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Need cash 4 Vegas TUF trip: check out my Porn& fetish pics!

Posted in amusing on March 31st, 2013 by roxyfighter

rice cracker booty2

Mt. Fuji Rice cracker booty!

Are you nuts!?

Did you think I’d actually do porn? XD HAHAHA


APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!

roxy tikitiki


hard week, training, dreams

Posted in training, work on March 30th, 2013 by roxyfighter

Really suffering without my weekly Monday osteopathic treatment. ;_; It’s been two weeks. How have I been able to function all these years without Mihara-san? Oh wait, that’s right…my body kept breaking. ^^;;

Thursday I woke up, ate breakfast, watched the Ultimate Fighter Season 17 episode 3 and some Naruto. I’m behind in both! Did morning training, focusing on cardio and stamina, because my joints felt like a wreck. I hit stuff and did kickboxing. Went home and collapsed. Three translation jobs suddenly appeared in front of me, so I did two of them, and put one off to watch another ep of Naruto. Fell asleep in the middle of a battle. lol. I visited an old friend in Atsugi, which was so nice.

Friday, felt like a wreck but had A-san hold mitts for me in the morning class before Mitsui-san came, and we did physical training (ViRP) together for an hour. 25-30 mins of ViRP and then stretching and other stuff. I could barely get to my feet after that. That means it’s effective!

It’s good mental training to be in pain, though. If I get chosen for TUF it’s not going to be a cake-walk.

Went home at 1:30ish, pulled out my futon, set my alarm for an hour later, fell sound asleep. I woke up at 3 PM and then went to work. Taught, went home, watched one ep of Naruto and went to bed. hahaha Oh yeah, took three SOCK OFF pills. I LOVE SOCK OFF.

Woke up on Saturday not dead (thanks Sock off! The real senzu bean!)
Taught all day, ate a little something, and then went home and collapsed. Didn’t go to training. Didn’t go to Jewels. I have huge mixed feelings about that…I hope Celine knows that I love her and support her, even though I didn’t go! I’m so thrilled she won her fight against Sugi Rock! Celine is really strong and talented, and it’s about time she showed how she can shine in the ring! 😀

I want her to fight in Invicta!

Went to bed early, and then woke up at 1:30 AM, ready to go, starving, and with an active mind. DAMNIT.. I rolled around for half an hour, and then started reading Twitter cuz I got bored. Read about Felice Herrig’s fight … just by looking at the gif, it looked like she yelled at her opponent after the bell, so her opponent backfisted her to get her away, so Felice took a swing at her and the ref had to separate them?

hmmmm 🙁

So I rolled over and promptly dreamed that I was going to Tokyo Dome City (theme park) with Felice, treked around, and met up with Brittany by the Ferris Wheel. x_x; Way to go, subconscious.

Got up at 4 AM and ate breakfast, and almost finished my Megumi Fujii translation. NOW I am sleepy but it’s time to go to work.
Today I teach for half a day and then go watch Amateur Shooto put on my by gym!

I want ice cream. ~_~;

So ridiculously excited for TUF next month.

training, flying calendars

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This morning, I suddenly found out that Katsumura-san’s car was still broken, so I ended up leading class. I had us do almost all striking and rounds on the mitts. We’re going to have to hit mitts at tryouts, so I’m trying to build up my stamina.

A-san, who had previously said he was going to quit due to injuries, decided to continue! I’m still worried about him, but he can still do certain kinds of training. I’m so happy! I cried again. ~_~ So happy!
(click ALL pics to enlarge)
roxy kubota and arai san
Here is me, A-san, and Kubota-san!
Then during class, I was like, “A-san, POSE!” and he was like, “Huh? HIYAAAA!” Hah pose on command ability. Nice.
arai san pose!
After training, quick tea with a co-worker friend, and then work time!

Today, I had a kids class that I hadn’t taught one in a few months. Those 7 year-olds are improving!  Basically. Today I had to teach them days of the week, which is kind of boring. So grabbed the paper table calendar. You know, the kind that opens up to form a triangular shape. I pointed to Sunday and said, “Sunday!” Then I slid it across the table to the next kid. He had to say “Sunday!” and slide it to the next kid.

You could see where that was going. The giggling got intense. We got to Thursday before it started getting violent. D-kun HURLED the calendar at Y-chan, who did this slick evasion that looked exactly like this:
sakura dodging hearts2

HAHAHA! It fwacked into the wall, out of sight. I was still bent over from laughter as Y-chan scrambled to get it. Then she called out in Japanese, “Kowareta!” (It’s broken!”)
“What?” I said, incredulously. “How could it…”
She stood up, holding it, December in one hand, the rest in the other. Another kid picked up more paper bits and dutifully deposited them into my open palm, as if I could magic it back together.

“What?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?” I screamed, and made a pretend angry face, which they knew wasn’t serious. I didn’t care, we have tons of calendars. They all shrieked with laughter. Lucky there weren’t any adults in the classroom next to ours. XD “BROKEN!? December is broken!”
“Broken! Broken!” they all chanted. XD HAHAHAHA “December!”

Then I got them to copy down the days of the week onto paper, cut them out, and we played the slap karuta game. They kept getting Thursday and Tuesday, also Saturday and Sunday mixed up, because they can’t really read yet, just do visual recognition. It was so much fun. When the class ended, I was really sad. ^^;

For the rest of the evening, I was so genki I kept cracking puns. I bet my co-workers wanted to smack me. XD

crazy! (fun training, hilarious training partners, canceled plans)

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So yesterday I had a super busy full day planned.

