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Tara and my fight pictures are so funny

Posted in amusing on September 11th, 2014 by roxyfighter

We always seem to be caught in the funniest, weirdest poses.

Let me illustrate.

MFC 2006
Hair Whip Attack and cross block!

Moosin 2010
“The Snuggle of Doom”

Moosin 2010 “Time out! I have to go pee!”

Moosin 2010 “Not a step closer!”

Invicta 2014
“Boob Punch 1″
33roxy and tara invicta 4
(I think she just lowered her arm after I punched)

Invicta 2014

tara smashing roxy
um yeah you caption this one

My experience at Invicta 8

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What a fantastic experience.
I won my fight against Tara LaRosa, which is the third time I fought her. A trilogy – on second thought, “Return of the Jedi.” I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and it’s funny because I was SO close to doing some anime theme for my weigh-in, but decided on Star Wars at the last minute. It’s fitting, because my coach is a Star Wars maniac, and teammate Amanda, who is George Lucas’ daughter, is part-owner of my gym. :D So I bought a Jedi robe and light saber from a costume store for $70, thinking, “For this price I better use this A LOT.” LOL Totally worth it.
julie and tara and roxy faceoff
Coach John Wood and I left on Wednesday. Thank you, John, for taking time out of your ridiculously busy schedule and training other teammates to come with me. We arrived and I did this “face-off” interview with Tara. I wore my Jedi robe. XD

Thursday John and I went for walks around malls, played video games at a giant arcade, and tried to be careful of my weight.
gaming with john

Also did photo shoots and video interviews!
I didn’t even mean for this Jedi thing to blow up, but it really has. lol
return of the roxy jedi

At the risk of sounding vain, how freaking awesome do we look here? XD
roxy jedi and john

roxy in kansas city

I got to hang out with my former teammates from the AACC! Tama-chan (Yasuko Tamada, who fought for the title) and Megumi Fuji, and Abe-sensei!
Invicta needed a female voice to speak for Tamada-san, so I did the translation (my manager Shu supplied me with a few words) and did the voice! :D so exciting and an honor!

In the evening, John and I watched The Empire Strikes Back on his laptop after working out with pads. XD #jedi

Friday I tried not to eat and drink and cut weight in the bathtub via hot salt bath. That went super smoothly. Go me. For the weigh-ins, I pulled out my light saber on Tara. XD I’m glad I didn’t fall off the stage, because my plan was to square off, and then when she held her fist to my chin, I’d step back and SWOOSH! Extend the light saber. But Shannon had us start with me already near the edge of the stage. But I managed! I love the look on Shannon’s face, and John is cracking up in the background. hahaha lots of our friends think John forced me to do it, but nope, the Jedi thing was my idea. Shayna helped me decide the pose. XD

weigh ins pull light saber
roxy and steve before fight

My good friend/ big brother Steve, my teammate from Japan, lives in Kansas and made the long drive to come visit me TWICE – once after weigh ins, and once for my fight! Thank you!! <3 So amazing to see you again! and thanks for the T-shirt and socks! :D :D :D :D

On Fight Day, we ate breakfast, missed my hair appointment because the breakfast place nearby was closed so we had to go searching for one, and then I didn't realize it would take so long! ;_; Thank GOODNESS the nice lady came back and did my hair, but I spent literally all morning and afternoon trying to calm the panic inside me. John was saying, "From here until the fight, no matter what thoughts pop into your head, only positive ones go out. Only positive outcomes happen."

Despite me being naturally positive, even the happy warrior needs to be reminded to be positive, and John is a very calming presence. We watched "Return of the Jedi" on his computer. lol

Then Tara and I fought and it was glorious.
33roxy and tara invicta 4

33roxy game face invicta

33roxy jab tara 2

33tara punching roxy2
Funny, when I got into the cage, it seemed so natural…all my nervousness vanished. My mind went strangely silent. It was just me, John, and Tara in there. and in my head was the long list of techniques ready to fire off.

She kept smiling, which actually backfired against her because it relaxed me. I heard she got a lot of flac from dancing. well hey, at the end of the day, why the hell are we doing this? To enjoy our lives. So give her a break already! Just enjoy the show and don’t judge. :) and I liked her music and it relaxed me to dance, too! hah

roxy dancing at invicta
John was like, “Okay stop dancing! get serious!” lol

I couldn’t be more proud of my performance. It means a lot for me to be praised by my coach, too. That’s all I really wanted from this fight, almost as much as a win. Just.Do.The.Techniques. Prove that I can do it. And I did. Thanks for giving me a chance, Invicta, on the main card no less, despite my less than stellar losing streak.

shu roxy john after win
My manager Shu at suckerpunch entertainment management has always stood by me! ( left) Thanks for helping in my corner. and of course, Coach John. #coachoftheyearawardcandidate

33roxy hugging john invicta2
Also a big thank you to my friends who came out, and my sponsors. It was cool to see my TUF 18 buddies again! Sharkbait, Raquel, Shayna, Jessamyn, Peggy!
This picture also has Tynan, a new friend who visited Syndicate for a lesson once.
roxy jessamyn tynan shayna

friends group after invicta

it’s fight week (and tons of other stuff)

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Heya heya! It’s been over a week since I last wrote. I haven’t really been inspired to write anything lately. When I get stressed out, I tend not to write. ^_^;; *laugh* I train, go home, zonk out to watch anime, and fall asleep.

