If you’re like 8 years old, and a suspicious lady in a black witch hat (who bears a rather strong resemblance to your American English teacher) cackles at you in a high-pitches squeeky voice, you might smile, right?

Well, I dunno because I’ve never cackled at an American 8-year-old. I did, however, cackle my best at my kids group yesterday and they LOVED IT. Never mind they probably couldn’t understand me 100% when I said,

XD THEY GIGGLED and giggled and giggled. And then tried to steal my Halloween Bird Pen when I turned around to write on the board (and succeeded).

I know *I* had lots of fun. 😀
It wasn’t the official Halloween party, so I didn’t have my cape…I had just grabbed my black hat as an afterthought before going into the classroom. And they repeated “You’re a witch!” (well, technically they just said “I’m a witch” because that’s what I said.