my last day and night in Kawasaki!!

I didn’t get to train today! 🙁 I wanted to go to morning class. ~_~ I literally had zero time. From the second I woke up, I was busy scanning forms to reapply for health insurance, and then talked on Skype to my mom about moving stuff and that. Then at 8 AM sharp, I called the “sodaigomi” center and made a reservation for the city to come pick up my discarded furniture. That took a lot of time and effort because the nice lady kept asking me the exact measurements and I wasn’t 100% sure. At one point I said “The coat hanger is maybe two meters high” and she said, “If it’s over 180 cm, then you have to pay 1,000 yen ($10) instead of 500 ($5).” I said, “Um, I see. It’s under 180 then.” She was like, “Ummmmmmmmm” and repeated herself like 5 times. x_x;; aaaaaaaaaaaarg frustrating.

I am NOT paying an arm and a leg, sorry. –;

Then I hurried to the post office and mailed two more boxes of stuff- my final ones! 😀

Came back, and lugged all my furniture outside and downstairs by myself, sticking the money stamps on them so the city will know to pick them up. -_-

It was like weight training, haha. My arms and legs are nice and sore. ;x I then realized I wouldn’t have time to go to training, but even if I did, I would be so exhausted. Around 10:30 I collapsed, took a nap, woke up, and talked to my TALL BUDDY on the phone/ skype!! 😀 yayy I miss you, tall buddy!!!! <3 <3 <3 Then I went into town and wired money into my American bank account. It's done! It's gone! goooooooone to America! :O Did chores, ate my final meal of sushi, came back, and finished packing. I still had stuff I hadn't figured out how to fit in my suitcases yet....I think I'm still in trouble. One is 2 KG over weight, and my second one, I dunno...probably is overweight. -_- and I can't fit everything in. I'll have to send another box tomorrow. I gave my plant to one of my chiropractors! (not Mihara-san) I said "Feel free to refuse it" but he was like "oh sure, we'll take it!" I hope it's REALLY okay, cuz they accepted it really fast. o_O; Around 7 o'clock I had mostly finished packing and started actually CLEANING. Now it's 10:50 PM and I'm done cleaning everywhere but under my kitchen sink. So tired. Check out my video blog!