freaking insane day

Sunday was my last full day of work. My last student (ever) was one of my favorites. He’s a businessman, but also a Kyokushin Karate teacher, so we chat about that in the opening of the lesson. 🙂

When the bell rang that signaled the end of my last lesson, I assigned homework. and I felt myself tearing up. No, please, not in front of the student. “So please do page 178…number….1…and…2….and…and….3.”

I wanted him to do 4, but I couldn’t say it. He knew my situation, though. Standing up, he said, “You are a great teacher! Don’t forget Japan!”

I opened my mouth and nothing came out. Tears started leaking out, so I squeaked “thank you. Goodbye”! and ran out of the classroom, nearly bumping into another guy, which embarrassed me because it wasn’t professional. ~_~; Once in the teacher’s room, I started sobbing. Gale was like, “What’s wrong?! Was it the student?” hahaha no. Then someone else said “If it were me, I’d be like “Yay! Finished!”

Not me. I love my job. I’m sad. ;_; I cried so hard through the whole five minute break, and everyone thought I was absolutely nuts. -_-;

I hung out with G-san for a bit over tea, and then visited Buri-chan. Chatting, we lost track of time and I just BARELY caught my last train home.

Today (Monday) was ABSOLUTELY FREAKING INSANITY! ~_~ In a very bad way. I was trying so hard to be positive, and I made it through the day, I suppose.
It started off with my mom and I on Skype, trying to handle the Health Insurance problem. Oh did I mention it? My application for health insurance got denied because of my medical history. Freaking hell! But some of the reasons in the letter WERE NOT ACCURATE, which makes me CRAZY. It’s NOT FAIR. Man I’m so pissed off.

And my mom was stressing ME out, but I need her help because she’s in the health insurance field! DAMNIT.

So I went to Groundslam and chatted with Steve, which was great. Hit bags a bit and then went to the Ward office, where I had to notify them that I’m leaving the country. I tried to do it by phone last week, but they said, “No, you have to come here and sign stuff.” Freaking @#$#!~ Fine. So then I said, “Somebody at my office said something about tax, but I think it’s deducted every month, so…” and she said, “You should be fine, but go upstairs and ask just in case.

SO I went. and the good-looking young guy said, “Yes, you owe tax. 8 months worth.”
Step 1: confusion.
Roxy: Um, what?
Guy: Yes, maybe you’ve paid up to July, so you have to pay 8 months worth.
Roxy: No, I pay every month.
Guy: Yes, but it’s one year delayed, so now you’re paying from 2012. You owe maybe….165,600 yen. ($1,680)
Roxy: Huh?! And what do you mean ‘maybe?’ Don’t you know exactly?
guy: well…

Step 2: Denial
Roxy: No, I don’t! The company deducts it from my salary….
guy: Yes. But it’s from last year.
Roxy: No way!! ….really?
guy: yes….really….
Roxy: freaking hell….

Step 3: calm down and think of solutions
Roxy: Okay, so how do I pay?
guy: They keep deducting it from your salary…
Roxy: I quit. I’m leaving the country in 5 days. Can I pay cash?
Guy: No.
Roxy: Can I do a bank transfer?
guy: No. You can’t pay all at once.
Roxy: I can’t NOT pay all at once! I’m leaving the country in 5 days!
guy: hmmmm
Roxy: DO I REALLY owe that money?! That doesn’t seem right!

I ended up calling my company’s HQ and confirming with them that YES, I DO OWE THAT MUCH MONEY. @#$@#$ why the F didn’t they tell me this sooner?!?! I mean, it’s kind of important? Luckily, I have that much money because I save my @$$ off, but if I was the kind of person who lived pay-check to paycheck, I wouldn’t have been able to leave Japan! Or what if I just leave without paying? Would they come after me? o_O;; So anyway, I’m going to leave enough cash in my bank account, so they can withdraw it once a month. can’t freaking believe it.

Extremely distraught and in tears, I met my friend Kozo and we had tea. He helped calm me down. <3 I'm seriously going to miss him a ton. He tried to help me with my next problem...getting rid of my massage chair. Some people expressed interest, but nobody can come get it. 🙁 Finally, I went back to my place. I mailed another box and it cost $40 dollars. -_-; I got into the elevator with this lady who I see around sometimes. Then I got an idea. Roxy: Hi. Lady: Hi. Roxy: you want a massage chair? 😮 Lady: What?! Really?! O_O Roxy: Yes, really! :> I’m moving and I have to get rid of it.
Lady: Really?????
Roxy: really! :} Look, here’s my floor. Wanna come in?
Lady: YES!!
Roxy: 😀 😀 😀 😀

So she came in and was like “I WANT IT!!!” OMG SO HAPPY!! I couldn’t bare to just throw it away, and two thrift shops that Kozo called wouldn’t take them! So we got a wheely cart from the store room and we both lugged it to the 7th floor where she lives! She was so happy! 😀 As was I!! and she kept saying, ‘Oh man this feels so great! I’m so thrilled!”

and then she gave me a little cash! I said, “No no you can have it for free!” but she insisted. How nice! It basically made up for the money I spent to mail my box. …