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Craziness! moving done, Serena & team’s fight, training!

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Craaaazy two weeks!

So on Wednesday morning I woke up earlier than usual to take my mom to the airport. ;_; Sad! I barely had time to feel any feelings since I had so much on my list of things to do.

I had my pad session with John and learned awesome stuff, then Teri massage, packed a bit, and taught kids. Then I guided Serena to cut weight. I told Serena to jump rope and hit the bag. I was worried she wasn’t wearing enough clothes to make her sweat. She didn’t weigh herself before she started and I forgot to tell her, so I’m not sure how much she sweat. Finally after an hour, she weighed herself and was 139 lbs. Okay. The goal was to go to bed no more than 5 pounds away from her target weight, which was 135.

I asked her if she wanted to go to the Scooters bar to watch TUF with the team, or my house and she chose Scooters. I got to order a dessert so I don’t mind. haha I dropped her off, got home, and after that and pretty much went to bed by 10. Thursday I was packing and doing last minute stuff, then went to training and did technique and two hard rounds of sparring with Hannah before I cut out at 12:30 to help Serena cut weight. I made the hot bath, put in the salt, adjusted the temperature to make sure she sweat, helped her in and out of the tub, etc. That went alright except her scale was a pound lighter than my scale, and she chose to trust her scale instead of mine. Mine is the same as the gym scale – just saying. -_-; so after a few hours she made weight. It wasn’t easy, but we she was a trooper and suffered through 3 hot salt baths and made 135….on her scale. Her mom, we nicknamed “Mamarena” (Serena’s Mama), was there for moral support.

I drove us to Hooters Casino where the weigh ins were and we hung out there she did her thing.
serena weigh in collage
serena tuffnuffface off
She weighed in at 135.2….which means that MY scale was correct and she had gotten out of the bath at 136 and floated 0.8 lbs in those 3 hours. :/ But the commission allows a pound leeway, so she can legally weigh in up to 135.9. I take the pound all the time when I fight – nothing wrong with it.

I drove them to a Pho place! It was good. I had already eaten something but I ate again. u_U
I dropped Serena and Mamarena off home and hung around a bit to hang out with Rob, Tonya, and Vanessa, who came over to visit.

Went home at 10 PM too full to sleep so I packed….moved all my boxes into the living room. Heavy Labor FTW! ;_; Just my last minute stuff odds and ends left.

Bed. Woke up Friday at 4 Am as usual. Pack pack pack pack. Met Hannah, my new apartment-mate, (aka close friend and training partner) and got the key to the new place! She helped me load up my car with boxes and stuff and we made two or three trips back and forth up and down the stairs. Up and down.
stairs i hate

Then we went to the gym and did the MMA class from 11:30 until 12:30-ish, when we had to leave and go get the U-Haul. I was really enjoying that class especially and sad I couldn’t finish it *sigh*

Hannah had offered to help me get the U-haul but at first last week I had turned her down….it didn’t occur to me that I NEEDED her to drive it back while I drove my car back. LOL yeah so we arrived at the U-Haul place. Two and a half weeks ago, I had called and reserved a 10-foot truck for 48 hours, Friday at 1 PM to Sunday at 1 PM. A week before my move, a staff lady called and said to me, “We’d like to offer you a van instead. It’s almost as big and the mileage is cheaper.” I replied, “No, thanks. I want the truck. I have a 7-foot couch.” She said, “The reason is that we have a waiting list for families.” Why should I care about any other families? If they wanted a truck, they should have planned ahead and made a reservation. “No, I want the truck, please,” I said. “Okay,” she had said.

So Hannah and I showed up at the U-Haul office and the staff behind the desk said, “Okay, Modafferi? So you have a van from 1 PM to 5 PM.”

“Um, no,” I said and explained everything I just wrote above.
“Sorry, we don’t have a truck available,” the lady said, and did not look sorry at all. She looked like she wanted me to take the van keys and get the hell out.
“But I made a reservation!” I protested. “What good is making a reservation if you don’t reserve the vehicle? LOOK, HERE IS THE EMAIL CONFIRMATION stating two days , 10 foot truck.”
She looked. “That is only your request. Someone calls later and actually schedules it. And I have no way to know what was said on the phone.”

