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Children reflect human nature

Posted in cultural on November 27th, 2012 by roxyfighter

If someone gets in your face, like touching your body, what is your first reaction?

Push them away. What will you do? Maybe step back, maybe say “excuse me!” maybe punch them, maybe swallow and do nothing, right? It depends.

If a 4 year old is in another 4 year old’s way, I am 100% convinced they will give them a shove. They kept shoving each other today, and one kid got hurt. -_-; We are trained not to be so violent, as adults.

Today, my day-care kids made me think a lot. It was a rough two lessons. In the first, TWO kids just would NOT stop crying. One boy was crying and screaming and hitting himself on the head?! I was like, “Holy sh*t, is he okay?! Is he disturbed?!” He’s always had problems in the past, where he’d go sit in a corner and cry if the teacher tried to drag him out. A Facebook friend suggested he has autism…. yeah. I think so.

And if someone pisses you off, you want to smack them, right? Kids have no inhibitions. Until they’re trained that you can’t go around smacking people. It’s our job my job to teach them this.

And how can I get mad if *I* get smacked? Or groped? I mean, they don’t have common sense yet because we haven’t instilled it in them yet.

Observing their behavior really made me think today.

Children reflect pure human nature before they are molded by the society they live in.

You want something? Make noise and try to get it. You’re mad, you lash out. It’s not like these things go away as adults. We are trained in certain ways to deal with our own nature.

We also must learn to deal with how other people deal with things. It’s all very fascinating. I think one way of being considerate to our fellow man is to realize how our own behavior effects others. If I gave one kid a turn, everyone else wants a turn, and they cry if they can’t have it. Of course adults feel this way, too! But they may justify it to try and make themselves believe it doesn’t bother them. “I didn’t want it anyway.” or “That person is a jerk, whatever.”

That is higher level thinking that children are physically incapable of until a certain age.

Seriously, we learn so much about our nature by watching children. Don’t you think?

Prejudice and One Piece

Posted in cultural, every day on November 26th, 2012 by roxyfighter

I’m watching the anime series “One Piece” now, and I’m at the part where Jimbei (I love him) is telling the Strawhat Pirates about Fisher Tiger’s heroic acts about freeing the slaves.

(omg I love his T-shirt LOL)

In the flashbacks, Fisher Tiger said a lot of very interesting stuff, that I made me think. The whole Fishman Island arch is the author’s statement on prejudice, I think. Basically, the fish people are living in a secluded island under the ocean, and whenever they go to the surface, they are feared by the humans, attacked, captured, etc. So therefore, they hate humans and are afraid OF humans and attack humans for revenge. It’s one nasty cycle. The Fish-man queen is trying to get people to accept humans and live together with them, but the fish people won’t.

Through observing a little human girl, Jimbei (a whale-shark man) said, “shiranai kara kowai?!” (You are scared of what you don’t know?) He realized it. Then, when she got to know the scary-looking fish people, she understood them and loved them.

Then later on, Fisher Tiger was got emotional and said, “It’s too late for us, who already have this demon in our hearts. We can’t change because we can’t forget what happened to us in our lives. It’s up to the younger generation, who are not prejudiced yet, to make the peace!

Then it showed a picture of that little girl’s smiling face.

I thought that was brilliant, and true. And beautiful.

Think about some of the things in your life that your parents might be prejudiced against but you aren’t. I know some older people who are prejudiced….but I would never think that same way. I remember being flooded at school “everyone is equal!” etc. We have to NOT teach our children prejudice. Don’t give it to them to carry down.

Dream Fulfillment, Thanksgiving Day Parties

Posted in cultural, friends, fun, training on November 24th, 2012 by roxyfighter

On Wednesday, the Japanese manager of my office wanted to discuss planning the Christmas party with me, since I’m the most enthusiastic and have been pushing the process.

He doesn’t speak English so much, so our entire conversation was in Japanese. So after my lessons at 9:15 PM, I spent a about 30 minutes meeting with him. That means I worked overtime without getting paid. And at the same time, I fulfilled one of my long-term goals and dreams: using Japanese professionally at my work-place!

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Unfortunately, I dunno if it counts as ‘work’ since I didn’t get paid for it. -_-; And it’s not a regular occasion. I’m not ALLOWED to speak Japanese to students…. I majored in Japanese in college so I could USE it professionally!

But oh well, forget all the details. I’d like to think I used it at work and was happy doing it. At the end of the day, as long as you’re happy…., right? 😀

So on Thursday, I went to Rodney’s Thanksgiving Day party! It was so nice! I ate turkey and other excellent gourmet food Rodney and others prepared. :] I’m so lucky. lol I enjoyed meeting the same people as the year before, and the year before that. It’s starting to feel like my extended family. It reminds me of how I used to only meet my Aunts and Uncles and cousins on my dad’s side once a year, at Christmas and New Years. :} And Kunioku-san was there. I talked to him for hours. I hope he didn’t get tired of me. lol I hadn’t seen him for an entire year. :[ He’s one of those people for me who I can not see after a while, and it feels like only yesterday.

