This weekend was pretty good.

I woke at up 4:45 on both Saturday and Sunday.  (My alarm is set for 5:10 AM)  Sheesh…

Eat breakfast, check email and websites, do a little exercise (push-ups or stairs or something for like 15 minutes), and commute 40 mins to work.

And then I ALWAYS crash at 8 AM,  RIGHT as I’m about to start teaching.  Anyway, teach teach teach….and then one of my students called in sick, so I got a 90 minute free period.  I lay down on the sofa in the teacher’s lounge and fell FAST asleep for 30 minutes. 😀  Then woke up and went back to work.  Finished a little early, at 5 instead of 5:30.  Went to the gym at 7, and NOBODY was there.  It’s so frustrating to show up, wanting to practice, knowing everyone gets in SO late.  🙁  So at about 7:30 Hatano-san showed up, along with one beginner.  He said, “Okay let’s start with the jab!”

;___;  He saw my sad-face and said, “What?” and I said, “Well, just…I’m trying to train for a fight…” and he goes, “uh….” and I said, “Well, I don’t want to bother the class…” and he said, “That’s okay, okay we’ll do this counter move off ground and pound.”

He showed me this SUPER COOL REALLY useful move that I LOVE and fits right into my game! 😀 I’m so excited.  I’m calling it “The Hatano Switch” and I wanna pull it off in the fight.  So I grabbed this German? guy Flo and we drilled it a ton.  Then more people showed up and held mits for each other, but Flo offered to help me train because I didn’t want to do striking.  He’s pretty good, so we sparred for a while.  Then Masa-san (Masatoshi Abe, Abe’s little brother) showed up and showed some wrestling moves, and we did that.

My body was pretty beat up, so I soaked in the Gold’s Gym hot tub, and then went home.

Sunday, I worked from 8 AM to about 3:30, and then headed to the Oimachi Gold’s Gym. There, I lifted some weights with my Sauna Suit on.  I also tried going INTO the sauna with the suit, to see how it felt.  My first thought:  “Boy, it’s hot in here.”
LOL  So I lifted lightly, went on the eliptical for a little bit, and then weighed myself again.  Wow, those things make you sweat.  I thought, “This isn’t so bad…”  When I had first weighed myself, I was 59.7 kilos.  When I weighed myself after an hour, I was 59.8 kilos.

Uh, something must be wrong with the scale…

This morning, I train with Sean Frew:

Maybe AACC in the evening.  Then, Tuesday, I train with Kunioku-san again! 😀  We have been training on and off, but recently we’ve started resuming regular training.