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my students won at the tourney!! Jamie won UFC, Herbal Papaya’s Blood Formula

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I went from seriously bummed out at not competing at the jiujitsu tournament to crying tears of pride and joy when my two students, Jason and Jose, took first place in their very first Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competition!!!!
From day one, they’ve always worked so hard. They listen to my instructions, tried the techniques, aggressively rolled with the other kids (sometimes a little too hard haha), and even took private lessons with me once a week or so. They come almost every day. As a result, they have advanced really fast.
Recently, I finally felt comfortable that they had a good technique base, and felt confident they would go out there and fight well, so we signed them up for the BJJ Tour competition.

It’s just my luck that they had the two going at the same time on mats on the opposite ends of the gym, but out of their 4, I only missed like 30 seconds of one of Jose’s. Thanks to Serena for being there with me and helping coach him. I almost said corner him. haha
Look, Jason looks so small and so cute and SO VICTORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They both used the Osoto-gari throws I taught them BEAUTIFULLY. SO beautiful. Eeee! And they went for good positions like side control, trying to pass the guard and half guard. Then when they got mount, they focused on holding it for 3 seconds like I taught them to get the points, and then went for stuff.

Jose went for the arm-bar and got it in his second match. Jason went for a choke and I’m surprised the girl didn’t tap because Jason is a little powerful tank and can squeeze enough to actually make me tap (if I didn’t pull his arms away). They have a good sense of movement. Like when Jason got mount on one of his opponents and she rolled over, he didn’t let his leg get caught and get rolled, too, he kind of hovered and stayed on top as she rolled. I think we practiced that only once or twice, but many of my other students still make mistakes with that. So when she was on her stomach, he went for the Rear Naked Choke.

When she rolled back to her back, he …..I forget…I think he tried pushing his arm into the neck, which I told him not to do because it’s not effective lol, I told him to go for the armbar. But he eventually won on points.

When Jose submitted his opponent, I burst into tears.
I was so proud of him I couldn’t hold in my joy. I blubbered all over their mother and father, hahahaha. We drill that move so much, which is why he got good at it. We also drill chokes. I love chokes so I want all my kids to get good at chokes. I told the kids that, instead of surprise-attacking my neck whenever I bend over (which is annoying and dangerous), I promised that I will ALWAYS let them choke me whenever they want as long as they ask permission first. So every day I hear tons of, “Excuse me, teacher, can I choke you? :D” It’s hilarious. And I don’t mind being choked. Too much…I mean, I’m happy they are happy. Choking is great because it’s a way to make your opponent give up without injuring them by accident, like arm-barring too hard. It’s the gentle way! 😀 Woot woot! Wait does that sound weird? Am weird? No, don’t answer that….

I went from being an assistant teacher to taking over being the main little kids instructor at Syndicate about a year ago. These kids are my first ones who I taught from day one who I took to a tournament. The only time I’ve ever felt more happy was when won my own fights. I’ll never forget this day for the rest of my life! I hope I have many more! I hope WE have many more. 🙂 Martial Arts can play a huge role in someone’s life.

So yeah, I’m so glad I didn’t compete that day because I was so anxious for my students and doing a good job of pretending not to be in front of their parents. 😀
The Reen and the family

My friends and sponsors Eric and Beth from Remove it Restoration came to compete in the tournament, too, and Eric won his division! Congrats! It was so great to see you and watch YOU compete for a change!!
You know you wanna c l i c k y ^^^^^. Repairs glass etching and graffiti among other things in the California area….

Also, my teammates Jamie Moyle and Natan Levy won their fights! Jamie had her UFC debut! I’m so proud of her. It was a tough, bloody fight, but she was a warrior and dominated for the decision win. When she picked up Kailin and slammed her, I was like, “HAH! She did that to me during our last sparring session and Tom said, ‘Nice Judo fall, Roxy.”
She had me pressed into the cage and I was thinking, “okay I’m going to practice my wall escape now HOLY SH*T I AM IN THE AIR NOW Weeeeeeeeeee *BOOM*”

Good job, my friend.

