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This Sunday, I went to a monthly or bi-monthly event called “Las Vegas Rowdy Rollers.” It’s a women-only Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training session held at various locations, this time, the Cobra Kai gym in North Las Vegas. I’ve heard about this before but never went, due to the fact Sunday is the only day I don’t train some kind of martial arts.

I’m hesitant to call it a “rest day,” since I never sit around and do nothing. I take a 30 min walk mixed with sprints, and then go to Yoga, and sometimes run stairs. That’s it. I’m usually so exhausted or sore from the previous day’s training I just want to lay down and watch anime, or go to a movie. Sunday is usually my movie day.

Well this Saturday, instead of doing yoga, stairs, BJJ, and kickboxing classes consecutively, I did a BJJ seminar hosted by Syndicate with Marcio Pontes. He is formerly Jose Aldo’s coach and is in the States to corner Naldo, who fought on WSOF a few weeks ago in NY. So that was So fun and educational but we didn’t roll hard, so I still had energy. Plus I had gotten elbowed in the eye on Tuesday and it still hurt, so I didn’t wanna do kickboxing. 🙁

So yeah, I learned a trick on how to finish the straight armlock, a pass, a scramble, and I’m trying to remember what else…. I worked with Captain’s friend Naldo. (brown belt standing behind me) I like that guy a lot. 😀 He has such smooth jiujitsu! I could actually semi-communicate using what little Portuguese I know! Yay a chance to practice what I’ve been studying with Thais. Did I mention that? I’m doing a language exchange with Captain’s wife Thais. I also want to make friends since she seems so nice, but first we gotta be able to speak to each other. So yeah, we’ve been meeting once or twice a week for the past month. 😀 It feels so good to teach English again! I really miss my old job at Berlitz. I know how to build language ability from the bottom up, so I craft a lesson for her, and then get her to teach me the same stuff in Portuguese. 🙂

So awesome seminar on Saturday, and I felt energetic enough to go to the event after yoga on Sunday! I liked it a lot! I really hoped there were upper belts there so I could test myself and I got to roll with a few. They gave me some tips, for which I’m so grateful. They were concerned about ‘overstepping their boundaries.’ Well, they’re not if I ask them a question. But maybe I shouldn’t ask a question? No, wait, we should always ask questions…shouldn’t we? I’m confused. Well, I’m one of those people against gym hopping. I used to go to various gyms for various things in Japan and I’m so weary of it. I’m so thrilled that I have everything I need at Syndicate….mainly, excellent coaching. I wouldn’t want MY students gym-hoping. I want to raise my students and feel good about their wins, and not have them show other rival gym’s people my moves. However, this event wasn’t really a class under a specific teacher. It was just rolling. So it was fine in my eyes…. I guess?

blurry gym code lines

But I learned a third way to shrimp. And a few bad habits I have! I’m so excited. I was also really impressed that nobody spazzed out on me. I was kind of nervous rolling with new people, to be honest…who knows if they’re going to spaz out and ELBOW ME in the eyeball again… I know it was an accident and I’m not really mad, because I’ve hurt my training partners by accident and it sucks for all parties. But yeah, I ended up not tapping anyone out, and didn’t get tapped out, well, I think the black belt tapped me once but she wasn’t trying to kill me.

I loved seeing my old student Rhyanna again!
I took a ninja snap shot while she was rolling. (bottom)

It was SO cool not to get out-muscled by other women! Like how Captain lets me sink in a full rear-naked choke and I couldn’t finish it. Meaning his neck and hand muscles are stronger than my entire body arching backwards. ;_; plus he prolly was offsetting the angle a bit. grrr My confidence evaporated because that’s my best move.


Monday morning I had a dream that I was on a bus with my teammates (Khalil, Lorenzo, Serena, Jessy, John, and others were there.) We pulled up to a Mansion that had Harry Potter stuff in it, so I guess it was Hogwarts? There was supposed to be some kind of Judo competition in the basement and there were women walking around with gis but I couldn’t find mine, so I spent most of the dream running around the mansion looking for my gi.

