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“Go light with the girl!” Bullsht!!

Posted in training on September 29th, 2012 by roxyfighter

Anyway, I was stressed yesterday, and feeling guilty about not going to the gym on Friday, so I went to BJ-san’s class, excited and determined to do my best. I want to train as if I’m preparing for a fight.

Then this guy came in, who’s really nice and I really love chatting and training with him! I hadn’t seen him for a while, so that was cool! 😀 We were partners for holding mitts. ug, mitts. T_T I haven’t done multiple rounds on mitts in a while, so my body was slow to respond, and it was frustrating for me. ~_~; I got so frustrated and it was miserable…

Anyway, we did various drills, which were really good practice.
Then we did sparring. I immediately went to this one guy, who’s name I forget (I suck) because I know he’ll aim for my face and actually try to hit me. 😀 We were sparring pretty lightly, when the first nice guy yelled out, “Hey, go light on the girl! Gently!”

Huh? WTF?!

I was CRUSHED. I was like, “No, don’t go lighter, go HARDER! Don’t listen to that guy!” and he said, “I know, you’re a fighter. Your opponent isn’t going to be nice,” and we kept going. But I couldn’t concentrate anymore, and my sparring turned to sh*t. Afterwards, I talked to the nice guy, and he said that he meant that if a man goes all out, the woman can get hurt because of the power difference. So he was just concerned.

I know, dude! I get the power difference. If ANY huge person hits ANY smaller person hard, they will get hurt. NOT BECAUSE I’M A FSKING WOMAN. Plus, the gloves make a difference. If they’re MMA gloves, you’re supposed to go lighter than if they were boxing gloves, right? With ANYBODY.

I forced myself to thank him for the concern. He said he wouldn’t do it again, but I was still really upset…because he must have said it because I’m weak. I’m weak, right? I mean, nobody would say that to Megumi Fujii or Cyborg, right? OH yeah, go light on the Cyborg because she’s a woman. I don’t THINK so. I must have seemed weak for him to say that, right?

Crushed. ESPECIALLY because I liked the guy.

This guy Komazawa not only decked me kind of hard, but he planted his foot perfectly in my face….like a hilarious foot-on-face shot. I kind of wish I had a picture of that…it was like some kind of ax kick. But he was so skilled that it didn’t even hurt one bit! He just like put it there, pushed a little, and then pulled back! I was like…wow, I just got face kicked? I love that guy.

To anyone reading this blog: If you train with a woman, hold back your power as much as you would for any smaller man, because I get it…. I also get that it’s hard to hit a woman. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOODNESS…PLEASE aim for our faces, not five feet in front of our noses. It’s OKAY TO HIT US, we WILL NOT FREAKING SHATTER like glass! If you don’t want to hit a woman, then DON’T SPAR with us. Just say, “Sorry, I’ll pass,” because it’s humiliating and frustrating for US.

And some people have said, “Oh just hit the man hard, and they’ll hit you back!”
Nope, not in Japan. They’ll just keep being defensive no matter how much I hit, and it makes a really weird and bad feeling.


Sky Tree pictures!

Posted in cultural, family and holidays, fun on September 28th, 2012 by roxyfighter

So on Thursday, we went to Skytree! I mentioned this but didn’t post any pics. Here they are!

I’ve been wanting to go ever since it opened in May, but it’s been so crowded.

The observatory we went to was 350 meters tall! (1,148 feet). THe total height is 634.0 metres (2,080 ft), making it the tallest tower in the world! 😀

We went early in the morning to avoid the crowds, and got sardined on the rush-hour Tokaido line. LOL NOW she understands what I meant by “we could fit more people on this elevator!” comment I made earlier in the week. 😀 Hah

It was really…really HIGH. How cool!!

Here’s more info on wiki.
Wiki link

I’m alone! (my day, the Kenshin movie)

Posted in fun on September 27th, 2012 by roxyfighter

I’m alone!!

For exactly one month, I’ve spent every ounce and breath of my free time WITH other people. Granted, they are people I love being with. At the same time… I’m happy to get back to my usual routine. I’ve put a bunch of things on hold.

I’ve learned a LOT this past month. About myself, about humans, about genders, about life, about society. It was quite a remarkable September. ^_^

Mom went home this morning. I escorted her to the train station and waved goodbye as she caught the train. ;_; It was such a nice visit! Her 4th time out here! I think I showed her a great time. ^_^ She doesn’t get out much by herself at home, so I not only wanted to be with her, but give her a kind of adventure! We also had fun celebrating our birthdays together. Mine was the 24th, and hers is the 30th of September. I’m 30 and she’ll be 58. 😀 She’s in really good shape and kept up the pace with me amazingly. 😀

After I dropped her off, I went straight to the dojo, and made class only 30 minutes late. BJ-san was teaching, and as always, taught a FANTASTIC class. I feel myself having improved in only one session! BJ-san is magic. lol

Then, I went home, did chores, and ran back to Kawasaki to see the movie “Ruroni Kenshin.” I caught it just before it went out of the theater. IT WAS FANTASTIC! I’m excited I could understand like 80% of it despite having no subtitles! 😀 Dude, Genki Sudo was TOTALLY a bad guy, and fought Sanosuke. XD Sanosuke, who’s actor Munetaka Aoki, is just a tiny bit maybe just a little bit slightly…hot.
Anyway, totally as good at this preview looks:

And they did NOT overdo the “oro” thing! He only said it like 4 times. I think it would have ruined the dialogue if they had him do it as much as he did in the series, so they put just a bit of his speech peculiarity in there. NICE CALL.

