it inside and dislike them. I had to work with someone I despised to my core. He was a bad person. But if he said hello, I would say hello back. That’s not me being “fake.” That’s me being civil and operating within society.

I wish people would tone it down just a little. Just in the same way that it’s okay to shout in public but not scream shrilly at the top of your lungs. It’s fine to rejoice or lament or whatever. I’m really happy that people have feelings about and care about the fighters! That makes me happy. But do some of you really have to be so nasty sometimes? I mean, if you’re a nasty person, then okay, you’re being true to yourself. Lol :/ I would say this about any knock-out-rejoicing meme I see, btw, not just Ronda. Someone accused me of not caring about the Anderson Silva KO memes floating around. Yeah, those made me sad, too.

Halloween! Zombie concert, costume sparring, Haunted Harvest w/ friends&kids

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I haven’t really felt like writing a blog lately. A bunch of little minor pains and pulls and injuries in 5 different parts have prevented me from going all out in MMA practice. :/ So I’ve been doing Vinny’s Brazilian Jiu-jitsu technique every morning from 10 to 11, and then participating in whatever I can do in the MMA class from 11:30 to whenever. I usually don’t do the BJJ class in the morning because it drains me before MMA class. However, I really miss gi training and I’m so rusty. I want to feel like I’m a real purple belt. Lol I’m way better at no-gi grappling, of course.

I’m starting to feel more and more comfortable. I basically have to relearn all my grips and balance points and everything relating to holding onto clothing rather than points on the body like elbow or neck. There’s a new teacher at Syndicate: Marcelo Nunes.
marcelo teaching

Since we became affiliated with Zenith BJJ, which is Robert Drysdale’s club, he started teaching the evening beginner classes, and now Saturday morning! I really love it! The style reminds me of my club back in Boston. It’s funny how Vinny’s style doesn’t remind me of that but Marcelo does, and it’s all jiu-jitsu. I’m not quite sure why yet….

Anyway, I’ve also been teaching kids a lot! I wrote about this before, but it’s something I do every day now and I’m enjoying it.
kids class in costumes

This past week I’ve healed up pretty well and I went hard in my last few MMA classes! Then the other day I jammed my toe and it hasn’t stopped hurting. I think it’s actually swelling and hurts to push off. X_x dang it!

Halloween was cool! I went to my first Rob Zombie concert on Friday!
roxy at rob zombie concert

I’ve always wanted to go! I wish these things weren’t so late at night. I literally can not take it. I fell asleep from 9:30-10:30 on and off, through Danzig, no less! I was not bored, just SO tired. I hate it. I was sitting there cursing my brain as I drifted off into darkness. I call it “Roxalepsy.” I fall asleep at 10 PM sharp, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, if I’m sitting down, standing up, talking to somebody, etc. How do I fight, you might ask? Lots of caffeine. Then I can’t sleep all night, though. But for a fight, I don’t care because it’s a life event. But missing sleep wrecks me for a few days. It’s Sunday and I’m still tired from missing sleep Friday. Lol Anyway when Rob Zombie finally came on it was awesome!!! The stage had classic monster pics! I thought Rob would be bigger but he was skinny! I couldn’t see him that well because I had balcony nose-bleed seats. But that was okay with me. I actually really lucked out. I bought General Admission standing room tickets because they were the cheapest at $45, but forgot that I literally can not stand for more than 15 minutes without having back pain. I can do MMA alright, but just standing hurts me. I had to stand in line for an hour and kept squatting down because my back hurt so badly, and the security guards yelled at me! “I’m going to have to have you stand up, please.” “Stand up please!” “STAND UP!”

WTF MAN, I’m in real pain! He walked away before I could explain! What is the big deal?!! It’s not like I’m looking under any girls’ skirts. Everybody had pants and I was far enough away from them anyway. I wanted to RNC that security guy until he started gurgling.