Monday I woke up SO tired. Bone tired. Mentally and physically I just didn’t wanna be awake.
I had the devil of a time deciding what kind of training to do. I decided that not getting punched in the eye was best, so I ran stairs with Serena, did no-gi jiujitsu because I’m in better control of what’s going on, and skipped the MMA class. :/ After my shower I was about to leave the gym and thought, “Don’t look at the class. Don’t look at the class…” because I knew I’d feel bad about not doing it. But I looked. And they were doing interesting stuff. AND I FELT SOOOO BAD. ;_; and regretted not training. But I couldn’t move…..

So yeah. Went home. Took a nap while watching Dragon Ball super eps 52-54, and The 100. Haha the King of All Things is so cute. Went back to teach kids and Serena assisted. I’m so thankful for that because the class is getting big and I can send new kids or the partnerless kids her way.

It’s Tuesday now and I feel a little more energetic. I wanted to do a tournament on Jan 21st but NOBODY IS IN MY WEIGHT DIVISION AGAIN despite being in California, but I checked the Jiujitsu World League Jan 28th in Orange County and there’s ONE lady so far! 😀 😀 YAY so I signed up for that.
and my friends at Remove it Restoration will sponsor our trip! 😀 Thank you, Eric and Beth!!
And The Void!! <3

Trip to Nashville, TN, and my seminar!

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Training has been going great lately. I’ve been succeeding at techniques I’ve been learning and practicing, which is so cool. Every day is exciting – what awesome ninja attacks are the coaches going to teach me next?

On Thursday, I headed to Nashville, TN, to teach a seminar at KSA Martial Arts academy. Unfortunately, a huge Nor’easter snowstorm struck and messed up a lot of my plans. We had to cancel my Friday night portion of the seminar, but I gave a private lesson to my hosts, Liz and Cat. They are such excellent, good people. I love them so much. In the morning, I worked out in the hotel gym, and in the afternoon, they drove me through Centennial Park where I saw the recreation of the Parthenon.
snowy car ride 1

snowy car ride 2
I didn’t get to go in since like 5 or so inches of snow had fallen and I didn’t have boots. I hate the snow now. 🙁 I didn’t used to, but living in Massachusetts ruined it. Snow means discomfort and misery, basically. I’m sensitive to the cold and I always had to clean off my car and shovel etc.

But it was warm and toasty in the loving environment of my hosts. They took great care of me. After driving around for literally an hour (on roads that had barely been plowed because Nashville can’t handle the snow), coming upon restaurant after restaurant that was closed, we ended up at Ihop. I had gone there for breakfast. There was a sign on the door saying that they were closed due to weather, but people were still inside eating. The waiter saw me looking in sadly, and, shaking his head at his own compassion, waved for another customer to open the door for me, which was locked from the inside. Yay! My smile wins. 🙂

It took like an hour to get our food, but I was fine with that. 🙂

Then we went to the school, watched my fight, rebooked my cancelled plane ticket, and trained some. We geeked out with lightsabers.

roxy vs cat 1

roxy vs cat 2
They cooked me a delicious dinner of fish and I went to bed early.

Saturday I was supposed to teach a kid’s class, but only one family came with two kids, a 5 year old boy and 7 year old girl. They had fun, though. I was so happy they said Judo was their background because I used to teach Judo as a senior belt at my Judo dojo! That was my first experience ever teaching. I taught them jiu-jitsu stuff like rolls, shrimps, mount, escape from the mount, etc.
roxy and kids 1

Lunch was a rushed turkey burger and then I taught my seminar from 1:30 to 4:30ish. It was scheduled to be 1-5:30 but that’s so long! Especially with the way I was driving them. I’m used to doing and teaching a fast-paced class full of drilling and positional sparring.
I guess other seminar styles are different where there’s a lot of explanations and talking, but I basically made them drill techniques and do situation sparring the whole time. They were so tired. lol I was tired. I think everybody had fun. I was REALLY impressed with that group! They all picked up what I taught them and had various successes! I’m glad. 😀

Shaine came! (An assistant coach on Miesha’s team on The Ultimate Fighter Season 18 who I made friends with friends after the show.) 😀 After the seminar we sparred MMA for two rounds.

roxy and shaine rash guard 😀 (sponsor) and shorts (sponsor)

At the seminar, I met so many different kids of people with interesting backgrounds. I hope they keep in touch on social media. I want to go back when the weather is nicer.
KSA seminar group 1
I’ll never do another winter seminar in a place where snowfall is possible. Oh well.

