In Japanese “renshu” means “practice” (like MMA) and “to-REH-nin-gu” (training) means physical training, or weight-lifting.

Yesterday morning, I did chores and crossed more stuff off my To-DO list, and then went to Sugamo to meet pro trainer Take Daiguji. He is the physical trainer of Mizugaki, BJ, Katsumura, and more pro MMA fighters, pro baseball players, etc. I can see why…he’s really good. I had no idea what he’d have me do… I imagined someone yelling “Okay get down and give me 100 PUSH UPS NOW NOWNOW.” lol and actually, it was more counseling and evaluation. That’s natural, right? He measured my weight and body fat and composition and we discussed how much weight I should gain if I wanted to fight at 125. (I kind of knew that….but he didn’t, so we needed to discuss it) I was 129 with all my clothes on. :O well, I’ve tried not to gain too much weight after my fight, and by that I mean not pigging out. I want MUSCKLES!!!! (Popeye pronounciation, pls)

He told me to eat more. :X yeah…. Then he taught me a lot of balance ball stuff, squats, core strength stuff. I didn’t think I was really working that hard, but I almost fell down the stairs leaving his 2nd floor office. LOL

I’m going to go back in two weeks cuz I’m busy next Wednesday.
Then I went home, got stuff to spar, went to work. I prepared for the kids party…almost done! Then had a meeting with co-workers to explain it. They didn’t like my haunted house. u_U Okay, you draw it then! *laugh* I worked, then went to sparring. I tried this new take-down that Katsumura taught me…!!!!!!!!! AND got punched in the eye. XD lmao so now I have this swelling goose-egg thingie on my temple, but I iced it, so I don’t think it’s too obvious? I don’t wanna wear make up. u_U

This morning, I finished watching the video Omar Lima sent to me. Omar is a physical trainer who is also helping give me advice and making a training plan for me. He explains everything really well. I’m so fortunate he’s helping me.

Basically, I’m trying to get as much advice from as many different people as I can, which I dunno how brilliant that is. I have a tendency to trust Americans more, but I also need someone physically here to show me how to do something and check my form. So I’m trying to get the best of both worlds.

I’m really looking forward to Omar’s next instructional video. He gave me homework! 😀 (Twitter handle: @Functionalcore)