So when I got to the balcony, sat down in somebody’s seat and hoped that whoever actually bought that seat took their time getting there. NOBODY KICKED ME OUT! It was not a sold-out show. YESSsssssss I really lucked out. I had a few other teammates who went to the show, but I didn’t tell them I was going. That’s why. I couldn’t stand, I was cranky since it was past my bedtime, and I don’t dance. Lol So I just chilled out, thought about life, listened to awesome music, took a nap, and watched the crazies run around in circles and slam into each other on the dance floor below, and felt glad I wasn’t down there. X_x why?? It looked really dangerous. I’m a new fan of Danzig now! I didn’t really know his music that much but I’m going to look it up now.

On Halloween, oh man! First was “Costume Sparring” at Syndicate. I didn’t actually think many people other than me would take it seriously, but lots of people came in costumes!
syndicate group costume pic

Natan Levy as Goku looked especially bad-ass, and I loved Abe Lincoln!
roxy and natan costume
And I don’t know who John was supposed to be, but he wore this fat-guy body suit with hair hanging everywhere and nipples that stuck out like two inches. I couldn’t stop staring. X_x And I didn’t want to. LOL oh it was awful but hilarious.
roxy and john in costume
I really enjoyed that. I think I had the most entertaining sparring session of my LIFE with Tony, dressed up as Batman.
bat crotch
He used his cape to disguise his kicks and I could NOT see his strikes coming at all! Even when he got tangled in the cape, I tried to charge him, he somehow managed to deck me!!
tony batman vd roxy pic
Tom Lawlor, infamous in the UFC for his dressing up and entrances, dressed up like…. ME! I was so touched and amused! Hah! Look, the pig tails, glasses, unusual socks, Star Wars shirt! XD I showed my mom and she was like, “Bearded Roxy?!” lol

roxy tom dressed like me
After sparring, I met my fighter friends Jessica, Clayton and their three kids! We went to the Springs Preserve Haunted Harvest!
hoy family harvest

It was great! Games, trick or treating, hay mazes, a goulish Alice who followed us around …. Lol…
I love that family.
laiyla maze
They fight ammy and pro, and their kids take my jiu-jitsu class.

Then I went to pick up Serena! Yay my buddy from Philly!serena and roxy
She’ll be here training for most of November! 😀

Teaching kids jiu-jitsu!

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I’m really enjoying teaching kids jiu-jitsu classes lately since I got back from Japan! I used to teach regularly with Chris Robbins, but then our teaching staff got shuffled and I no longer had a position. Things got shuffled again and I’m back. 😀
roxy teaching big kids
Teaching kids isn’t just about jiu-jitsu, but I knew that because I was thrown into teaching little kids English in Japan with only two weeks of training. I knew I was ill equiped at that time because school teachers in America have to go through 4 years of education and observations and child psychology and all that jazz to even be allowed in the same room with a kid. I didn’t have that. I learned by observation, trial and error and it was REALLY REALLY hard. Lots of tears (on my part), sweat, nightmares, stress, etc. And I still don’t have all the answers, but I’d like to think I understand kids better and how to manage different age groups. I still want to learn more and more!
roxy kids group 1
2011 Berlitz English Beat 1 class

I actually became Kids Coordinator at my English school in 2011. HAH and I had previously hated teaching kids! Then I started leading and teaching other teachers.
So I’ve been teaching kids for a total of 10 years! wow

I enjoy team teaching with other teachers to see how they do things. Wendy, Nigel, Karen at Berlitz, Alberto, Chris, Rick, Damien at Syndicate.
roxy teaching big kids 2
I love the activities/games Alberto sets up. I love how Chris can sternly tell kids to shut up and they love him anyway. I love Damien’s method of discipline for misbehaving kids. Yesterday I visited Evan Dunham’s jiu-jitsu gym to see how he runs class. He didn’t have any really young ones, which are the hardest ones to handle, so he had easy little angels. lol but I still got some great ideas on activities. Through chatting about some issues I’ve encountered, I learned how he handles them.
dunham jiujitsu

Like when a kid cries. Evan asks them, “Are you hurt? Or scared? Or injured? If you’re hurt, it’ll stop hurting in a minute. If you’re scared, why are you scared? (he said something else I forget), If you’re injured, we gotta go to the hospital RIGHT NOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!” And most of the time they say “Oh, I’m just hurt!” and smile.

Haha brilliant.