Sunday I lifted some weights and hit the heavy bag. Trying to build up my stamina for hitting stuff. At tryouts we’re supposed to grappling and hit mitts.

On Monday, I went to morning training at 8:30 AM. Did the pro class. Lots of wrestling practice! But Katsumura-san’s car broke down, so we couldn’t study English afterwards. That sucked. x_x Well, I did ViPR training!
ViPR with steve and roxy

It hurt soooo bad, but I pushed through it! With Steve next to me singing, “Ooooh it hurts so good! Oh make it hurt so good!”

hahahaha XD Steve Brown. He’s also going to Las Vegas for tryouts! I think he has it rougher, cuz I heard hundreds of men go. Who knows how many women will go? Anyway, ViPR is physical conditioning and I gotta do that stuff as a team, or it’s impossible to motivate yourself to push through. I think it’s human nature to avoid pain, so when something hurts, you stop, unless someone is screaming at you, or sharing your pain. I hadn’t had the experience of group physical training for….a long time. It was great! Mitsui-san lead us. Then he lead us through stretching.
mamoru lion takumi harley2

Mamuru-san, with the ever-splended afro, and Lion Takeshi (far left) were next to me. You had to prop your partner’s leg up on your shoulder and lean forward, or bend it and pressure to the side to stretch the back and butt, etc. But Mamoru is HILARIOUS. I couldn’t stop laughing at the stuff coming out of his mouth.
He was like, “Take-chan (like ‘Take-poo’), your face is so close to me! Too close!”
Lion: I can’t help that, sorry. :}
and when they switched and Lion was on the bottom, Mamoru was like “Harder!? Harder?” and Lion was like “oh, yes! ooooh oohh owwww owwwww stop stop! No, harder!” and making noises. Mamoru was like “is it in?” (feeling the stretch, in Japanse, double entendre) I almost peed, I was laughing so hard. XD

After training, I wanted to pose with Steve to post on this blog. I decided to pose only in my sports bra to prove that I have muscles, too! Steve was like, “yeah!” So I after I brushed my hair, I was like, “Steve, are you ready?
Steve: Yes.
Roxy: Are you ready now?
Steve: Yes!
Roxy: Now?
Steve: YES!
Roxy: ….. I can’t do it, I’m too shy…’
Steve: COME ON!!!!!”
Roxy: ;_;

And Harley took a super kick-ass picture of us.

steve and roxy posing22

Then my osteopathic therapist cancelled on me. I neeeeeeeeeeed his treatment…. ~_~;

Then I found out my Cherry blossom viewing party was canceled due to rain. ~_~ So I went home and watched like three hours of Naruto instead and iced myself, cuz I felt dead. Then I decided I wanted to go back to that Pancake cafe in Kawasaki I went to with Brittany, but there was a huge line? Why? is 4 PM a popular time? o_O; Really bummed out. But I went to this DUTCH pancake place in Lazona for the first time. OMG sooo good~!

apple cinimon pancake
Then bought groceries and watched Naruto for a while longer. I fell asleep in the middle of a battle, which shows how tired I was. Woke up no idea what time or day it was for about 50 seconds. Finished that episode plus another and went to bed. woo Naruto/ training day.

I’m going to TUF 18 try outs!

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I’m going to Vegas! I’ve always wanted to go to Las Vegas.

So I’ve decided to go to The Ultimate Fighter try outs. At first, a fan-friend on Twitter linked me, saying “Are you getting ready for the TUF tryouts?” I thought he was joking. Then my arch rival and best female fighter friend Tara LaRosa Tweeted something about Joe Rogan’s reaction to females in TUF, and I thought, “Wait, what?!?”

Crazy! It’s awesome crazy! I’m so excited the UFC is making TUF with women!
But should I actually go? Can I leave my job for six weeks? Probably not? Should I quit my job? No?! Leave Japan? What should I do? GAH!

My brain was spinning. My dream was to be the first female fighter in the UFC. That didn’t happen. This may be a new dream come true: become the first ultimate fighter!
Roxy kamehameha

Return to 135 lbs. Go to try-outs and try to get into the house. I talked to my boss. He told me to go to try outs and we’ll take it from there. I love my boss. I might not love him after he tells me I can’t take two months leave of absence, but we’ll see. I have to be selected first. I will be! I must be! POSITIVE THINkING! PICK MEEE! Who knows how many women are going? There’s only one weight division. I bet you that we’ll have big women trying to cut down, and smaller women coming up.

I watched Roundup Roundup and Kristin was talking about the women she’d like to see on the TUF. She posted these pics of these REALLY BIG MUSCULAR WOMEN, and I’m like @__@; daaaaamn.

I have to believe in myself. I have skill. I haven’t been doing well lately in my career. I want to get back on the winning streak. This is my big chance. I have to get vacation from work, fly all the way from Japan, but I’d hate myself if I didn’t try it.

pic by keith mills

I’m so excited. It’s all I can think about from the moment I wake up to the minute I go to sleep. My teammate Steve is going, too! GroundSlam gaikokujin-bu! My mom encouraged me to go to try outs.

I’ll do my best ! I’m not the most beautiful fighter ever…. I refuse to wear make up to the interview. I don’t wanna pose shirt-less. 🙁 I hope they still like me! 😀

They will! I know it! I’ll make them like me! I’ll charm their socks off! 😀 Should I wear my crocodile ones? XD hahaha