Speaking of BLOOD, I got my latest Herbal Papaya products in! No, Herbal Papaya Blood capsules don’t have real blood, but they have a blend of herbs that are good for the blood. Check this out: they help maintain healthy blood platelet count and function, help clean the blood stream, and aid in regulating cell function, and strengthen the walls of veins and arteries.

I cannot pronounce all these:
Proprietary blend of Papaya Leaf Extract 10:1, Wildcrafted Red Clover Blossoms, Chaparral Leaf, Licorice root, Poke root, Oregon Grape Root, Stillingia Root, Cascara Sagrada Bark, Sarsaparilla Root, Prickly Ash Bark, Organic
Buckthorn bark, Burdock root, Peach Leaf.


I personally do not have a platelet problem but I know some people do. I’ve read Herbal Papaya reviews of people who attest to it working, so cool. Healthy blood is a good thing, right?

Plus they’re my sponsor and I wouldn’t want to be sponsored by something that doesn’t work. 🙂 Healthy things made good Christmas /holiday gifts….just saying.

Okay that’s all for now. I’m excited for next week of training! I’m always excited for training except for last week when I was experiencing seriously ice cream and nacho withdrawl, but we took care of that, didn’t we?

And I’m gonna boast to EVERYONE about how awesome my kid students are!! multiple times. Hey did I mention they’re awesome?

rough week, the fire to train, what might come after MMA…?

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As a personal rule, I try to never talk about “What I’ll do after I retire from fighting.” I feel like if I start thinking about afterwards, I lose focus on the “now.” I have so much more in me that I can do. I’m still improving, my body is holding together, I’m getting stronger and more skilled, I found the best coaches in the world for me (and I can say that cuz I traveled the world)….

When people ask me, I give some vague response and kind of change the topic. Really, now, a life of a fighter can change suddenly and drastically with every fight. You win a fight, you get noticed by the right people, bam, you’re in the big show. Or you get a bonus and suddenly have a lot of money. Or you get noticed by a producer and get a movie deal. Or get a title shot. Etc. so really, who can make plans?

I just had to change my Christmas plans…I booked a two week vacation to see both my parents and extended family, reserved a rental car, etc. But I then heard about Invicta being January 13th, and if I get on the card, WHICH I REALLY WANT, I can’t take two weeks off. But I don’t have an official offer yet…but I have to plan just in case. so I spent money to rebook the tickets for a shorter visit, and had a fight with my mom about visiting and I won’t get to see her this time, etc etc. I want to fight ASAP! But I can’t use this against Invicta if they don’t let me because that’s just the life of a fighter. We don’t get to choose when we fight, but we have to be ready if the offer comes. I made the choice to be a fighter and live this life, so it’s “shouganai,” or “it can’t be helped,” in Japanese.

So that was stressful last week. Come to think of it, maybe having the conflict with my mom really brought me down. Then not knowing if I was doing the jiujitsu tournament but I still had to diet. And my nose got cracked so I couldn’t do kickboxing for like three and a half weeks. And Coach John wasn’t here all of last week. I pretty much did Captain’s classes, which were amazing and he’s so inspiring, lifted weights, and went home….. until I pulled my bicep muscles trying to go up the ropes too many times because Captain said to do ten times, and if he said so, I WANTED TO DO IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT.