And because I kind of have a crush on this actor who does Sanosuke now (just kidding)… lol preview!

“Koroshite ageru kara kakatte koi yo!” ~ SO COOL, KENSHIN *_*!!! I haven’t seen that series since high school.

I was gonna post pics of Sky Tree, but I ranted about Kenshin, so I’ll make that another post tomorrow or something.

Tuesday- Sky tree and FUKUZUSHI

Posted in Uncategorized on September 26th, 2012 by roxyfighter

Last night, Wednesday, Mom and I both slept amazingly well. We woke up at 5:00 AM for a change! Then we went to Tokyo Sky Tree! It took an hour to get there, and is located a little north of Asakusa. We didn’t have to wait on a long line to get a ticket, and were soon soaring over the city.

After that, we had lunch at a convenience store, and walked around Soramachi (meaning “sky town”). So cool!

After that, we were tired and went home, watching Iron Man 2 for about 35 minutes before it was time to go to Kozo Tsuruoka-san’s restaurant. We walked a long time to get there, but had a great dinner!
Fantastic time!

I’m sleepy now….more later!

Mom in Japan (my B-day, Landmark Tower etc)

Posted in every day, family and holidays, fun on September 25th, 2012 by roxyfighter

On Monday, it was my REAL BIRTHDAY!!! 😀 😀 😀 I turned 30!!
Mom came with me to Groundslam! I had hoped to introduce her to more people and chat with Katsumura-san more, but it didn’t really work out like that. She just waited for me while I trained.

That was still fun.
I liked doing sparring striking to only take downs, and then stand back up. I ended up jamming my neck and ending early, which made me feel crappy.
But I had fun, basically.
And I got a good training in, so I slept well that night!

I took mom to the shabu shabu/sukiyaki restaurant I went to with Katsumura-san, Brittany, and Omigawa-san last time. We had sukiyaki. 🙂 So good! Ate too much. XD Then went to Landmark tower and I took her up to the observatory. I had gone before with Tony at night, but not during the day! It was a nice view! ^_^ She loved it! XD
She said, “You really know how to show someone a good time!” And I felt really good. 😀

I think after that, we went to the World Porters shopping mall in Sakuragi-cho…. and it just so happened they have this birthday campaign! So I thought I would get discounts! ^_^ However, most stores only offered some crappy free gift that I wouldn’t use, like a sample of clothing softener, or yogurt to beautify yourself when you sleep, and a hand towel the size of my….hand. 😮

I was ride’n the happy train! XD (kids play thing)

I only got a 10% discount on my birthday ice cream Mommy bought me at Coldstone. XD But that’s okay! I love that place!
I asked for discounts at the other shops but they wouldn’t give them to me! :< After that, we just went grocery shopping (after stopping in the 100 yen shop...again!) and went home. On Tuesday, today, I had to teach my day care outservice. I seriously don't get paid enough to do that. ;_; I made these two songs, but the kids didn't want to sing! They kept shouting "game game!" but I don't KNOW any games to play with parts of the face!! And they were allllllll overrrrrrrrrr each otherrrrrrrrrr and me. ~_~;; SO I was very flustered and ranted for like an hour to my mom on our way to Ikebukuro. We went to Sunshine City, to the planetarium! The show was okay. Kind of short and not as informative as those we saw when I was a kid in the US. But still fun! I used to go a lot with Mom as a teenager, so it brought back lots of memories! 😀 For her, too!! They had Halloween decorations up already.
I’m…too sexy for my pitchfork, too sexy for my pitchfork… XD

We ran into SAKURA in Tokyo Hands! We were so surprised ! We both shrieked and my mom said we scared her to death. lol

She was buying stuff, like patches of skulls, to make her new pro wrestling costume. ^^;; Sakura, you are nuts, my friend. But I love you.
My goodness, what a nice Tussle shirt I have, don’t you think? ^_~

Then we went to the Inoki Sakaba and she liked that a lot ! We thought the catfish was grilled, but it turned out to be fried. 😡 Oh well?

My mom is exhuasted and is sleeping already. 😀

I’m going to skip training tomorrow to spend our last full day together. She leaves Thursday morning. ;_;