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Posted in every day on February 26th, 2014 by roxyfighter

I’ve had kind of a crappy week so far, but I’m trying to be positive!

Saturday’s UFC 170 was awesome.

Sunday, I went to Gold’s Gym with Victoria in the morning. My leg was KILLING ME from where that super-nice-karate-guy nailed me in the thigh with his evil-spinning-downward-kick-of-evilness. -_- *tries not to be mad and bitter and fails*

I was able to use the elliptical and did upper-body weight lifting. But Sunday is one of my two my stairs (cardio) days, so I was annoyed I had to miss it. Then I hung out with Victoria and Brandon and tutored them for Japanese! Thanks for supporting me by paying me, guys! 😀 I hope you do well on your test.

My job situation is kind of freaking me out. I teach kids jiu-jitsu at Syndicate, which is fun and helpful to cover a few costs. I have a few sponsors, my newest being Herbal Papaya (which you may have seen me posting about), and now, Intimidation clothing, which I will talk about later. I would like some kind of writing job or part time thing that I can do at home….. any ideas anyone? basilisk875(at)

I know training is my job so I can win and make fight money. 😀 I have savings so I don’t need to count on donations (although they are always welcome) but if I have some major medical bill or accident….then it’s all gone in one hit.

SPEAKING OF INSURANCE I was on the phone with the health insurance company for a long time yesterday…. due to various mix-ups which I am super upset about, I lost my health insurance coverage and incurred a bunch of fees, so I had to apply for a new one, but I think I screwed that up, too. ~_~ So I gotta do something about that. *cries* I’m trying to lose weight, but I was so stressed out yesterday that I just ate a ton of pastries and now I feel like a fat turd. 🙁

I felt physically crappy Monday and Tuesday. I might be on the edge of coming down with something. Just fatigued and two body parts hurt. I skipped MMA practice and only hit the bag on Monday. I worked with Brittany on stuff because she came in early, which I felt accomplished about because I wanted her to improve in a few things. So that was positive! 😀
and then did mitts on Tuesday with Coach John Wood. I feel like I get better every time I have a session. I want a session every dayyyyyyyyyy but that’s not possible, of course. ~_~ But if it were!!!!!

I can’t sleep well because I’m not exercising hard. I’ve woken up at 3:45 AM the past three days and couldn’t get back to sleep.

I’m trying to be positive because I signed with Invicta, so I ‘m looking forward to fighting with them! I got a new sponsor, Intimidation Clothing, my mom FINALLY applied for a job! ~_~ She frustrates me with her inability to take action, and her passiveness. We are so different.

Yesterday, I had great mitts and then did some grappling, which was super fun other than being scratched very painfully in the eye. 🙁 That made issue #4 with me for the day. I was considering trying to do MMA sparring, but ended up being like “screw you guys, I’m going home.” *cartman voice* Brittany invited me out to Teriaki Madness with her brother and herself after training. That was nice. But I think that unless I eat organic chicken, I get stomach pains. :/ and gas. You don’t want to be around me when I have gas. I think I have IBS. It’s horrible. 🙁

Like, the other day, Victoria and Brandon fed me this mix of rice (okay), chicken (danger), raw onions (danger), beans (danger), tomato salsa (okay), oil (danger). I was like “holy….. oh great, thanks! :D” and I ate it ALL. and I had ZERO PROBLEMS. I was like WTF!!!! LOL Was it because everything was organic??? I had like 4 super problem foods for me and had no problems.

I’m so confused. 🙁

Or maybe Brandon is magical. yeah.

I feel super crappy again today, but I don’t want to skip training. ~_~ I can’t STAND letting myself down….GRRRRR and I can’t even talk to my mom about stuff, because she always tells me to not do stuff, rather than motivating me and encouraging me to go DO stuff. 🙁 and she freaks out when I tell her I’m in pain, so I have to hide it….. and her shoulder and neck are hurting.
Roxy: ice it.
Mom: No.
Roxy: Why not?
Mom: I don’t like ice. It’s cold.
Roxy: It reduces inflammation and helps it feel better, so your body heals faster.
Mom:…. no. I don’t like the feeling of cold on my body…..
Roxy: Mom, do you want the pain to go away or not?
Mom: Yes….but ice won’t help.
Roxy: MOM I’m a professional athlete, I’m TELLING YOU how it will help you!
Mom: No. owwwww it hurtssssss

THEN SHUT UP ABOUT IT, I’m trying to forget my own pain! >_< and I hate writing about it.... I'm pissing myself off. HAhahahahahaha I'm looking for businesses who might want to sponsor me..... any one have any suggestions, please email me! basilisk875(at) Thanks to Lacy at Dominate Your Game for the nutritional counseling.
lacy and dominate your game

And I got new posters! They’re kind of grainy. :/ I got them on Ebay. But they’re pretty and if I hang them up on the wall, I can’t tell about the quality. I’m trying not to spend money, but I’ve been a fan of Luis Royo since high school. 😀
luis royo posters

my UFC 170 experience. Mike Pyle won!! :D and amazing fans

Posted in amusing, fight, friends, fun on February 23rd, 2014 by roxyfighter

One of the coaches at my gym Syndicate MMA, Mike Pyle, beat down TJ Waldburger to win by TKO.

I wanted him to win so badly… It’s been a while since I wanted another man to smash the living daylights out of another man with my entire heart and soul….and vocab cords. I was screaming sooo loudly….

Okay….back up. Woke up Saturday morning feeling tired, decided to skip grappling and do kickboxing sparring that morning. I warmed up, sparred a while, and accomplished two out of four training goals.