And every time I look at my purple belt, I get upset.
I want to improve so badly and improve my level so badly before my freaking belt falls apart, but the middle is shredding and every day I’m trimming pieces of thread off it….am I going to have to get a new one? I would die of embarrassment…. I’d almost not wear a belt at all. Should I take a needle and thread and try and stop it from shredding? GRRRRRRRRR I CAN’T STAND IT!!!! I want to get better!! I know I’m getting better. Rick told me. Captain told me. But I need to go to tournaments and beat up all the purple belts in my division to prove it. I’ve been using lots of moves Captain had been teaching me. I’ve been going to his class literally every day. I would go to the evening gi classes, too, but I’m like…


Freaking 34 years old, I just don’t recover fast enough if I do class in the evening, and I’m still in pain from morning practice. I can go hard in the morning and light in the evening and recover enough for another hard morning. I think I’m doing pretty well fitting in cardio, class, weights, and then I gotta teach kids and sometimes I get a few rolls in with the other instructors or big kids. I want to train ALL THE TIME EVERY DAY.
haha when I first quit my job 3 years ago to focus on MMA 100%, I wondered and worried, “If I’m not being forced by a boss and job, will I actually be able to make myself go to the gym every day if ‘i don’t have to?” The answer is, yes, I can barely make myself rest when I’m sick or I need a day off. Days off are for when the gym is physically closed or I’m sick or injured.

Every day I’m not doing some training is time lost that I could be improving and surpassing my former self. Tom and John said that today in a little post-training speech, but I’ve always always felt that way.

For like the past 4 days until yesterday I didn’t feel like going to the gym and it weirded me the hell out. I ALWAYS want to train, even when I’m depressed or bummed or sick or hormonal or whatever. I was like, “Am I sick? Am I dying? Am I finally insane? WTF is wrong with me!” But I autopiloted to jiu-jitsu because jiujitsu is life. And I KNOW I learn at least one, usually 5, useful things every time I go to class. No lie. But yesterday I almost cried on the mat literally 10 times. I almost told Captain to stop watching me spar because I felt so crappy and was having a super bad performance in the sparring match and I didn’t want him to see. 🙁 Captain put his arm around me and told me to take it easy and don’t worry and just keep training. <3 I just kept repeating to myself, "I am a Jedi. I am a Jedi. No emotion." And it really really helped. A lot. Just don't feel. Feelings get in the way during training. There is no need for emotions in most circumstances. At least for me. If they are there, they must be controlled and siphoned carefully. I knew that nobody was in my division because it wasn't listed on the website. My students are competing and I'm SO EXCITED and happy for them! I can't wait to coach them. But yeah....I didn't get a confirmation that nobody registered last minute but I decided about the BJJ tournament... cartman-screw-you-guys
And nachos-and-weeping


serena-and-nachos-2broke my diet by dragging Serena to Fuzzy’s near the gym, forcibly stuffing nachos down her throat with me…. 😀

But before that, though, jet-lagged John walked into the gym and I basically glomped him. :
v, to glomp
it is the action of one person lovingly (and dramatically) attacking another with a hug. not sexual.
A glomp is often preadatory and lies somewhere in the grey area between a caring embrace, and a flying leap to tackle someone.

See, ya learn something new every day.

I woke up the day after (today) feeling more like myself, charged, and ready to train! I had a great jiujitsu class and kickboxing sparring!

It was a really rough week but I came out of it with a load of jiujitsu technique that I’ve learned, and a few other accomplishments. Man, I’ve been using my butterfly hooks and pieces of Xguard and sweeps like crazy!

I couldn’t decide what to write here on my blog for the longest time, and I actually got off track. I started talking about it. What I want to do after I stop fighting. I never think about it on purpose, but you know how on facebook there are adds specific to you because of cookies? One said, “Become a teacher certified to teach in Nevada! click here!” and I clicked…..

and I realized that other than jiujitsu and MMA, the thing that makes my heart sing the most is teaching kids. Now I’m not so fond of HUGE classes with little 4 year olds running around not listening to me when I’m trying to teach BJJ, but I believe children are our innocent angels not corrupted by society (yet) and we need to raise the next generation to run the world well! I go out of my mind when I feel there’s a bad influence on a kid and I’m insanely grateful and thrilled I get to run the little kids program now. Seriously, I feel like teaching kids to be good people, and inspiring them to do GOOD things and grow is the best thing a person can do other than like a doctor saving lives.