On Friday morning, I got inspired about what to write for my next book! I had an idea but wasn’t sure how to structure it, so I was thinking and thinking and kind of frustrated. It just came to me suddenly, and I foudn myself on the hotel computer typing emails to myself of the beginning of my story. My second book should be coming out very very soon, so I’m glad to have another project to work on 😀

My new friend Kerry from the UK is coming to train this coming week for two weeks! I’m excited!

Teaching kids jiu-jitsu!

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I’m really enjoying teaching kids jiu-jitsu classes lately since I got back from Japan! I used to teach regularly with Chris Robbins, but then our teaching staff got shuffled and I no longer had a position. Things got shuffled again and I’m back. 😀
roxy teaching big kids
Teaching kids isn’t just about jiu-jitsu, but I knew that because I was thrown into teaching little kids English in Japan with only two weeks of training. I knew I was ill equiped at that time because school teachers in America have to go through 4 years of education and observations and child psychology and all that jazz to even be allowed in the same room with a kid. I didn’t have that. I learned by observation, trial and error and it was REALLY REALLY hard. Lots of tears (on my part), sweat, nightmares, stress, etc. And I still don’t have all the answers, but I’d like to think I understand kids better and how to manage different age groups. I still want to learn more and more!
roxy kids group 1
2011 Berlitz English Beat 1 class

I actually became Kids Coordinator at my English school in 2011. HAH and I had previously hated teaching kids! Then I started leading and teaching other teachers.
So I’ve been teaching kids for a total of 10 years! wow

I enjoy team teaching with other teachers to see how they do things. Wendy, Nigel, Karen at Berlitz, Alberto, Chris, Rick, Damien at Syndicate.
roxy teaching big kids 2
I love the activities/games Alberto sets up. I love how Chris can sternly tell kids to shut up and they love him anyway. I love Damien’s method of discipline for misbehaving kids. Yesterday I visited Evan Dunham’s jiu-jitsu gym to see how he runs class. He didn’t have any really young ones, which are the hardest ones to handle, so he had easy little angels. lol but I still got some great ideas on activities. Through chatting about some issues I’ve encountered, I learned how he handles them.
dunham jiujitsu

Like when a kid cries. Evan asks them, “Are you hurt? Or scared? Or injured? If you’re hurt, it’ll stop hurting in a minute. If you’re scared, why are you scared? (he said something else I forget), If you’re injured, we gotta go to the hospital RIGHT NOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!” And most of the time they say “Oh, I’m just hurt!” and smile.

Haha brilliant.

On Wednesday I had the big kids play sumo in the last five minutes of class. That was really entertaining to watch! 😀
sumo big kids

The bottom line is, if you’re under 10 years old, everything in life is a game and if it’s not, it’s not cool. If you’re over 10 and something is fun or funny, you try harder and get better faster. The teacher not only has to be good at teaching the technique, they have to be an entertainer. I want to be entertained, and I entertain myself, so maybe that’s why I get along with kids so well. lol Maybe I’m just a big kid…

exciting weeks! Demo for MONSTER at Con, training fun, BJJ, fighter friends

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I had a great last two weeks. All my blog have been about Japan, so it’s time to move on.
When I got back, the very next day I came into the gym, tired, jet-lagged, and my body hurt so much from not having my chiropractor in Japan. It was Friday, so I hoped to do a nice technique day. No. Coach John had us do a cardio day. @_@ But it’s not as bad at Guns’s cardio Fridays! It was good. I got to train with Jessica Hoy a bit, who had joined the gym the day before I left for Invicta so I never really got to train with her before. Yay! She’s bigger than me…I want to call her “She-Ra!” Or Xena Warrior Princess or something because she’s big, beautiful, and her bicep is twice the size of mine. XD She’s awesome. (far right)