Fight prep is going splendidly. As I hope you know by now, I’m fighting in Invicta 8! In Kansas City, Mo! Watch on UFC Fight pass! Or a friend’s Fightpass. Or fly out there. I’m leaving on Wednesday.

Well, last week I tweeked two things and I was heavier than I had wanted to be, and I was freaking out. But now I feel super healthy and I dropped a few pounds, so I’m happy again.

omg x_x;;

Well, I wrote three, no, four articles for! Please read them after my entry because I worked really hard translating Kanehara’s and Tamada-san’s, and then collecting interviews from my fellow fighters!

I used to train at the AACC in Japan, with Megumi Fujii and Yasuko Tamada, who is headlining Invicta:

I had switched gyms to Groundslam, where I trained with Masanori Kanehara, who will debut in the UFC on Sept. 20th:

aaaaaand this one just came out! I interviewed Michelle Ould, Tonya Evinger, and Jodie Esquibel.

AND I interviewed Rin Nakai, but that hasn’t come out yet.

Last Saturday, assistant coach John Heath instructed me, Fanny, Jamie and Liz on wrestling stuff. It was SUPER HELPFUL. I feel like I’ve learned SO much from coach John Wood already, that little questions I got answered this day were like icing on the cake. I’m super confident now.
roxy jamie liz fanny
Thanks, John!
john heath and roxy

Heather gave me this rash guard. I love it because it says “Hakai” in Japanese, which means “destruction.” XD

oh did I mention Vinny promoted me one stripe on my purple belt? I mean, I’ve been grappling for like 15 years, but I haven’t put on the gi so much since I started MMA. :/ So I didn’t really expect to be promoted, but it’s nice that I’m one step closer to my goal (of black belt).roxy and vinny and white stripe

My bestie HEATHER CLARK came out of the TUF house! :D We’ve been hanging out a bit! and with Miesha, too! :D <3
roxy miesha heather at alehouse
I like going to the Alehouse at Town Square and watch fights there. :) This past Saturday I hung out with my friend Perry, Bootsy, Liz and John H. :D

Anime-wise, I had started GTO, ironically on the same day kids went back to school in Vegas.
Watching that show (about a retired thug trying to become a middle/high school teacher) makes me feel nostalgic and yearn to go back to an academic setting. Then I remind myself how crappy the salary is compared to the level of stress and effort I inevitably put into it. -_-; and how many hours of unpaid overtime I used to do, because I wanted needed to do a good job?

Then I stumbled upon Mushishi, “The Bugmaster.” I love it!
It’s not action – it’s like mystical creatures and folk-tales. The main character is cool. I like him. And I found the live-action movie and the MAIN ACTOR IS ODAGIRI JO! He’s kind of hot. *_* I saw him in the live-action “Basilisk.” Ironic how I hardly ever watch live-action movies and the two I decide to watch have my favorite actor. XD
mushishi odagiri jo

And I’m also getting back into Heroes season 3. Yeah, as most people said, it’s getting super weird and the writers are REALLY stretching the plot. x_x But I like it.

Don’t forget to check out my articles I mentioned above! :D

shark-bait in an ice-bath with awesome shorts and tea

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So the past couple of days have been stressful for various reasons. And my XYZ body part has been hurting, but nothing super serious, and manageable.

I had mitts with coach Gunz on Wednesday and I admit I was kind of nervous. He runs a hard practice and I really wanted to impress him. ^^;; I did okay, though! And MAN, he knew evil stuff that burn out the body and make you feel like you’re in a fight…which is what I need at this point. I felt way more confident in myself after that session.

Wednesday night after teaching the kid’s class, I went home and finished the anime Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.
fma lesson without pain is meaningless
Wow, what an AMAZING series. Seriously, it had all sorts of deep messages and powerful imagery. I first watched it when I was in college, but when I heard the manga continued, I didn’t really feel like it was finished. Brotherhood, the continuation, is ridiculously superior.

Anyway, today Miesha and Chel-C (twitter @chelcBailey) came to Syndicate to help me out with sparring for my training camp. Many thanks!! :D Along with Jamie, they shark-tanked me kickboxing and MMA-wrestling-grappling. That means I stay in the middle, but they alternate out every two minutes so a fresh guy (gal) came in. The shark-bait gets tired REALLY fast. But I was okay! :D rar! I love sparring with Chel-C. She is awesome and talented.

