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struggling this week, but I have good friends&fans. TUF house&food

Posted in every day, friends on April 18th, 2014 by roxyfighter

The week started out awesome!

Then I pulled a muscle and it’s excruciatingly painful. I thought it was just a tight muscle knot, but it hurts to move at all. Even pushing myself up from a position laying down. x_x I didn’t even try to train yesterday, and was super bummed that I missed sparring. I wanted to try out my new move I learned in mitts! ;_;

So, determined to have a good day, I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a few weeks: find the TUF house. Despite driving there every day for 6 weeks, I wasn’t familiar enough with Vegas to know the roads.

Then at Tuff-N-Uff, a couple who were fans came up to me and said, “Your house was right next to ours! We saw you taking jogs and we had to be quiet when the crew was filming!”

I was like, “…..WHERE DO YOU LIVE?!” haha SO I took a drive there, and omg it’s close to where I live now!

TUF house1

The feeling I got was so weird. It was like visiting an old friend, or an old hometown. TUF 18 feels like a lifetime ago, and it has been literally a year since I went to tryouts! I drove past the house like 4 times, and after leaving, I felt like I drove across the world. Man, I miss living there! It was such an intense experience. It totally changed my life.
TUF house 2

I tried looking for tanktops at the Outlett mall, but the cheap store went out of business. ~_~ I’m VERY specific about tank tops. They can’t be too clingy on the chest, can’t show my bra straps at all, can’t be too tight under my arms, can’t be low cut at all….. impossible, right? I can never find what I want. I found one in IZOD, and they were $25, but I bought one anyway, because I FINALLY found one.

Taught the kids class…just barely because I couldn’t really move. ._. So bummed out. Jake Steckel (my chiropractor) saw me TWICE, once in the morning, and once in the evening, and it helped me a bit. But it still sucks. My body sucks.

I’ve been having indigestion ALL WEEK, something horrible. I’m afraid to eat ANYTHING because I suffer so much. ALL FREAKING WEEK constantly. :( I can’t figure out what’s wrong. I’ve been trying to do process of elimination for various foods and stuff. I’ve cut out soo much stuff. And the stuff I’m eating now, I’ve eaten with no problems in the past, so WTF IS WRONG WITH ME. I hate my body.

And don’t tell me to go to the doctor because I DO NOT HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE despite applying for it like two months agoooooooooooooooooooo damnit!

I should be more positive. :/

I didn’t get a sponsorship for the Yoga studio I love so much, but it’s not bad of them to not want to let someone in for free. I get it. :/ They need to make money, too. My mom is going to pay as a gift to me. That’s nice. That’s why she moved here anyway, to help support me. I’m just soooooooooo independent, I HATE the idea of depending on anybody. :/

Today I was productive and wrote an article for my sponsor It’ll be published later, I guess. I wanted to try going to team practice, but even after warming up, my back had sharp stabbing pain. wtfffff Mike Pyle taught class, too. I WANT TO LEARNnnnnnnn. ug

So I ate my lunch, veggies, English muffin, and Mom’s meatloaf. And I didn’t get indigestion. :D Then my buddy Bootsy was free, so he took me to his fav fast food mexican place in a gas station, and it was actually good. I had already eaten my carefully prepared portions, so I just got something small. He bought me a baby taco! SO CUTE, right? :D
baby taco

And he got this meat cheese mix on french fries?! LOL
french fries mix

I want to try it, but I can’t….and my weight isn’t going down as fast as I want….OKAY MUST BE POSITIVE!

Thanks to my buddy Patrick, who sent me a gift box with a few DVDs, a gift card, and SOCKS! :D :D
snoopy socks from patrick

I have good, good, thoughtful friends. And fans on Twitter and Facebook who wish me well when I make a gloomy post. You guys are a blessing and really cheer me up and remind me to be positive. :) Love you guys!
:D :D :D

So a few months ago, this big guy came into our gym carrying the same UFC bag as me. Josh Clark, the “Hillbilly Heartthrob.” I had my suspicions….and then we find out he was on TUF! :D He got into the house! That’s all we can say :D So now I want to help promote him because he’s super friendly.

Follow him on twitter! @joshclarkmma

awesome sparring and weekend (Tuff-N-Uff, BBQ)

Posted in friends, training on April 13th, 2014 by roxyfighter

Thursday sparring was pretty hard. We did stand up with big gloves, striking to take-downs, and MMA stuff, getting up from different positions, etc.

You get tired pretty quick going up and down, rather than just sticking to either jiu-jitsu or kickboxing. Man, by the end, my legs were burning but didn’t fail on me. I made it through, which means I’m in good shape. :D I can tell. Various injuries are better, thanks to Yoga. I’m really happy and satisfied with myself.

I went home, lay down for like 15 minutes before having to cook and do laundry and stuff, then went back to Syndicate, taught two kids classes and a private lesson. :D yeah. busy day.