jessica valeria roxy johnShe’s 1-0 as a pro. I can’t wait to see her fight somebody and smash them. ^_^ tee hee *evil cackle* Her husband is a fighter, too. (pictured further down) I can’t wait to see him smash somebody, too.
Also, my Facebook friend Valeria “Chika Galactika” Mejia from Peru visited Syndicate to train with me. Valeria has been here for two weeks now. We’re working on stuff for her fight vs Lindsay Garbatt in Canada October 23th in Hard Knocks 46. She’s scrappy!
Hard knocks poster

I really want to fight before the end of the year. I went to fight in Invicta! I know I fought in the last one. :/ I hate to seem selfish, but I’ve only fought twice this year. My goal is 4… which won’t happen, but one more fight would be great! I think I’ve improved myself even more since my last one, fixing my past mistakes. I feel good and ready to go!

This past Monday and Tuesday, there was a convention for the “National Association for Convenience Stores.” Booths and free samples were set up by snack foods like Hostess, Jiff, Cliffbars, energy drinks, chips, cookies, candies, etc.
jamie at con smiling
Monster Energy is into MMA so set up a cage and hired Coybow Cerrone and Rampage Jackson to sign autographs and pose for pictures for two sessions out of the afternoon.
(We got a pic!)
team syndicate with cowboy and rampage

Also, they hired John to bring a team of 4 from Syndicate to show our stuff in the cage.
john and adam in cage
(John and Adam. John is tired from training us all all day and Adam is pumped and ready to go 10,000 more rounds LOL)
adam and john training
On the first day it was myself, Jamie, Adam Acquaviva, and Cory Hendricks. The second day Donny came instead of Cory. John held mitts, we grapple-sparred, Jamie and I did take-downs with her slamming me and me Judo-throwing her. (the big bangs attracted a crowd) and Jamie and I did some light kickboxing/MMA sparring.
jamie kicking roxy
roxy  kicking jamie
We did two sessions, 12:30-1:30. And 2:30-3:30. It was tiring but fun, and I’m honored to represent Team Syndicate.
group pic at monster
I love them!

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel afterwards, but I was tired and have bruises everywhere, so I think I got good training. lol

I got my teaching job back instructing little kid’s jiu-jitsu at Syndicate with Damien Nitkin. He’s a great teacher and I’m learning a lot about good ways to discipline a class.  I missed half of yesterday’s class because I couldn’t make it back in time for 4:00 and all of yesterday. :/ Sorry, Damien!

I ended up signing the “Free Nick Diaz” Whitehouse Petition. If 100,000 people sign it, the Whitehouse looks at the issue. It’s about Nick getting a 5 year suspension from fighting for smoking pot. Now Pot is illegal in regards to fighting. I am not going to get into an argument with people about that. Everyone has their own opinion about whether it “should” be illegal, whether it’s a performance enhancing drug or not, whether it dulls the pain or whatever. I don’t care. There is a rule and in sports, we have to follow rules. However, when someone did steroids (which is worse, nobody can argue that) and gets a year or less suspension, and then Nick does weed and gets 5 years…that’s just ridiculous. That needs to be reversed or lessened somehow. If he broke the rules, punish him, but more fairly.

AND IT REACHED 100,000 signatures! I’m glad I decided to do it last night so I can say I helped.

On Saturday, I hung out with my new (new-ish) training partner family, Jessica, Clayton and their three kids, all of which train at Syndicate. We watched the movie Pan. 😀 It was great!
hoy family at movies
I am totally going to see the Goosebumps movie (poster in the back) once it comes out.