WHY DO I KEEP PICKING JOBS THAT WILL NOT MAKE ME RICH?! But I don’t want to be rich just to have money…. I want to buy plane tickets to visit my family on the east coast, and visit Japan. That’s really all I want….lots of plane tickets. I especially miss my dad because we can’t talk so much since he’s so busy and not really a phone-talker. But now I’m really missing my mom because we don’t talk as much as we used to. I’m so fortunate we got to spend so much time together living together in Nevada for a few years! Thanks, Mom…. you’ve always given me the world. I don’t need a big house or expensive car and Walmart has perfectly good clothes. Goodwill is like recycling and saving the planet, so yay. I just want money for plane tickets. lol And restaurants….

So yeah. I’ll probably join the horrible Nevada public school system after I fight and make crap money and be one of the happiest, most full-fullfilled people ever. LOL Hopefully I make it bigger by the time I’m done! And I don’t see an end in site yet…. so people can STOP ASKING ME. THERE. YOU HAVE YOUR ANSWER.

But if anyone has other ideas that will earn me more money, I am all ears. But not now. I am still training my butt off as hard as I can. I have no time to waste! And I really really hope I fight soon! No time to waste!!

politics, training, raffle, ReBoot

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So I’ve avoided posting anything about politics during this election time because people feel so strongly. I also feel strongly. But some of my FRIENDS have posted on Facebook that they’ll unfriend people who vote for a certain candidate they hate. Really? You’re going to let our personal relationship be torn apart by your opinion of a political candidate?
I will say right now that I dislike both Hilary and Trump as candidates. I think I would have been unhappy if either of them had won. I will say that I’m glad America is not a dictatorship. For laws and policies to pass, there has to be some kind of consensus. Checks and balances are in place. Now that Trump is elected, I’m feeling positive about there possibly being economic improvement for our country. I’m feeling worried about various social issues that may arise. I am worried about how untactful and politically incorrectly he speaks, and am glad when he backsteps from certain impossibly things like building a wall. I use Obamacare because I don’t make much money. I pay $60 a month for Health insurance now so I’m not looking forward to him repealing that and I may have to pay $250/ month for insurance, and that’s the best deal. That’s my entire bi weekly paycheck for my part-time job.

Anyway, enough about that. I’m still happily pursuing my dreams of fighting and hope to make more mulah in the future. Near future, preferably. Because money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy nachos and tostadas, and that equals happiness. And it buys me plane tickets to visit my family because I miss themmmmmmmmmmm. ;_;


I love America and even though Americans are not perfect and our government is not perfect, we’ll survive.
My mom voted the opposite I did, and I couldn’t believe it! We had been hating on the same person for months when we lived together and then all of a sudden she flip-flopped? So election day I called her and I asked her reasons. She told me and they were logical. I respected the fact that she put more importance on certain things than others. I didn’t try to change her mind and she didn’t try and change my mind. There were no arguments. Only calm, fact-providing questions and answers. It was a great conversation.

/end political entry

Training has been great and I’ve accomplished a lot, except I keep getting injured. Most recently my nose got smashed in a hard sparring session and it’s swollen and hurting, so I can’t really kickbox or take strikes to the face at all for a while now. I’m trying really hard not to be mad about it. My ring finger got bent backwards from blocking a kick and now I can’t bend it all the way because it’s swelling. I’m able to do jiujitsu somewhat by buddy-taping it.

I’ve told myself “I am calm like a Jedi” at least 50 times this week so far. Capitao reminds me, too. lol It’s so cool and rare when someone “gets” how I think.
I did an X-guard sweep to get up from bottom the other day, and a butterfly sweep in MMA without even trying. Obviously, I’m not gonna be one of those jiujitsu fighters who purposely tries to be on the bottom. Those days are over. I’m gonna use my jiujitsu to get up or submit. It’s so cool having a jiujitsu instructor who’s an MMA fighter, and John’s jiujitsu is also excellent and he gets how MMA works. Man, Syndicate MMA really does have the best MMA training in the world.