On Friday, I hosted my own party with a few Japanese lady friends. I cooked….FISH and prepared stuff like that. I had gotten sweetened sanma and ikura (salmon roe) as a prize for winning that grappling match, so I served it and everyone liked it. 🙂 We had fun, and played this sushi card game, like memory.

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)
This pic is funny because I’m pretending to spoon ikura (salmon roe) into my mouth, and it’s expensive and you’re not supposed to eat it like that. lol And Etsuko is chugging un-opened orange juice. lol I love them.

After that, I went and cheered on my teammates who fought in ZST! Tanuma-san defended his belt, Nadkadai-san lost, unfortunately, Tetsu-san had a draw. Ota-san lost, and I was sad because they stopped it so soon! He was getting back up! ;_;

Well, it was a good time. I went to bed so late, hah, and got up early for work the next day. My work day was pretty good. And I went to BJ-san’s class after work. It wasn’t intensive, but it was wearing on my body, and excellent practice technique wise for just what I needed to work on! BJ-san is such an excellent instructor. And he looked up my opponent for me without me having to ask him, and gave me advice! <3 I felt all warm and fuzzy that he made the effort. <3

my lost fantasy novel- rediscovered

Posted in Uncategorized on November 20th, 2012 by roxyfighter

I was looking through a box for my old Japanese text book, when I stumbled upon an old, beaten-up notebook. I opened it and read this passage, in my hasty messy handwriting:

“May Fortune kiss your cheek,” Katheela said. “Please enter and take rest.” She then slowly inclined her head. “He’s dead,” she added calmly. A smile flickered across her lips, as if she was trying to show she had long ago come to terms with her husband’s departure from this world, but she could not keep the wistfulness from creeping into her steady voice.
“I’m sorry to hear that,” Cathara said.
“Thank you, dear. Fortune kisses us each in life and embraces us in death.”
“Mmmmm.” Janeth made a noice, and Cathara guessed it was more from contemplation than understanding.
“We are searching for creatures called ‘snow fairies,'” Janeth blurted out suddenly.
Oakenfield shook his head.
“If you seek fairies who live in the snow, then shouldn’t some place colder you go?” Katheela’s eyes twinkled and her smile returned, genuine this time.
“We are headed north, good mother,” Exaria suddenly spoke up. “Will you honor our footsteps with the wisdom of future passing?”

At first, for the life of me, I had no idea what this was. I flipped through pages, saw the name “Rajala” and then remembered! “Fire and Red.” I spent years and years writing it, from when I was in middle school! You know, I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I think I just stumbled across a notebook full of chapters.

I hope my autobiography gets published. Someone is considering me now. After that, I think I’ll return to this novel and make it my next writing project. I really love that story…

Neon Genesis Evangelion Rebuild: 3.0 (no spoilers)

Posted in Uncategorized on November 19th, 2012 by roxyfighter

I saw it in the theaters today! I was SO psyched. I’d been waiting two years for it’s release! The first two movies KICKED SO MUCH ASS.

Well….first of all, my expectation was that the first three movies would be a rehashed, condensed of the first 26 episodes, and then the last movie would be all new. Um, no, the third one was pretty much 80% new material. Therefore, I was SO confused and I had NO idea what was going on. The only reason I could follow the other ones is because I knew the story. I had so much trouble understanding the specific technical lingo Japanese. 🙁

It didn’t help that the movie was made to be purposefully confusing, because we were looking at it from Shinji’s perspective, and HE was confused. So I was like “who is fighting who why where when how?” So finally near the middle/end Shinji started getting it, and I started getting it a little better.

So…it was really dark. @_@ It was a good movie…they added computer graphics, and the music and voice action was fantastic. It’s just…the plot. @_@ I felt bad for everyone. LOL And if Misato had just EXPLAINED certain things, certain things probably would NOT have happened. Don’t you just hate that? I wanted to strangle herrrrrrrrrrrr. omfg

I did like how Kaoru had a much larger role, but I kind of didn’t understand what happened finally….aarrrrrg I can’t wait for the subtitles. ;_; Hahaha stuff was happening and I was like, “OMFG It’s happening….how could this be happening! And what exactly IS that?” and then Gendo and the whole Nerv team are speaking in kanji.

I was like…depressed all day. lol Well, that’s like how I was after watching The End of Evangelion (*previous movie) in 2001. Mom was like, “Okay let’s go to Judo practice now,” but all alone the ride, I kept seeing Ayanami’s head in the clouds. @___@;; like, I’m not joking, I was hallucinating stuff. In the trees and along the horizon. I kept seeing weird stuff, I swear I’m not joking. That movie disturbed my psyche.

Anyway, it was a good movie, but disturbing. The theater was relatively full, unusual for 9 AM on a Monday morning. I saw kids…why weren’t they in school? lol But after the movie was done, everyone was SILENT and shuffled out SILENTLY. Some people were just sitting there staring at the blank screen (I’m not joking). ONLY kids were whispering among themselves.

I’m so pissed off at Anno, the director, right now. lol I think he hates us fans…. I mean, he did a good job…hah I just wrote ‘god’ job as a typo. Not so far from the truth…