On Friday, I went to watch RFA with Heather Clark! <3 Thanks for getting me tickets! heather and roxy at RFA
Damien let me leave the kids class early, but I got caught in traffic and it took me an HOUR to get from Syndicate to Fremont street. Omggggg *stabs something* I ended up pulling into The D Casino’s parking garage tower just as they were announcing Corey Turner. I saw a guy running over to the side of the garage to look over the edge, and I realized that the fights were outside. On the 11th floor, which was the final floor, I was praying hard and I FOUND ONE LAST SPOT. I squeezed my Toyota in there a little crooked, sprinted over to that guy figuring he had found the best vantage point, and found that it was actually my teammate Marc! lol
marc and roxy on roof

I looked down and saw……two little ants moving in a coffee-mug sized cage. “Which one’s Corey?!” I exclaimed, pulling out my phone and trying to use the zoom feature. The ants came together and one stopped moving.

“Oh!” Marc cried out. “He knocked him out!”
“What?” I almost shouted. “Who knocked who out?”
“Corey knocked the other guy out!” Marc said.
My zoom did not work. I wanted a replay! “How do you know!”
“Yeah!” Marc said, fist-pumping the air.
I wasn’t convinced but he seemed certain of what he had seen. I high-fived him and then we walked together down to the ticket window. There I met Heather and our beautiful friendship date began. Haha I didn’t really care about anybody’s fight but Cory’s and also David Archangel. (What a cool last name). He used to train at Syndicate but then moved out of State. He won! 😀 He looked great doing it! So proud of him!
corey won picture
(Corey is the tall one in the red shirt. SMILE MORE! You got a 18 second KO, dude!)

I’ve been trying to do more Gi in jiu-jitsu lately. I’ve been back to teaching in a gi. So I had gotten my purple belt in 2005 and the moved to Japan for 8 years. I think I only put my gi on like five times in that entire 8 years, so I forgot my grips, how different balance was, and different techniques that require the gi. It’s really embarrassing. :/ I mean, I’ve gotten so much better at grappling for MMA so that’s what’s most important anyway. See, there’s only so much time in the day. I’m too tired if I do double classes every day (meaning an hour and a half of gi class and then an hour and a half of hard MMA training.) So I started doing gi technique, not sparring gi, and then doing MMA. That way at least I can slowly refresh my memory. On Saturday I spar gi because there’s no MMA afterwards.
gi class in syndicate
So far I’ve been doing this for two weeks and it’s working! I’m starting to feel more comfortable. 😀 And my belt is totally broken in. lol yes, it was still stiff from being unworn. ^^; And thanks for being so patient with me the other day, Casey. I got frustrated a bit. You’re such a good teacher in many different ways. *_*

I’ve been watching Once Upon A Time season 4. I love the actresses they got for the Frozen characters. They’re perfect, in both looks and mannerisms! 😀 😀 Oaken is so perfect! I had forgotten about him. I’m also watching Ushio and Tora. Love it!

On Last Sunday we had a belt test for the kids. Small test…I think it was post poned like 3 times and then settled on a Sunday, but it’s good to see kids get promoted! Since we are affiliated with Zenith, Mr. Robert Drysdale and Marcello came to help administer the test.
kids group ic
So guys, when the photographer says “one two three!” at that moment, you’re supposed to all open your eyes wide, smile, and hold it for a few seconds. LOL How many people in this pic have their eyes closed?!?

I hung out with Jamie last Thursday! We went to the Orleans Buffet thanks to two of my fans Jack and Jan who gave me free tickets! Thank you so much!!
jamie and roxy at orleans buffet

super training, Vinny power, Herbal Papa seeds, Mesquite Tuffnuff, Mortal Kombat parody vid

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Last week was another awesome week. Training was hard! I love it. I struggled more than average because of nagging pains, but that’s often the case. I’m really pleased that I made it through full force! 😀 I’m in such good shape right now. I’m ready to fight next week (if I were 5 lbs lighter and there was actually a fight next week). hah

I made this little illustration to show how I feel: (click to enlarge)
the struggle is real

I’m learning some cool stuff with private pad-work with coach John – the master of making us mean MMA winning machines! XD Sparring with the team, especially the most recent female additions to the team, has been great and fullfilling.