I find myself able to do the striking techniques I’ve learned lately, and my gi jiujitsu is getting better. I’ve been true to my vow of lifting, doing jiu-jitsu, and MMA classes. I’m writing down my lifting results every session and finding that some of my numbers are going up. *shrug* Who knows how much they’ll translate into my MMA game, but this is where I have faith in my coach.

Some fans sent me a gift card for gas. Thank you so much! It’s so helpful! See you again when you come to Vegas, J & J!
No more socks, guys. I have 203 pairs!

I’ve been obsessed with ReBoot and realized that I never saw seasons 3 or 4 because they weren’t aired on my TV station I had! So I watched it online and WOW, that series went from rated G to PG-13 REAL fast. Chopping people’s heads off, torturing them, dropping buildings on people? I did dig all the cultural references and spoofs of various other TV shows and movies and quotes they added.

I found that a Mexican restaurant that opened near Syndicate called “Fuzzy’s” is AMAZING and has great tacos and nachos. Jessy introduced me to it. I’ve gone for nachos twice with Serena. I really like being housemates with Serena. We have our own space but at the same time, can hang out, and I don’t have to drive 15 minutes to go pick her up if we need to go somewhere together.
Sunday we had nachos (for recovery purposes after hard training) and then saw Dr. Strange at the Orleans. Fun!

I’ve been enjoying teaching my jiu-jitsu classes a lot. I’m a permanent teacher for the big kids class now. And my little kids class just got like four new students in the past three days!

My teammate and friend Jessy Jess fights in Invicta this week! (her name on the card is “Jessica-Rose Clark.” ) Please root for her!! She’s the one with the purple hair.
She’s gonna totally kick butt.

I’m doing this BJJ tournament Dec 3rd!!

Lastly, I’m doing a raffle of these nice Dragon Do gloves to help with my training costs!
I love having Dragon Do as my sponsor!

mega busy week! Halloween and training!

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I’ve been trying out new strength and conditioning as I had mentioned, and well, I can’t tell if my power level has gone up, but I have increased my pull ups and chin up count. 🙂 My shoulders are hurting less. That’s pretty cool. I’m told that’s because I’m strengthening the muscles around my rotater cuffs, which give me problems.

I’ve been managing double classes, BJJ and MMA, but kind of peetering out at the end of the MMA sessions. One of my teammates asked me if I was tired. Well, yes but if I’m tired, I will still train and push it. I felt like I was going to pass the hell out because I was dizzy and lightheaded. It’s embarrassing to have to stop before training is over and I won’t do it unless I can’t stand anymore and have nothing left.

So yeah, last weekend I moved apartments from my two-bedroom I shared with Hannah, to a three-bedroom I’m going to share with Serena and Jessy Jess. So far so good. But my mom gave me back all my childhood stuff she had been keeping for me, so aside from a few boxes I have at my dad’s, I have everything I own here so I have boxes of stuff. I’m pretty good about NOT keeping stuff unless it’s useful or has extreme sentimental value… I’ve gotten rid of a bunch of T-shirts I like but never wear because the fit isn’t quite perfect. 🙁

I think I’ll even have to ask fans to stop sending me socks and other collectables….the gesture warms my heart but I’m really trying to collect less stuff because it’s really hard for me to move it. I think I’m going to do another “guess how many socks I own” contest. 😀

Anyway, BIG THANKS to Serena who took a day off from training with me and helped me move all my stuff! She went with me to return the Penske van (which wasn’t the size I wanted!!! they messed up my reservation just like Uhaul! curses!)

Thanks to Kyle and Cory for moving my heavy sofa and shelf. I couldn’t have done it without you guys! THANK YOU! Here’s us sitting on my sofa in the back of the Penske moving van which wasn’t the size I wanted.

Oh top of that, I trained all morning on Saturday (BJJ and kickboxing) which was awesome but exhausting.