Friday I woke up and could barely stand up, despite all the Glutamine and SOCK OFF recovery stuff I drank. :/ So I didn’t go to practice – I went to Vegas Hot!’s Yin Yoga (stretch-based only) at noon, and watched a ton of the anime Bleach, and Disney’s Frozen. I heard Friday’s practice was great. Aw, man! :( oh well…. all practices are great.

Then I went to Tuff-N-uff to watch my friends fight! :D Jen Chareunvong had an awesome debut fight, but unfortunately lost by split decision. They were both scrappy!

(Jen and I)
jcjenocide after fight

My friend Tyler from Canada got caught with a punch in the opening of the first round. :( I’m so sad for him, because he didn’t really get to fight and test his skills. Well, as long as he keeps going, he’ll get that chance. It’ll just be post-poned.

And Jamie Moyle, my main female training partner, did really well and defeated her very game opponent by TKO. I was so excited and screamed so loudly. The other girl looked really sharp on her feet, as is Jamie, of course, but once Jamie got her on the cage and on the ground, she had the advantage. I was like, “YEAH! we worked that! YEAH! We worked that! YEAH! WE WORKED THAT!!!”

omg. x_x

Thanks a lot to Tuff-N-uff for putting on such a great event, and letting me have a table to sell my books and T-shirts. :D

(you can buy my T-shirt online here! link to T-shirt)
(you can buy my book online here: link to book )

Friday really felt like Saturday, and Saturday really felt like Sunday. I don’t know what Sunday will be like. I did the jiu-jitsu class in the morning and skipped sparring. My body is still hurting from my long Thursday. But I sparred someone who I usually get manhandled by, and I did really well. SO I AM HAPPY. I am on an upward peek. Please tell me I’m fighting soon.

I then hung out with Bootsy and friends, and then hung out with John and team, ate delicious BBQ chicken and watched Glory and boxing. I got sleepy at 10 PM because that’s my bedtime, but I was really interested in the main event. It was exciting! Thanks for having me, coach! :D

After it ended, I went out John’s front door and Mike Pyle (who was laying in wait) shouted”BOOO!” I screamed, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” and jumped a foot in the air.


He hopped into his car chuckling, “I got ya real good! I got ya good! hahaha.”

Yes, you did. Thank you. What a kind, considerate man! Ensuring that I’m awake enough to drive home safely. Right? What great people I’m surrounded by! :D :D :D

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contest giveaway herbal papaya

Gina Carano….!! Herbal Payapa giveaway. The MMA jungle. VegasHot

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OMG it’s Gina Carano! omg she’s meeting with Dana White! omg big news I can barely take it omg gina gina gina gina drop everything and read this article right now omgomgomgomg the excitement is risinggggggggggggg everybody alert alert gina alert! XD
link to article

hahahahaha I’m being sarcastic. It’s hilarious how everyone is freaking out, but you know what, I’m glad. It used to be annoying to me, that I’d been fighting for so long, and then she comes along and represents all female fighters. But the more attention paid to female fighters, the better. And she’s tough and a good person, so great, right?

Fighting MMA is like surviving in the jungle. You can’t just be a good fighter. You have to win and be exciting, because of the mandatory mix and balance of entertainment/sports. People have to WANT TO WATCH YOU. I think I’m going to write an article about this topic or something, because it interests me greatly. In the light of Jake Shields getting cut, despite having a great winning record and one loss, but people saying he’s boring to watch. It’s brutal for an athlete WHO IS WINNING. But if you use that rule, I shouldn’t have gotten released from the UFC after TUF because people support me and want to see me fight, despite my recent losses.


So my week has been okay. I did Pilates on Monday for the first time, and…. it wasn’t so good because the areas that we worked out were where I was already SUPER sore from training, so I suffered. ._. But I’ll give it another try.

My back pain is the least it’s been in literally a full year, thanks to VEGAS HOT! Yoga Studios, and of course, my awesome chiropractor, Jake Steckel, who’s been telling me to do some of the same stuff I’ve been doing in Yoga classes. XD

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Worked some stuff with John on mitts on Monday, and did it like CRAZY in sparring yesterday. So excited. XD #saiyanmode


roxy saiyan t shirt brittany

I want to fight soooooooooo bad. Had a bummed-out moment yesterday. ._. I’m ready, I wanna go now……or next week. Oh well. :(

I bet this blog will get so many views because my title is ‘gina carno’ LOL

video-game control fighter

Posted in every day, fight, friends, training, work on April 4th, 2014 by roxyfighter

When you’re watching a fight, whether as a coach or a fan, don’t you just wish the fighter would DO what you’re shouting?