On Wednesday we did live hard padwork with shark tank. So for three 5-minute rounds, John called out directions and had me alternate between hitting his mitts, grappling with Hannah against the case with get-ups and take-downs, and being charged by Marcus with the huge blue shield. Thanks, guys, for helping out. Serena took the pictures.
live mitts shark tank
That’s how we do it at Syndicate! whoop whoop! Come train with us and you’ll get in fight-shape.

Thursday I felt fried mentally from just go-go-going constantly, so I skipped MMA class and did Vinny’s grappling class. Sometimes….man, I just don’t wanna hit people! I can’t do it!
I just wanna be peaceful and do grappling instead!
roxy waterfall at mesquite tuffnuff
I dislike violence. 😛

Vinny Magalhaes taught on Thursday…I’m so happy to take his class. I seem to have a hard time learning new stuff, but he’s so patient and explains things over and over for me, and then when I get it, it’s like….WHOHOOOOOO! I pulled off THREE of his moves in sparring on Friday. when I drilled the moves,I couldn’t get them well, even when my partner was NOT resisting. I drilled and drilled and drilled and grrrrrr could not…do…it. grr. Then in sparring, BAM! Did it! SO excited. Thanks, Vinny! haha after I did it, I scampered over to him like a little kid while he was teaching, still in my MMA sparring gear, and was like “Vinny Vinny I did itttttt!”
roxy thrilled with vinny
I look tiny next to him!

Friday we went full force…….on many levels. Sparring with the fightergirls, and then class, and then Serena, Hannah and I , along with the help of teammate Shawn Dodaro as cameraman and the “Voice,” made a Mortal Kombat parody! Princess Leia vs Goku, with a surprising ending. XD

and a still pic from the above video….
mortal kombat small pic
Somebody on Facebook called Shawn “a bearded Krillin” and it cracked me the hell up. hahahah XD I think Krillin DOES pose that way, though Shawn did a really good job.

My Teens class went great this past Saturday! Nick came for the first time, one of my students from the older kid’s class. He did really well mixing up striking and takedowns. He and Michael split before I could get a group picture, but I snagged Daunte and Ethan before they left. XD
They’re such good sports to pose for pics with me….. lol
roxy teens class 3

I’m trying a new Herbal Papaya Product!
herbal papaya seed powder
Seed powder! It’s really tasty and you put it on your food, like where you might put seasoning on like pepper. Eggs, salad, anything. Or in drinks like shakes. It’s good for the digestive track and detoxing the body.

link to store website and more info Check it out if you have a chance 😀

On Saturday I went to Mesquite with my team to cheer on Marc, Caleb and Jordan! They all did great! Jordan arm-barred his guy….I thought the arm was going to break. good call, ref, for stopping it. x_x Marc’s was a battle I wanna watch again. omg the jiu-jitsu!
sparklie eyes fangirl
Marc went for an omoplata and hooked the leg so the guy couldn’t roll, but he tried to roll anyway and the momentum put them in a weird, upsidedown sideways position. Scramble. Marc threw on the armbar, guy pulled up, marc switched to triangle, guy stacked, Marc switched to armbar….I was jumping up and down screaming! “Armbar! triangle! armbar! triangle! oh oh ooooh! get it getitgetit!” CRAZY. I wanna see that again. He won, I forget how now. Caleb did really well…I was impressed with his movement but lost a split decision. -_-;
at mesquite syndicate after pic tuffnuff

serena and roxy selling t shirts
Serena and I sold my walk-out T shirt, my book (none sold! 🙁 ) and MVRK shirts.
I really love the red one.
You can get them online. Mine:
Red shirt:

Serena and I stayed overnight in the Casablanca and then I drove us home. long ride. I exercised too much, swimming, calisthenics, and yoga, and now it’s Monday and I’m sore and tired. fml x_x