It was an awesome week!
Friday night, I was still kind of tired from staying up the night before, so I decided to skip going out to the Strip to see fireworks. I thought I’d regret it, but I looked out my window and saw some small ones, so at least I can say I saw them. 😀

Saturday I woke up at 5 AM as usual, picked up Serena, went to 24 hour Fitness that I joined, did weights and elliptical machine, and then hurried to the UFC Expo :D. I had a signing at “Fear The Fighter” booth from 10:00 AM -11:30. It was super cool! They set up a cage and had lines and stuff. I signed with Julianna. Yay Julianna.
fear the fighter signing 1

At 11:30, people were still waiting and I felt really bad, but nobody told the people I was leaving at 11:30. ._. When I left, the whole line was sad. I’m sorry! ;.; A few people followed me. <3 After I took pictures with them and received a few awesome Fear The Fighter T-shirts (omg I love them), I looked for a place to eat the lunch I packed. I ducked behind a black curtain and ate on the floor. As I was finishing, this guy on a motorized wheel chair rolled in to park it. He mentioned a "green room" next door. Huh? Apparently it was a place for fighters to relax away from the general fans, but fans who paid a really expensive price could enter and mingle with them? Dude. Why did nobody tell me about this room? :/ oh well. I went in there and I MET CHUCK LIDDELL! The real one! lol I didn't get a picture...he was going somewhere. I was shy. I then did a a signing at Outlaw Fight Gear. They were very good to me! Super nice bunch, and they took care of me and gave me nice gear and clothing. I can’t wait to model it! 😀
outlaw fight grear group
I found Serena and we hung out a bit. We found this new product by the company “Quest” that has “Quest nutrition” and “Quest Training.” It’s this “All Attack” head thing, that you hold like a mitt and we practice accuracy. I got one! 😀 can’t wait to try it out.

roxy hitting head and serena
(click to zoom in)
allstrike heads

Right next to Outlaw Fight Gear was an action figure booth. Topps? or Round 5? I found a Mayhem Miller for $5, and also Dana White. I’m such big fans of both, so I bought both. ^^;; haha and I tweeted it, and Mayhem Miller favorited the post. YAY he saw!! #fangirl
mayhem favorited
action figures
(click if you wanna zoom in)

I brought Serena home, and then went to UFC 175. I could only get one ticket. I sat next to these very nice ladies and guy. 😀
stacey and april fans at ufc
They gave me lots of advice on stuff….in life…and told me who famous fighters were who I did but didn’t recognize. lol

The event was amazing. Lots of exciting fights and I DID NOT FALL ASLEEP. 😀 (I didn’t train so hard today lol)

I ninja-snuck out just before the event ended so I beat the crowds and got home early. Yay!

more tomorrow….