I feel like I can be a video-game controlled fighter. When my coach shouts something, it’s not advice, it’s input command. Push “A,” fighter kicks. Left-right-down-down + B, fighter advances and punches into a shot.
(unrelated- joysticks SUCK!!! I can’t use them. >_< Got frustrated with PS2's Spyro and Tomb Raider because it wouldn't let me use the directional pad and I kept turning Lara in circles. /endGeekOut)

Anyway, I've been really 'on' this week at training, with mitts and sparring. Thanks to yoga (Vegas Hot! rules) and Doc Steckel keeping my body functioning, Mike Pyle for doing mini-grappling lessons with me, and John (and sometimes Chaz and Guns, thanks!) cornering me and Jamie. It’s really helpful. I get a power boost.

mike and roxy grappling2
(John took this one)

Especially this week I’ve been really successful with my combinations and take-downs. Jamie (Moyle) has an amateur fight coming up in Tuff-N-Uff – the winner gets a pro Invicta contract! We always spar with each other a lot anyway, since she, Fanny, Michelle and I are the only girls who do MMA regularly. She’s a really good, all-around fighter and pushes me. I push her. It’s awesome. :)

roxy jamie michelle with coaches
(Mike, Guns, Jamie, John, Roxy, Corey, Michelle above, Chaz with tattoos in the background)

This week has been an awesome one. I lost some weight. Tweaking my diet. Yay. I still don’t know when I’m fighting, but I’m in good shape! ^_^
I started writing for the website MMAsucka. Check out my article here called “Flourishing Amateur promotions: Cagequest and Tuff-N-Uff.” I also published my once-a-month article on my sponsor’s site, Intimidation Clothing. Click here to read it. It is teh awesome.

I haven’t had time to write my second book at all this week! I haven’t watched much of the anime “Bleach,” and when talking to my Japanese uncle Goto-san, he told me, “Hey, your Japanese skill is getting rusty! Anime is really keeping your ear tuned. You suck now! Haha!” HEY! :{ It’s true, though….kind of. The Visored crack me up with their Kansai dialect.

The clothing sale is still going on…. if you buy anything from the website and enter the coupon code “roxy135″ you get 10% off, and I get a small commission. :) COMMISSION! :D I recommend the Sparta shirt, so you can go around screaming and posing. XD (j/k)
intimidation clothing this is sparta collage
(click to enlarge)
link to store

AND MY MOM GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!! YAY GO MOM! :D Now she’s working, finally, and is a little stressed out because of the transition, but I think it’ll be okay. And I can do ice baths in peace when I come home in the afternoon. lol

Cagequest and seminar in Washington State

Posted in fight, fun, training on March 31st, 2014 by roxyfighter

I had a fantastic time this weekend in Washington. I was in Tacoma and Lakewood to be a guest at “Cagequest” and do a seminar. I’m very grateful to Eddie Blackburn, the promoter, for bringing me in. (If you are reading this and would like me to come do a seminar at your school or before your event, contact me at basilisk875(at) and we’ll talk!)

I had my seminar at Evolution MMA – a super nice facility! Thanks for having me. I was nervous, but everybody seemed to really like what I taught. I taught a striking technique combo, a take down (two ways to finish), what to do if sprawled upon (two ways), how to take the back, my style of holding back, two ways to choke. :)

Then, we did a bunch of two minute rounds and just rolled. I didn’t get to roll with everybody. :/

Thank you SO much for coming, everybody!
(click to enlarge)
group seminar pic from patricia

I had an amaaaaaazing time! :D

seminar funny pose
I like Washington people.

We did a funny video. XD

Allen Rygg (striking coach at Northwest Elite gym) was such a good host. Took me out for lunch, drove me everywhere, was my demonstration dummy, kept his eye on me during the events. :)
roxy and allen sushi

Cherry blossoms on campus were so pretty!!

cherry blossons and roxy
I felt like I was in Japan again, for a moment.

The Cagequest event was great! I’m planning to write another article on it soon.

I enjoyed going to weigh-ins.
(Allen, me, and Eddie)
allen and eddy

I chatted with some fighters, and made friends with the ones I was sitting next to, like Sam, Robert and Kendra. ;) Everybody was tough, though. The match-ups were really good.

I was ringside at the fights for a while, but it was actually making me nervous, because although I knew I was just a spectator, my body was getting all tense with the fights came close, because I was RIGHT THERE, with my nose almost in the cage. I felt like I should be defending something, when the guys crashed into the cage in front of me.

(Kendra Bukovac vs Christine Weiner.)
kendra vs christine

So half-way into the event, I just hung out at my T-shirt signing table with the Revolver Clothing guys. :)
cagequest and revolver table
“C” is for “Cagequest!”

Everyone was so nice. PRIMAL clothing and RARE BREED clothing guys all gave me freebie T-shirts. :D

The fights were exciting. There were a lot of finishes. A lot of tough up-and-coming fighters. Lots of friends, teammates and fans came to support their guys. It was awesome.

I came back on Sunday with new friends, some cash from the seminar and book sales, and great memories. I want to go back sometime!