Here’s a pic of me and Jamie showing off our Mei-Li shorts. Dragons and kanji! I love this brand. That’s why I post about it so much. I want to get Julie, the maker, publicity. :D
roxy jamie meili shorts
(click to enlarge)

miesha and chelsie helping
Chelsie and Miesha! :D <3

miesha chelsie and roxy doubleteam
HEY, no fair double-teaming the Roxy! Well, that’s what it felt like to be shark-tanked. And Miesha showed me this nifty new move. COACH Miesha. #GoTeamTate

And thanks to my coaches for looking out for me. :D

Then I went home feeling battered (like a battered fish! shark-bait? HAHAaaaaa) and took an ice bath.

This is post-ice-bath Roxy.
roxy and ice stuff
Notice the ice-bath hair – buns tied up on the side so hair doesn’t get wet. Holding empty ice-bags. Not thrilled but stoic icy expression. and T-shirt from new sponsor

And then I was FREEZING so I drank some hot Herbal Papaya tea with healthy immune-supporting extract in it.
herbal papaya and roiboos
Another sponsor! I’m so blessed to have sponsors. This is why it’s easier for a pro fighter to live in the US than Japan. -_-

Now I am so sore and exhausted I can’t wait to be go to bed. lol

about Fullmetal Alchemist (no spoilers)

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Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood has reached the near top of one of the most remarkable anime I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen probably a hundred or so titles.

I just finished ep 61 yesterday. I think that makes four hours in one day. It’s like a climax now so I wanted to know what happened! But I stopped before the end. I think I have three more eps to go, which I’ll watch tonight.

The plot and premise are creative and unique. (The basic story is that humans can do ‘alchemy’ which is like scientific magic to reshape matter. Two brothers Edward and Alfonse committed a sin to try and bring back their mother who died, and because of that, lost parts of their bodies. So they are on a quest to get their bodies back. Then they get tangled up in the military and find a deep, dark secret lurking under the grounds of their country…)

The characters are very human and have human character flaws. We can relate to them. Not only does it have action and cool scenes, but the author makes lots of comments about humanity and war that I can honestly say are astute and the truth.
fma group pic2

She (the author Hiromu Arakawa) manages to make stuff super creepy as hell, like eyeballs opening in the ground, mouths opening sideways on the head, zombies, monsters with heads oozing out of them and each other… It really leaves a lasting impression.

I want to throw up every time I see this guy.

And then the author has characters say stuff like, “Right now, the only thing in my mind is the fact that I’ll fight to the death with you. Social status, career, origin, race, gender, name, none of that matters.”

“We have to show the young ones, the ones who will carry this world from now on, the way we adults, the ones who currently carry this world, live our lives.”

Good guy said something about not wanting to watch someone suffer.
Bad guy replied, “You know how humans love to watch other people suffer while making fools of themselves. I mean, why else would you constantly be at war with each other?”

I was like, “……what?”

Really, how absurd is war, really? When our gods in all religious (ALL RELIGIONS) tell us to love each other? wtf are we doing?

I’ve felt so many emotions in this series, starting from Professor Tucker…I thought that scene was bad! Then plot twists, people dying, not dying, people not being who they appear, characters having change of hearts……that lady stopping that guy from doing that thing. Man, he had scary eyes. and she thought the same thing. And my own thoughts surprised me. Like, when a good guy was fighting this bad guy, I found myself thinking, “That’s right, blast the sht out of that m-fcker! Blow’em to ashes!” Then “omg did I just think that?” Usually I’m all about mercy.

I HATE IT when the show takes the audience for a fool. When I’m yelling at the screen, “YOU IDIOT, it’s SO OBVIOUS to JUST DO THAT.” Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood does NOT do that. I’m sitting there watching, thinking, “Omg what on earth are they going to do? What SHOULD they do? If it was me, I would have NO IDEA what I should do!” Especially when it comes to moral choices. like, damn!

And the social messages. So many social messages! I just wish the whole world could see this anime and understand the social messages. I think anime, and us liking characters and being interested in the plot, makes us open to receive and understand the truth about these social messages and think about our own lives.

I got so many End of Eva flashbacks. I didn’t think anyone could recreate the genius of Ano, but Hiromu Arakawa did.

I just googled her and found this:

“For the Equivalent Exchange concept, she was inspired by the work of her parents who had a farm in Hokkaidō and always had to give all their effort in order to earn the money to eat.

“Arakawa wanted to integrate social problems into the story. She gathered information watching news programs and talking to people, such as refugees, war veterans and former yakuza.”

(note: they made a 25 ep series called “Fullmetal Alchemist” in 2003? that veered off from the manga, and then in 2008? “Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood” which is 64 eps and follows the manga exactly. In Japanese it’s called “Hagaren no renkinjitsushi FULL METAL ALCHEMIST.” But in English they added “brotherhood” because it would sound goofy to say “fullmetal alchemist fullmetal alchemist” twice.)
Here’s the opening with theme song for anyone interested.