HOW CONVENIENT. “I JUST TOLD YOU WAS WAS SAID.” I was so mad. I usually don’t say very aggressive things like that. Okay okay calm down. What chapter in my Positivity book is this? Look on the bright side and do the best you can do in your situation?
“Alright, so the bottom line is there’s no truck. I’ll take the van. And I would like a discount for my inconvenience.”
“Oh we can’t do that.”
I looked at her name tag. It said “Manager on it.”

wtf picard-wtf-meme-generator-wtf-who-the-hell-hired-these-incompetent-people-9b9eaf

Obviously she wasn’t going to back down, and obviously didn’t have the power to do anything. I could tell. So I decided to blast the company on social media and get it handled later.
van from uhal

We had a time crunch! Only a few hours to pack up what we could and then go to Tuff-N-Uff to support Serena and our teammates. meeting time was 4:45. It was 1:30.

“Okay, we’ll take the van,” I said. She had us sign the paperwork and gave us the keys.
“So go on outside and Doug will help you with a walk-around.”

Okay so Hannah and I got outside and saw……not much. Various vans. Nobody. Which was our van? Where was Doug? After waiting for a few minutes, I was seriously punchy from exhaustion and stifling my anger, so I started shouting, “Doug? EXCUSE ME, DOUG? Is there a DOUG? WHERE ARE YOU, DOUG?” and then I started giggling insanely. 😀 😀

madness insane

This nice young dark-skinned fellow comes out and says, “I’m not Doug but I’ll help you! I don’t know any Doug.”

OH GREAT, the lady assigned me to an employee who doesn’t work there?! So the nice guy WhoWasNotDoug helped us examine the van, and we drove it away. “Thanks, Doug!” I said to NotDoug. 😀 We were all laughing. He was super nice.

Drove back, moved boxes from old apt to new one. Up and down stairs. up and down and up and down and up and down.


Then met Serena and team at the Cox Pavillion and did the rules meeting and hung out! The whole hanging out for 5 hours was painful. Waiting is the worst part. John and Tom and Mike Pyle came up to coach and support. Serena listened to music a lot and tried to stay calm.

Enzo fought first and won quickly in the first round by rear naked choke. It was slick and beautiful! Then we were finally up at 10 PM (omg) and Serena put on a great performance!
serena won tuffnuff
Her striking was on point, cage control was BEAUTIFUL and just like we practiced! John taught us that well. And the girl tried to clinch and throw Serena, but she and I had drilled dropping weight and defending the Judo throws, so she got out. BEAUTIFULLY. Such great growth. I can’t say I’m proud of her enough. 😀
serena and roxy tuffnuff
Corey won his fight by guillotine. So impressed with Corey, too! So happy he’s winning and getting stronger and stronger! He’s one of my favorite people to chat with in the gym. 🙂

I wanted to sleep but went out to dinner with everybody else. After all, despite my inability to recover from lack of sleep for a few days, everybody stays up late with me when I fight, and I don’t often get to see my friends from out of town, so I tried to suck it up and be positive. It was so nice to see everybody and revel in Serena’s joy that was seeping out of her like sunlight. So proud of her.

Saturday I woke up (I slept in until 5!!) and it was raining!! ;_; I moved the other half of my things into the moving van and to the new place. up and down the stairs.

Then I went to the gym and sparred kickboxing for 45 minutes before I collapsed from exhaustion.
saturday sparring april 30-2
I landed some good stuff so I’m happy with my technique!
but I gassed out. WTF I haven’t missed a day of training, I’m doing hard labor, so it’s not fair my cardio went down!! I gain cardio by running stairs or doing burpies and I haven’t done those for two weeks because, well, it goes without saying. so I’m angry at the world about that.

After sparring, Cory and Khalil came over and helped me lift my heavy couch and book shelf and a few other pieces of furniture. THANKS! 😀 It had stopped raining by then! THANK GOODNESS. Serena and Mamarena came, too, so even after the guys left, they stayed and helped me back last minute things. Which is soooo nice of them. It have saved me so much time!I hadn’t realized how much I had left. Only now I can’t find stuff because I wasn’t the one who packed it, but I’ll find it eventually.