On Wednesday I had the big kids play sumo in the last five minutes of class. That was really entertaining to watch! 😀
sumo big kids

The bottom line is, if you’re under 10 years old, everything in life is a game and if it’s not, it’s not cool. If you’re over 10 and something is fun or funny, you try harder and get better faster. The teacher not only has to be good at teaching the technique, they have to be an entertainer. I want to be entertained, and I entertain myself, so maybe that’s why I get along with kids so well. lol Maybe I’m just a big kid…

exciting weeks! Demo for MONSTER at Con, training fun, BJJ, fighter friends

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I had a great last two weeks. All my blog have been about Japan, so it’s time to move on.
When I got back, the very next day I came into the gym, tired, jet-lagged, and my body hurt so much from not having my chiropractor in Japan. It was Friday, so I hoped to do a nice technique day. No. Coach John had us do a cardio day. @_@ But it’s not as bad at Guns’s cardio Fridays! It was good. I got to train with Jessica Hoy a bit, who had joined the gym the day before I left for Invicta so I never really got to train with her before. Yay! She’s bigger than me…I want to call her “She-Ra!” Or Xena Warrior Princess or something because she’s big, beautiful, and her bicep is twice the size of mine. XD She’s awesome. (far right)

jessica valeria roxy johnShe’s 1-0 as a pro. I can’t wait to see her fight somebody and smash them. ^_^ tee hee *evil cackle* Her husband is a fighter, too. (pictured further down) I can’t wait to see him smash somebody, too.
Also, my Facebook friend Valeria “Chika Galactika” Mejia from Peru visited Syndicate to train with me. Valeria has been here for two weeks now. We’re working on stuff for her fight vs Lindsay Garbatt in Canada October 23th in Hard Knocks 46. She’s scrappy!
Hard knocks poster

I really want to fight before the end of the year. I went to fight in Invicta! I know I fought in the last one. :/ I hate to seem selfish, but I’ve only fought twice this year. My goal is 4… which won’t happen, but one more fight would be great! I think I’ve improved myself even more since my last one, fixing my past mistakes. I feel good and ready to go!

This past Monday and Tuesday, there was a convention for the “National Association for Convenience Stores.” Booths and free samples were set up by snack foods like Hostess, Jiff, Cliffbars, energy drinks, chips, cookies, candies, etc.
jamie at con smiling
Monster Energy is into MMA so set up a cage and hired Coybow Cerrone and Rampage Jackson to sign autographs and pose for pictures for two sessions out of the afternoon.
(We got a pic!)
team syndicate with cowboy and rampage

Also, they hired John to bring a team of 4 from Syndicate to show our stuff in the cage.
john and adam in cage
(John and Adam. John is tired from training us all all day and Adam is pumped and ready to go 10,000 more rounds LOL)
adam and john training
On the first day it was myself, Jamie, Adam Acquaviva, and Cory Hendricks. The second day Donny came instead of Cory. John held mitts, we grapple-sparred, Jamie and I did take-downs with her slamming me and me Judo-throwing her. (the big bangs attracted a crowd) and Jamie and I did some light kickboxing/MMA sparring.
jamie kicking roxy
roxy  kicking jamie
We did two sessions, 12:30-1:30. And 2:30-3:30. It was tiring but fun, and I’m honored to represent Team Syndicate.
group pic at monster
I love them!

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel afterwards, but I was tired and have bruises everywhere, so I think I got good training. lol

I got my teaching job back instructing little kid’s jiu-jitsu at Syndicate with Damien Nitkin. He’s a great teacher and I’m learning a lot about good ways to discipline a class.  I missed half of yesterday’s class because I couldn’t make it back in time for 4:00 and all of yesterday. :/ Sorry, Damien!

I ended up signing the “Free Nick Diaz” Whitehouse Petition. If 100,000 people sign it, the Whitehouse looks at the issue. It’s about Nick getting a 5 year suspension from fighting for smoking pot. Now Pot is illegal in regards to fighting. I am not going to get into an argument with people about that. Everyone has their own opinion about whether it “should” be illegal, whether it’s a performance enhancing drug or not, whether it dulls the pain or whatever. I don’t care. There is a rule and in sports, we have to follow rules. However, when someone did steroids (which is worse, nobody can argue that) and gets a year or less suspension, and then Nick does weed and gets 5 years…that’s just ridiculous. That needs to be reversed or lessened somehow. If he broke the rules, punish him, but more fairly.

