I kinda hurt myself. Luckily, it’s minor. But it will take minimum two weeks to heal enough to practice. Aw man, I was training SO hard and improving in leaps and bounds! Well, I always train as hard as I can, camp or no camp. It’s kind of ironic because last time I DID have a camp, I started getting sick and tired of going to the gym. I still have no fight set, and ideally, this would be a nice time to take a break. I kind of needed a break.

Except, I don’t work like that. I can’t take ‘breaks.’ The first two days, I was in so much pain, I could lay around guilt-free. But then comes the guilt (I should be training), trying to find other stuff to do (stairs, cardio, etc), anger (at my body for keeping me from doing team training), ADD (from not being productive enough), cranky (not training).

Thank goodness it’s nothing long term. It’s minor.

And I’ve had to cancel my new private MMA lesson student. 🙁

So for the past seven days, I’ve been waking up, going to Syndicate, telling my teammates no, I’m not okay, no, I can’t train, no, I don’t have a fight, etc. Doing 30 minutes on the exercise elliptical machine at Syndicate, jump rope a few rounds, and then go to yoga. Sometimes, run stairs at the Orleans. And then for the rest of the day, I’ve been doing various things.

I don’t really even LIKE yoga, but my body feels so awesome afterwards. My lower back hasn’t felt this good in years! 😀 And how about PAYAPA-Yoga!
yoga papaya

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There’s only so much you can force yourself to do before you snap. For me, that was Wednesday. NOOOOOOOOOO moooooooooar Yooooooooooooga!!! x_x; Instead of that, I tried to find a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) Machine, but both The Orleans and Circus Circus were closed. I’d gone too early. But I like to start training early, so it helps me digest my breakfast. If I eat lunch without having exercised, I have indigestion for the rest of the day.

Did I mention I hate my body?

Hate is such a negative word. So yeah, so now I gotta think of a positive thing about being thwarted out of DDR two times. 1) While at Circus Circus, I bought a travel tumbler at a gift shop that’s pretty and says “Las Vegas” on it, that I can use to get tea on the way home from training. I’ve been looking for one. 2) And I got a Las Vegas mug for 99 cents. 😀 I’ve been bored of my current mugs. 3) I DDR-ed later that afternoon. 4) At least I got exercise walking around. 5) I got new shorts at Walmart for CHEAP because they marked the price wrong, but it was actually FREE cuz my friend gave me a Walmarts gift Card. YAY WALMART! I could live there.

See, I thought of FIVE things. hiyaaaa! *random air karate chop*

Other things:
I got a gift box from Grace and Yusuke, my friends from Japan 😀
gift from grace and yusuke 2

My sponsor, Dominate Your Game , gave me Glucosamine! 😀 So I tried to make my body look like their circular symbol thingie. lol
dominate your game glutamine

I’ve started teaching Japanese to a client! 😀 So I’m starting to make lesson plans.

Dealt with health insurance. I applied TWO FREAKING MONTHS AGO and haven’t heard diddly squat! So I called Nevada Health Link and asked WHERE THE F MY INSURANCE IS what the status of my application process is in.

I BATTLED VALIANTLY with the automated phone menu system for a good 20 minutes before finding the correct number. Then talked to a lady who said “the computer shows that a policy is created, but the status is pending.” I asked her wtf that meant if she could please explain. She offered to transfer me to another guy. So I asked for the phone number in case the connection didn’t go through. (I’m smart!!) and she gave it to me, connected me, and then the phone hung up on me.

HAHAHA Did I mention I’m smart? So I called it back, but just got an answering machine, and I left a message. x_x *punches a random jaywalker* A guy actually called me back the next day and said that I’ll know in two weeks. Oh. Okay.

I’ve been keeping up with TUF Brazil and TUF 19. I also watched the whole series (13 eps) of the Avenger anime (not related to Marvel). And Mission Impossible: ghost protocol.

And I met my best friend Heather’s Dad! 😀 I’ve been wanting to meet him for some time.

I wrote an article for my sponsor, Intimidation Clothing.

I lost my SPARTA!!! T shirt. ;_; I can’t find it anywhere! I need another one so I can randomly pose and yell SPARTAAAAAAAAAA!
(click to enlarge)
intimidation clothing this is sparta collage

You know you can get a 10% discount if you order and use the coupon code “roxy135” 😀

I taught kids classes this week and almost cried trying to show an armbar because my @#O$UW#$* hurt to put pressure on it. 🙁

I watched Star Trek with mom :D. If I’m home at 6 PM we can watch it! XD
There are a lot of ones I haven’t seen cuz they haven’t been repeated much. Maybe not the popular ones. There are a few I don’t ever remember seeing! Once mom said, “I’m sure you HAVEN’T Seen this one. We probably didn’t let you watch it. (as a kid).” Haha go parental censorship! I approve.

And I found that I like the Klingons …. a lot more than I used to. 🙂

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND FINALLY…I’m maintaining or losing weight. I usually gain it when I stop training hard, but through a low-carb diet and eating lightly at night, I’ve been managing it. YAY. If I lose muscle mass, I’ll stab myself with a pencil. x_x;