Saturday evening was King of the Cage and Bryce was fighting. I had fully intended to go, but ….just no. I had had it. I took the Reenas home and then went home. I think ice cream or a cookie made it’s way into my stomach before arrival.
Roxy moved in
I lay down. Then Hannah came home and was like “I’m going to Walmart now for a lamp….wanna come?” WHY NOT!? So we went shopping at Walmart for various household things like a lamp, rice cooker, etc. I was deliriously tired and giggling at everything. Might be the closest I get to being drunk. 😀

got home, slept.
Sunday, woke up unpacked, dropped off U-haul with Hannah.
OH YEAH, so after we picked it up, I wrote on twitter “Damn Uhaul messed up my order and won’t even give me a discount!” and ranted about it on facebook. Within 15 minutes, a Twitter account called “@Uhaul_care” tweeted at me, asking me to DM them the details. I explained and gave my phone number and a staff lady from the headquarters called me and gave me a $50 credit for my trouble. ;D The whole thing ended up costing $58, so yay!! Happy. And the couch had fit in the van, so we managed.

So after returning the Uhaul, I went to yoga for the first time in two weeks. My lower back is in such rough shape, it hurts to stand up. Usually that comes from either a hard wrestling practice or lack of yoga and tight lower body. So yeah, Helped a little. Then my anger towards me being gassed out made me run stairs at the Orleans although I never want to see another flight of stairs EVER AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNN

Then I …..I think I finished cleaning out the old apartment, did chores like buy a new book shelf and stuff, unpacked, and even got to watch some anime before bed! I went to bed at 8:50 PM. 😀

And now it’s Monday and my body hurts so much I can barely move.

Two-week Insanity of Moving and Fights

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These past two weeks have been crazy, just like I predicted. First of all, my car’s axl broke at a stop sign Sunday the 17th, so I had a stressful day of getting it towed and repaired. If I want to look on the bright side, I can say that it broke down in a great place – just next to a parking lot outside Walmart. Well, I sat at the wheel waving my arms and shouting to alert people while mom pushed it trough the intersection into a dirt field, where we safely waited for the tow truck. Then a good repair place was open on Sunday, so I sat there for 3 hours and they repaired it for only $350 (including work hours).

I had caught a cold a few days before so I’ve been drowning in my own mucus. I trained Monday and Tuesday but decided that on Wednesday morning, I was coughing so I’d stay away from people. I stopped coughing and actually felt better by evening so !!!!!

Wednesday the 20th The Ultimate Fighter season 23 debuted with it’s one-hour special of fights to get in the house, in which my three training partners Jamie, Khalil, and Cory, all successfully made it in! 😀
watching tuf23 2

tom roxy tuf 23
I had a brief cameo….yes, I got invited to watch them live and the camera flashed to Tom because his friend Spicely won and they were celebrating.

I watched with Team Syndicate at the Parkway Tavern after training. Then Thursday I trained, took Serena to the airport, and watched an exhibition MMA match. Friday I tried to make myself available to help mom move but her pods hadn’t arrived yet. I think in the morning I did yoga, then ran to my car appointment from 11 AM to 2 PM. Lee needed a transmission fluid flush, oil change, and engine check. Then hustled back to Syndicate to teach kids, then back home but Mom didn’t need help yet.

Saturday morning the 23rd, we woke up and I helped her carry heavy boxes downstairs for two and a half hours.
mom packing her cubes

I’ve been really worried about her losing weight (she’s already thin) because she won’t increase her caloric intake to match her energy expenditure, so I begged her to let me do the heavy work.

tired exhausted
Then I took a “break” and went and did some jiu-jitsu from 10:45-11:45 with the class and Hannah. Then kickboxing for half the class until exhaustion around 12:30.

It’s fun sparring trying to spar your coach because you want to impress him by doing the stuff he taught you ON him ….but he also knows what you’re going to do because he trained you to do it!! So you know that he knows that you know this technique, but maybe if you do technique B he’ll think that you think that he’ll think you’re trying to fake him out.

….got it?

Went home, helped mom move some more.

Watched Nazca a lot while resting. I love love love that anime.
nazca image 1
It was cool to relive it! BEAUTIFUL ART. It’s about ancient Incan warriors who are reincarnated and then discover who they are and try to continue pursuing their ambitions and conclude a great battle. I came across the VHS tapes while packing and got rid of them because I don’t have VCR and I found it online. I had first watched it when I was 17 in high school, and I got more out of it this time. I also knew websites and where to find the manga so I could read some of the differences. THAT was cool, and new.

Here is the opening.