AND IT REACHED 100,000 signatures! I’m glad I decided to do it last night so I can say I helped.

On Saturday, I hung out with my new (new-ish) training partner family, Jessica, Clayton and their three kids, all of which train at Syndicate. We watched the movie Pan. 😀 It was great!
hoy family at movies
I am totally going to see the Goosebumps movie (poster in the back) once it comes out.

On Friday, I went to watch RFA with Heather Clark! <3 Thanks for getting me tickets! heather and roxy at RFA
Damien let me leave the kids class early, but I got caught in traffic and it took me an HOUR to get from Syndicate to Fremont street. Omggggg *stabs something* I ended up pulling into The D Casino’s parking garage tower just as they were announcing Corey Turner. I saw a guy running over to the side of the garage to look over the edge, and I realized that the fights were outside. On the 11th floor, which was the final floor, I was praying hard and I FOUND ONE LAST SPOT. I squeezed my Toyota in there a little crooked, sprinted over to that guy figuring he had found the best vantage point, and found that it was actually my teammate Marc! lol
marc and roxy on roof

I looked down and saw……two little ants moving in a coffee-mug sized cage. “Which one’s Corey?!” I exclaimed, pulling out my phone and trying to use the zoom feature. The ants came together and one stopped moving.

“Oh!” Marc cried out. “He knocked him out!”
“What?” I almost shouted. “Who knocked who out?”
“Corey knocked the other guy out!” Marc said.
My zoom did not work. I wanted a replay! “How do you know!”
“Yeah!” Marc said, fist-pumping the air.
I wasn’t convinced but he seemed certain of what he had seen. I high-fived him and then we walked together down to the ticket window. There I met Heather and our beautiful friendship date began. Haha I didn’t really care about anybody’s fight but Cory’s and also David Archangel. (What a cool last name). He used to train at Syndicate but then moved out of State. He won! 😀 He looked great doing it! So proud of him!
corey won picture
(Corey is the tall one in the red shirt. SMILE MORE! You got a 18 second KO, dude!)

I’ve been trying to do more Gi in jiu-jitsu lately. I’ve been back to teaching in a gi. So I had gotten my purple belt in 2005 and the moved to Japan for 8 years. I think I only put my gi on like five times in that entire 8 years, so I forgot my grips, how different balance was, and different techniques that require the gi. It’s really embarrassing. :/ I mean, I’ve gotten so much better at grappling for MMA so that’s what’s most important anyway. See, there’s only so much time in the day. I’m too tired if I do double classes every day (meaning an hour and a half of gi class and then an hour and a half of hard MMA training.) So I started doing gi technique, not sparring gi, and then doing MMA. That way at least I can slowly refresh my memory. On Saturday I spar gi because there’s no MMA afterwards.
gi class in syndicate
So far I’ve been doing this for two weeks and it’s working! I’m starting to feel more comfortable. 😀 And my belt is totally broken in. lol yes, it was still stiff from being unworn. ^^; And thanks for being so patient with me the other day, Casey. I got frustrated a bit. You’re such a good teacher in many different ways. *_*

I’ve been watching Once Upon A Time season 4. I love the actresses they got for the Frozen characters. They’re perfect, in both looks and mannerisms! 😀 😀 Oaken is so perfect! I had forgotten about him. I’m also watching Ushio and Tora. Love it!

On Last Sunday we had a belt test for the kids. Small test…I think it was post poned like 3 times and then settled on a Sunday, but it’s good to see kids get promoted! Since we are affiliated with Zenith, Mr. Robert Drysdale and Marcello came to help administer the test.
kids group ic
So guys, when the photographer says “one two three!” at that moment, you’re supposed to all open your eyes wide, smile, and hold it for a few seconds. LOL How many people in this pic have their eyes closed?!?

I hung out with Jamie last Thursday! We went to the Orleans Buffet thanks to two of my fans Jack and Jan who gave me free tickets! Thank you so much!!
jamie and roxy at orleans buffet