Costume sparring!
Goku vs Unicorn Ballerina (Jessica)


Goku vs Scorpion from Mortal Kombat! (Serena)

I prepared for the Halloween party and had a taco party at my apartment, which was pretty cool. I prepared for 25 people but not that many came, which I guess is the way a party goes. Honestly, this was my first time hosting a big party and I think it was a success!
I learned a lot! I’m glad I got balloons….kind of thinking “I’ll throw these into the mix because you never know what random object will become a fun prop.” It was great. We ALL played and batted the balloons….we, as in the adults, more than the kids. The kids just hacked at and destroyed my floating birthday balloons with fake swords. o_O lol

We also played Twister.
I kind of forced everyone to play but I most ended up enjoying it. I HAD SO MUCH FUN. I haven’t played in ages!!

I actually was going to dress up, but I didn’t want to wear a skimpy one…. and I couldn’t find half of my Rey costume (from Star Wars) and I could see my underwear through my red Power Rangers one, so I said, ah, screw it.

A bunch of people left, including the kids, and then a few more people came over and we had ROUND 2 of my party! More twister, Japanese pose game, balloon vollyball …lol
Some of my teammates tried to get me to go to a nightclub with them after this, but I was like, dude, the second you guys leave, I’m throwing the taco stuff in the fridge and flying through the air into my bed like there’s bed-magnet stuck to my butt…. SO exhausted. lol

Then Sunday I woke up and from 7 AM I was cleaning and then moving odds and ends that didn’t fit in big boxes into the new place (thank goodness the Office let us have a few days to move) with ‘break’ for Yoga, during which I just wanted to pass out.

Then Monday, which is usually my favorite training day because I’m feeling the most rested and healthy. I had a good mitt session with John, and then did most of the MMA class, but was just so exhausted I literally had to lay down or fall down. 🙁 Still taught my two kids classes in the evening.

Tuesday I did BJJ as hard as I could. The Reen (Serena) joined me and we had great training, and another purple belt was there, and Jordan in a gi, so I got really challenging rolls. Then wanted to die…….so I skipped pro kickboxing and lifted heavy weights. I had felt bad for not doing it on Monday. Lifted heavy upperbody and then did squats and burpies and box jump sets.

I got to lay down for a full two hours in the middle of the day yesterday! And I think a nap happened somewhere in there, so YAY REST!

oh yeah, on Tuesday I had costume day for my kids class!

And finally, here’s a pic of my old room, empty and lonely except for a yummy, steaming hot mug of Herbal Papaya tea.

Have you tried it? Or heard of it? The Herbal Papaya website has lots of products, which have enzymes good for direction, and it also aids the immune system. I never get sick when I’m taking their stuff. I’m also taking the capsules. Haha actually a year ago I had run out and figured, meh, whatever. But then got sick, so I quickly contacted them and got them to send me more. I’m not even exaggerating…..

Changing up my training! Let’s do this! busy week!

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For some reason, when I plug my iphone 5 into my computer, the computer won’t show it as being plugged in and I can’t transfer my photos. This has been happening ever since the latest phone update (which I never want to do anywany but it forces me.) Does anyone know why? Can someone help me?

This week has been a really hard week training, but hard in a good way.

This is my first week back to MMA because my nose isn’t swollen anymore. This week, I’ve been consistently doing double classes – first BJJ 10:00 AM to 11:30, then and then MMA 11:30-1:15-ish. So actually, I really only have the physical strength and energy to do one hard class well, especially with all the various nagging injuries I have, so in the past, so I deprioritized jiu-jitsu and only did MMA. After all, I won’t be fighting in the gi, right?

I realize now that jiu-jitsu gave me a kind of physical strength due to all the pulling, pushing, holding tense positions, etc. I had decided to focus on BJJ after I was done my MMA career, but after my last fight, I changed my mind and decided to work on it NOW. NOW NOW NOW. That tournament I fought in last weekend and lost both matches upset me so much. So much. SO MUCH. To be fair, it was my first gi competition in 11 years and it feels So different than MMA. I’m glad that I’m friends with the person who beat me. But I’d still love a rematch.