Sunday I woke up tired and skipped exercise because my arms and legs were SO SORE from lifting and going up and down stairs. I met up with my friend Trevor, who lived in my neighborhood in Lenox! He, Craig, Tony Gardino, Melvin, Majru, and sometimes Manfred used to come over and play video games after school a lot. It was so cool to get to know him as an adult.

roxy trevor 2016
Mom said she didn’t need more help, so okay. I’m almost done packing myself. Boy, I’m glad we’re not moving out on the same weekend, that she is a week early. Then I watched Maleficent on my computer with Mom! That was really fun. I love that movie.

Then I tried to watch World Trigger but I was so sleepy I went to bed at 9:30 cuz I kept falling asleep.

So this week….Wednesday morning my mom flies out! For good! I’m too busy to really think about how sad I’ll be! ;-; Then Wednesday night I pick up Serena’s mom who’s coming in to watch her fight. Thursday I train and then help Serena cut weight. Friday I train in the morning, pick up the U-Haul at 1 PM, start moving some stuff in to my new apartment, and then go to Serena’s fight. Saturday I gotta finish moving out and the internet guy is coming over to set up service. In the morning I gotta train something, at 2 PM some big strong teammates are supposed to be coming over to help me, and then I have fights of 3 more teammates at King of the Cage.


See, I got this all planned out. I accomplish a lot in my life due to careful planning, knowing my priorities, and working in contingency plans and options in case stuff happens to mess up my plans.

Quick food blog and Herbal Papaya

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I thought I’d do a little blog on food.

I tend to eat the same kinds of things. Breakfast is the biggest meal around 5 AM because I have to have that last me through training which ends at 1:00 PM, lunch is medium sized, I have a high-protein snack around 3 PM, and then dinner at 5:30. If anything messes up my eating schedule, I get exceedingly cranky. lol I love yogurt and cottage cheese and dairy (not milk, though) for breakfast, along with seed/nut-ridden bread with peanut butter, veggie omelettes, and a big salad with broccoli, lettuce, radishes, and asparagus. Lunch is always some kind of grilled or boiled chicken or sometimes lean beef with various steamed vegetables and BBQ or teriyaki sauce and a Fiber One bar or many different things. Dinner is usually boiled or grilled fish with some kind of Asian sauce, snap peas, carrots, and celery. That’s why I like having Mexican food at lunch time (like El Pollo Loco, because they have grilled chicken and rice meals)

Now on to my sponsor, Herbal Papaya. I really like the powder made by my sponsor Herbal Papaya.
herbal papaya powder pic
The dark colored one is made from ground up seed and has a very light, nutty-peppery taste. It would go well in smoothies, but I don’t drink them, so I just sprinkle it on my salad and put in omelettes. Their new product is green papaya powder. It doesn’t really add a lot of flavor to my foods but I can taste it very lightly. It’s supposed to have potassium, magnesium and vitamins A, C, E and B, and has the digestive enzymes papain and chymopapain. Herbal Papaya says that it may help in raising enzyme levels and improving assimilation within the body, which also helps fortify the body’s natural immune response.

roxy selfie with powder herbal papaya
That is good enough for me.

Then the tea! I always drink so much tea. It calms my stomach. Tea with caffeine for breakfast, and with no caffeine in the afternoon and evening.
herbal papaya tea pic 2

herbal papaya with mint tea 2

I’m really happy to be sponsored by a health food company! And if any of my fans and friends (i.e. YOU reading this) decide to order and use the code “ROXY” at check out, you get 10% off and I get 10% credit. 🙂

visiting Mom’s family, Amherst, training at old gym, Baby party, narrowly avoided disaster

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I had an amazing trip!

I left early Wednesday April 6th and flew in to Newark, NJ, landing at 1:30 PM. I got my luggage with no issues and went to go pick up my rental car. I had reserved the cheapest one, but the compact car looked so small! I was like, uhhhhh do you have the next size up after all? He offered me a Camery and another midsized car, but they were so big. Then he offered me a Volkswagen beetle. It was bright yellow. I thought, “Oh my god…OKAY THAT ONE.” No one will miss seeing me coming. Maybe it’s safe? XD I felt kind of hesitant to drive one…but then I thought, “Well Emma Swan from Once Upon A Time drives a bug. It is good enough for me!” So I got it. HAha! The steering was too sensitive and every time I breathed on the wheel, I felt like it took me a few inches to the side, so I felt like I was constantly making adjustments back and forth, which was annoying and aggravating.
roxy yellow buggy
However, when I stepped on the gas, it SHOT FORWARD like Oliver Queen’s arrow! And I screamed, “Whoohooo!” each time. Hah. I tried to find an excuse to step on it, but it mostly came when changing lanes or passing someone or pulling out into traffic from a stopped position. One must not simple accelerate for no reason. XD

It took me an hour and a half to drive to my Aunt and Uncle’s place. The roads and vegetation ALL LOOKED THE SAME, as it usually does when driving in New England, especially in the winter or spring when all the trees are just brown, spindly figures, still hibernating in the cold weather.

