I’d gone to bed at 8:30 last night, because A) I was bored, and B) I was tired and hoped to sleep a long time and kick my cold.

I woke up at 2 AM, not sleepy.

First, I gotta say that being up since 2 AM sucks a lot. I managed a one hour nap from 6 AM to 7 AM. But that means I’ve had like 5 full meals today, and I don’t like that. I’ve become completely obsessive-compulsive about my weight and eating now. I’m paranoid I’m not getting enough protein, and then if I have enough to feel full, I freak out that I’m gonna be over weight and feel a DEEP NEED to exercise. But then if I’m NOT full, I think it’s a crime since I’m not fighting any time soon, and I go seak out ice cream or something. Then I freak out that I ate it. *sigh*

x_x man…..

I’ve come down with a cold, so my boss blocked my morning schedule to reduce my stress so I could go through with the Halloween party. Thanks, boss. Yay pay cut. ;_; But….I felt like I was restlessly waiting around forever at my home.

After I arrived at work, I walked out to the restroom, a student was walking in. I said, “Hello,” and it seemed to me that he put his head down and walked faster, past me, without replying. That pissed me off. Okay, maybe you hate English and your company is forcing you to study, but at least say hi to your teacher. He had earphones in….but he must have seen my mouth move? Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that he was spaced out and didn’t hear or see me. -.-;

I tried to say hi to kid students waiting in the lobby, and nobody replied or tried to talk back to me. SILENCE. I have a slightly softer heart for them, since they’re kids, but it still bugs me. “Do you like my pumpkin?” JUST SAY YES. or “Hello!” SAY HELLO BACK.

Just ignored. Completely. Again and again. okay, I’m cool, I’m cool….

The kids party was a success. I guess. I had 7 kids from 5 to 12 yrs old, and some were really shy naturally… I think they enjoyed my game (a Halloween version of pin the tail on the donkey…pin the ghosts in the windows of the haunted house). But nobody really laughed or got super excited. We did a craft, but half of the kids hadn’t brought colored pencils as I’d asked! So everybody was complaining about not having orange to color the pumpkin and black to color the cat. I was like….IF YOU HAD BROUGHT YOUR OWN… *sigh* It felt more like a lesson than a party. I wonder how the other teachers fared. We split up into three groups.

I kind of feel like a failure since nobody was laughing. I want laughter! Well. I dunno. It was probably fine. Another teacher said hers went great so …it’s just I had planned it and prepped everything and was fully responsible.

My thighs are killing me from over-doing squats (or is it good that they still hurt two days later?), and my neck and whole upper body is so sore from getting my neck cranked different ways last week. *sigh* Just hurting all over. This sucks. I need to get back to the gym! I need to get stronger! I can’t do it if I’m sick or if I can’t lift or if I can’t sleep! aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrg

I’m the Happy Warrior, so I have to finish this on a positive note.
*think think think*

I got it.

At least I have all this stuff wrong with me at the same time, so when I get over my cold, I’ll stop being in pain, and I can get right down to business.