I’m so frustrated about everything – losing my MMA fight, not feeling like I have enough physical strength, losing a BJJ competition even though I’m supposed to be the “BJJ girl.” Actually, I wasn’t as torn up about the MMA fight as I was the BJJ competition!

One of my friends said, “I’m sad to see you so upset” and another one said, “This might seem f*cked up but I’m glad to see you are upset because it shows how seriously you take it.”

Well, yes, indeed. I know I’m not going downhill- I’m improving all the time. I keep having successes in training. But I just happened to lose lately. I’ve decided to change up my training a bit, and I’m at the perfect place to do it: Syndicate MMA. I have everything I need here. Not only Coach John, who can teach me striking, wrestling, grappling, MMA, etc, but Capitao who is probably my second most favorite coach in the world when it comes to explaining things in a way I can understand. And Casey. I also have teammates who are very knowledgeable about strength and conditioning.

I’ve been doing weight lifting every other day for the past three weeks. I’ve also started taking little 30 minute jiujitsu private lessons with Casey for jiu-jitsu. I really understand well when he explains things. I need slow paced, step-by-step, every excruciating detail. I’m a tough student. My teachers probably just wanna choke me sometimes….

I’ve decided that I’m going to do extra strength training, and BJJ training, plus MMA training, and if my body breaks down at the end of MMA class, I’ll just have to stop, which is mentally tortuous because everyone else is still going and I feel like a wuss. Like the other day, my back was hurting so much I couldn’t walk and John told me to spar with Jessica and I said “no” and felt like a pile of @#*$&#*($. But so be it, because it seems like this is what it takes. The last few classes I couldn’t do the last sparring round because my body felt broken. I just have to steel myself for it.

This seems like the normal training routine for a pro fighter, but I don’t recover as fast as I did when I was 20.

The other day, my masseuse Teri asked me if I was lifting weights because I had more definition in my arms. I was like….

I’m so happy Captain is the jiujitsu teacher. I can really get behind him and trust him. He came up the same way I did….Judo, BJJ, MMA. So his attitude is very Japanese. We bow into class Japanese style, he uses the technique names in Japanese, and teaches us Judo throws. I’ve always wanted to review my Judo, and he makes an effort to go out of his way to teach me. He spent his free time on Saturday to come corner me, Brandon, and Enzo, at the BJJ tournament. Yesterday when I was getting frustrated, he put his hand on my head and said, “No emotions!” Just like the Jedi code I believe in. lol
master-yoda He said, “We don’t need emotion. Like samurai! Win or lose. I don’t run and jump on cage like RAAAAAAHHHH! Be like Samurai!” That’s exactly what my Japanese friend told me. I love it.

I’ve been teaching a lot lately, not only my little kids BJJ class, but helping Rick with the big kids class. I really love coaching the big kids class. I don’t have to worry as much about discipline and can just teach them the moves.

I promoted my first student! Congrats, Preston! I’m so so SO proud of you!!!
I’m really really strict with my promotions, too. I don’t promote on time, but ability…

Even though I got hurt (emotionally) these past weeks, my mind knows what to do, and I know who to trust, so I just smile, make a plan and proceed! That’s what I’ve always done. I still wake up everyday excited for training. And tostadas.

Finally, anime. I’ve been looking forward to this new anime called “Drifters” which is done by Kouta Hirano, the same guy who did Hellsing.
The art is really cool, and it’s creepy how the characters smile demonically as they’re fighting, as if they enjoy bloodbaths. It’s actually like a twisted, guilty pleasure to watch…. the voice actor for the main character is Yuichi Nakamura and I’m a HUGE fan of his. *_*
And….after I watched the only two eps out twice in a row (is that weird?) I got the urge to watch Hellsing again, even though the level of blood and guts exceeds the Roxy Tolerance level.
My psyche hurts watching, but I can’t look away….and I have a crush on Alucardo’s voice, Jouji Nakata’s… *_*