I checked into my hotel and met my Aunt Mary and Uncle Steve at Crackerbarrel restaurant and had a really nice dinner.

We agreed to meet at either 11 or 12 for “breakfast” and then visit Franklin D Roosevelt’s house, which was turned into a historical sight. yay. So I woke up at 5:30 (which is actually 2:30 PT time? WHY??!? ;_;) , had breakfast at the hotel restaurant, and exercised! I exercised pretty hard. yoga, walk/jog/sprints outside, weight room with jumping rope, push ups and weight lifting. I did hill springs for the first time since HIGH SCHOOl. I was sore the next day! haha go me.

I still hadn’t heard from my family at 11 AM, so decided to drive into Beacon, which turned out to be a tiny little quaint town. I walked up and down for a while, and then came to a library. I noticed the manga section! ANGEL SANCTUARY VOLUME ONE was there!
angel sanctuary cover
I have been meaning to re-read the series, so I read it! It took me an hour! Then I had a nice meal with my aunt and uncle and went to the museum, although later than we had intended.
I really enjoyed the museum! I learned some history and how Roosevelt influenced American history. I didn’t know he got polio BEFORE he became president and then hid it from the public!
We all want to go back and I want to visit again!
roosevelt's wheelchair

Friday morning, I woke up, exercised a bit, and drove to Amherst! It’s been 11 years since I visited Umass when I graduated! I timed it perfectly so I had 15 minutes to drive around UMass campus before meeting my old coach and friend Kirik for lunch at the Far East Cafe in the town center. Yummy and he treated me. ^^
pics comparison:
In 2005, IFC Utah!
Now, 2016 Amherst. 🙂

kirik roxy at amherst
Then he ditched a podcast appointment for his website and went with me to the student campus store in the center building, I forget what it’s called, and I got an Alumni T shirt and window sticker. hahaha Then I went to the new building New England Submission Fighting club and my other instructor, Dave Roy, met me for special training!
dave roy at nesf
We just rolled. I thought I was doing great and then he said, “Can I turn it up?” and started dominating. Man, I wish he didn’t ask. LOL He didn’t really really beat me up. I wish he did! Rather than make me wonder just how high above me he is. But upon stalking his Facebook page, I found that he’s a black belt with one stripe, so still pretty damn good. He never stopped training after I left, so even though I got better, he did, too. He taught me a few things and gave me some advice. It was great! I got so excited to learn the stuff and train with him again! So much fun! haha he taunted me a bit while rolling. And it was so nostalgic! I miss him already and keep thinking when I can go back to train. The grappling-based MMA style is kind of what I’m evolving away from, but I miss it. And I miss him taunting me and making me unable to fight because I’m laughing so hard. 😀 Dave, I tried Purgatory on someone, and mostly got it applied! but they escaped somehow. x_x I’ll get it someday!

We did a little bit of MMA but I was nervous to go too hard since I didn’t have puffy MMA gloves or shin guards, but it was super fun!

I drove to the Boston area from there, and made it to my dad’s and my step mother’s home by 9:30 PM. Once there, I packed my big suitcase full of some old board games and school books that they are keeping for me in the basement. Then sleep.

Saturday morning, we dropped my rental car off at Enterprise in the area, I hopped into their car, and dad drove us 4.5 hours to New Jersey. 😀 Back to New Jersey! LOL I have completed a triangle. We got there on time for the party, which started at noon. OMG the whole family was there!!! My whole extended family that I never see much lately.

ANYWAY it was glorious! I didn’t see Alison TOO much (who’s baby Pia Rose is the occasion for the get together).

After the cake, we checked into the hotel and while my dad and step mom rested, I went to the exercise room, did some rounds of jump rope and heavy squats. I’ve been eating a lot and gaining weight, so MIGHT AS WELL gain some muscle while I’m at it, right? ;D Despite exercising every day, I still gained about 2 pounds. Actually not bad considering I’ve been eating SO much and it’s hard to find vegetables on the road.

Then we went to my Aunt Connie’s and I enjoyed chatting with family! I love them so much!
adele luis tino roxy
That hotel had the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in.

Okay here comes the fun part.
I had booked my airplane ticket for 2:40 PM, not knowing what anyone’s schedule would be. Dad said they could drop me off at the airport early, and I figured if my cousins were free, I might even be able to hang out with them in the morning and then they could take me. Turns out Dad and Marion had to drop me off at 8 AM and my cousins were busy. Dang.

When I went to check in, I tried to get an earlier flight. The attendant told me that I had to go through the phone service because I had got the tickets on points, and there was ONE SEAT LEFT on the direct flight to Las Vegas! 😀 😀 wee. So I called them and I COULD NOT BOOK IT because it was for preferred customers with that dang United Airlines credit card! ;_; All other flights were booked. DANG. So after thinking hard for 10 minutes, I decided that there was nothing I could do and nobody I could call to “quick, come hang out at 8 AM on a Sunday for a few hours” so I checked in. And the attendant said, “So you’re going to Las Vegas, but you transfer in washington DC. You realize this is two airports, so you’ll have to pick up your luggage, go to the other airport and recheck.”
whaaa minion

I was like, “………….WHAT? What do you mean two airports? Aren’t they connected or something?”
“No,” he replied, indicating I should hand him the print out of my itinerary. “Look, this one is ‘Washington DC, DCA National’ and this one is ‘Washington DC – IAD Dulles.’ You have to pay attention when you book the ticket.”

“How far is it?” I asked. He replied, “It’s like 90 miles or something.” I asked, “How will I get there?” He said, “We don’t provide a shuttle service. Most people take a taxi.”
vegeta wtf
A TAXI?! 90 miles?! What? wait. My heart rate started increasing. Hold on just a second. I had a three hour transfer time. So this guy is telling me that I’m supposed to wait and pick up my luggage, take a taxi at RUSH HOUR IN A DOWNTOWN METROPOLIS AREA, to this airport like half an hour away on a good day? I DON’T THINK SO. I Googled the route and it said 35 minutes now ( at 9 AM) and 30 miles. omg

I was kind of numb as I paid for my checked bag, and he was like “yeah yeah just give your bag to that guy over there.”

I took a step back and thought hard. This plan has “disaster” written all over it. “I want a different flight. But I can’t because all of United’s flights are booked.” I looked around. To the left of me was the counter for American Airlines, so I thought…..
fuck this shit i'm outta here

I went over there and stood in that line. I searched online as I waited and found a one way ticket to Las Vegas for $200! I had used points to get here, so I only paid $80 for a ticket that would probably have been like $500-$600. So when I got to the front, I asked the lady and she said yes, they had flights available! For $230! FINE! BOOK ME, BABY! So She booked me!!!! To transfer in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. Leaving at 11 Am and arriving in Vegas at 4:40 PM. My original flight would have me arriving at 10 PM Pacific coast time. HELL yes. So I took the United luggage tag right off my suitcase and put the new one on and said “Screw you!” to the united flight. Didn’t even tell them I canceled. I dunno, was I supposed to? :/ I didn’t want to talk to that guy again.

The flight home was mercifully uneventful!!

bam success
I wondered if I could have made the other route but after reading horror stories from friends and websites about how it took them hours to try and get to that airport, I think I just narrowly avoided a disaster with my change of plans. GO ME. And money. Money doesn’t buy happiness but this was totally worth it. I could imagine myself missing my flight at TEN PM and being stuck in Washington DC airport all night?! And wishing I had spent the 200 bucks. Who knows how much a taxi would have cost.

Mom picked me up at the airport! She usually has me take a cab, if it’s around her dinner time, but she probably is missing me. ^^

I’m moving apartments, Mom, back at training, TV shows, archery, friends

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I had a fantastic week last week. I feel so healthy it’s odd. Well, my back hurts a little. u_u But my shoulders feel okay. It’s usually one or the other that hurt. Magic Masseuse Teri helps SO much with that. (Yes, I made up her new title).

I only gained 3 pounds of fat (as opposed to 5 or 6) since my fight, probably because I tried to get back to training immediately and cut down on sweets. But every time I rejoice, I go back up fast. LOL But I feel so energetic from eating carbs. Yay. I’m appreciating my health now because usually something hurts, and when I get older, I’m sure it won’t get any better!

I was joking around with Clayton, or was it Tom, that fighting adds an extra year to a fighter’s life. If that’s the case, since I’ve had 33 fights and I’m 33, my life years are 66? O_O hmm

It’s been so great training with Serena and Hannah again! Serena came back to Syndicate right after my fight, after an odyssey around the country. Serena’s wrestling game has really improved a lot, Hannah’s stand up and everything, really, has also, and I also see SO much improvement in the new girl Jenny.
serena and roxy after sparring
And I see improvement in myself. I feel more confident about certain techniques that I was able to pull off in my fight.

I’m back in training full force. I’ve been enjoying gi jiu-jitsu classes a lot. I used to have trouble comprehending Vinny because he talks so fast and my brain works slowly when learning a new technique, but I think I’ve gotten used to it now. I’ve been pulling off and working stuff he has taught me. He spent extra time with me before my fight and helped me out a lot. He’s fighting April 2nd in WSOF!! So excited to watch him WIN. 😀
jamie and roxy in gi
I trained with Jamie this Saturday!
team pic in march after practice
I’m also back working mitts, some switch stance stuff I want to get better at but didn’t want to try in the fight yet because I wasn’t super confident.
pyramid of fighter girls

So many fightergirls now at Syndicate! 😀
This new lady (but not new to the fight game) Jackie joined the team!

In my kids class, I have a small core group and then other kids come every day for like two weeks and then disappear for like two weeks. WHY?! ;_; Then when we have a trial student, I have to tell the parents, “We have more kids than this, I swear!” -_-;;

I’m moving! Down the street again! Dang, I don’t really like moving and I swore to myself that I wouldn’t let my mom drag me all over Vegas. I tend to move once every 4 years and she tends to move once a year. But what do you know, she was so bothered by our neighbors that she twisted my arm into moving last year (after only 1.5 years in our place), and now she’s moving back to New England, which will force me to move again. -_- mendokusai kedo shouganai. So yeah, big news! A new chapter in my life! Mom hates Vegas, although I think it’s more like “The grass is greener on the other side.” She always complained about the cold and snow in Massachusetts, and then in Vegas, complained about the heat.

I’ll miss her a lot, but I have friends so I won’t be lonely. I think she’ll be lonely, but I hope not! If she moves to New York, she’ll be able to see her aunt, cousin, and sister. That’ll be nice. Her hometown is kind of run down and declining, though, so not the ideal place. But anyway. I was hoping to stay in this current apartment and just have a house-mate move in, but for some reason that the office wouldn’t let us, they are forcing us to relocate, or transfer. huh? I was told it was nothing we did, and other people have to, too. How rude. 🙁

So I’m packing my own stuff, and my mom is being super annoying, trying to basically guide me and tell me how I should pack and prepare and move and stuff. Dude, I’ve moved before, leave me alone. I know how to pack, nothing of mine ever broke and I MOVED OVERSEAS. She’s just projecting her own nervousness on me. I’m already 60% packed and she barely started. Poor mom is getting really stressed out, though. 🙁

I owe her a lot, though. She literally picked up on three months notice and moved to Las Vegas to be with me and support me as I tackled a full-time fighting career. She pays more than half the rent and comes home with groceries for me. She’s so thoughtful and loving and the best mother in the world! 🙂 And my best friend. I usually ask for her counsel on problems. She’s the most creative person ever and has taught me so many life lessons.

I’m going to take a quick trip to New England to see my maternal Aunt and Uncle, then my dad, then my paternal Aunt and Uncle and cousins! I’m so excited! I’ll be on a really really tight schedule so won’t have time to see all my friends, though. 🙁

I’ve been letting Serena practice driving around parking lots with my car! 😀 But don’t tell my mom. LOL Funny enough, HER mom seems cool with it. I never really considered “teaching” anyone how to drive, but I find myself thinking of lessons to teach various points of driving, like how to back out of a parking space, using angles, smoothness of accelerating and breaking, etc. I’m getting into it now. LOL

We did archery together last Sunday!
roxy archery
My first time! How cool! However, I’m NOT ready to go protect Star City yet.
roxy and serena archery
I started and finished the anime Death Parade and loved it. It’s about judging the human souls after death by putting them through a trial in the form of a bar game, to get them to reveal their characters. Here’s the opening theme. Really great song!