For the first round, Chaz, one of the Muay Thai coaches, invited me to spar. I said, “Oh sorry, I’m going with Fanny first.” “Well, F*CK YOU!” he yelled at me and turned away to find someone else.

hahahah Just kidding, of course. That was hilarious. We sparred later for the first time. 😀 Fun. And I got good feedback in front of my other coach, who TEASED me to cover up how SECRETLY PLEASED he was. 😛 😛 😛 I know, don’t worry. I get it.

Then I chose to spar with this karate guy who’s not a member of our gym. Very nice guy. I like him. But he does moves that I wonder, are they really meant for sparring, or just kata and then street fighting? Because they’re kind of …damaging. Like spinning back crescent kicks to the head with the heel, lots of spinning kicks and stuff…. And he bends over and shows his back, so in MMA, it wouldn’t work because we can tackle him, but we were doing kickboxing on Saturday. I went with him because I wanted practice blocking kicks.

I resisted soccerball kicking him in the face when he was bent over in half. That would be kind of mean, right? I think he was baiting me with like an upward donkey kick or something. I tried a spinning back kick and he countered with a spinning crescent kick downwards onto my leg. It checked it perfectly! It was so cool!

….except his heel hit me really really REALLY hard in the thigh, in the T-band area….and my leg died and went to heaven. I could put zero weight on my leg. It hurt so bad. That was not cool at all. I hopped around on one leg for the last like…30 seconds to finish the round, and then had to drag myself to the side.

So I had to sit out for the rest of practice.

SO PISSED OFF!! ~_~; GRRRRR Fanny was like, “oh we gotta rub it out or it’ll knot up,” and tried to help me. I think I actually screamed. Thanks for trying, love.

One other teammate offered to beat him up for me, but I can’t knowingly condone that. The key word is knowingly.

Anyway, I went home after that, then went to UFC 170!! 😀 I could hobble around after icing it for a while. The event was great! This is my first time to be a spectator at a UFC since I fought in it. I got stopped a ton of times by fans to take pictures. It’s really my honor to meet people, and I’m so glad people are made happy by meeting me! 😀

I had to wear my disguise. And you know what, I had Heather lead me to the bathroom while I wore my disguise, and nobody said a word! Then I took it off, and a lady in line shouted, “OH, ROXANNE!!!” and wanted a picture. HAH I KNEW IT!

It worked!!

roxy heather disguise
But don’t tell anyone about this disguise. It’s only between you and me, okay?

:} I got to hang out with my friend Perry, and we had dinner together afterwards! In the arena, I sat with my friend Heather! And Phil Baroni was like three seats down, but I didn’t recognize him because he has full beard, rather than his usual styled one.

Dude, during Pyle’s fight, Phil and some other guy started getting into it! I heard “You wanna go? You wanna go?” and some people stood up.

I wanted to be like, “Hey, sit down and shut the F*UCK up, one of my coaches is fighting!” but you know. That would have been a very.very.bad. idea.

So I got up and moved in between the first and second round. I found myself next to two gentlemen from England who were very nice, but they kept talking to me. I just wanted everyone to shut UP and let me watch the fight…I was so nervous and freaking out, and I don’t wanna talk about my life history or how sound Pyle’s strategy is or not. ;_; So it looked like things settle down, so I went back to my regular seat in time to see Mike winnnnn YAY!

At one point, I was walking down the hall and I saw this fan with HUGE FAKE HANDS. I turned around.
Roxy: HEY! Awesome fake gloves! haha
man: OH, it’s ROXY!
Roxy: Can I take a picture with you?
Man: Can I take a picture with YOU?
Roxy: will you face off with me?
Man: Will you sign my GLOVE?!?!?!
Roxy: YES!
Man: YES!!

fan with huge gloves

Everything is AWESOME! :D (training, TUF buddies, UFC)

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This week has been super busy and AWESOME.
Training has been hard, tiring, and AWESOME.
I literally ran into coaches Mike Pyle and John Wood as I was walking into the Mandalay Bay to pick up my friends. Then I knew….. John wouldn’t be at practice, so Guns would be running a hard conditioning style practice. fml So tired. I’m proud of myself for getting through that. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!
Meeting my friends from The Ultimate Fighter was AWESOME.
Doing the Las Vegas Fight shop book signing was AWESOME!!
The store still has my books for sale! 😀 linkie
Meeting tons of fans was AWESOME!
And today I’m going to go to the UFC and it’s going to be AWESOME!!!

My coach, Mike Pyle, is fighting, and I’m legitimately nervous. 😡 I didn’t think I’d be this nervous. That is not awesome…. but he will smash, which WILL be awesome. And Heather came to our Fight Shop thing, which was AWESOME! and we had dinner afterwards. Since she is a vegetarian, we split a dish. I ate the chicken and she had the pinapple and rice. WHICH WAS AWESOME!! XD

I am so obsessed with the “Everything is Awesome” song. (posted at the end of this entry)
thursday morning w tuf buddies

funny post Friday syndicate
Friday morning

Friday evening at Las Vegas shop! Thanks for having us!
las vegas fight shop shayna Jessamyn Marina

LVfightshop outside 1

shayna roxy selfie

signing at lv fight shop

heather came to lv fight shop

roxy and heather at BBQ

maybe my mom’s an X-men mutant

Posted in family and holidays on February 19th, 2014 by roxyfighter

Yeah. I’m wondering if my mom is a mutant, like in the X-men universe. Her power is hyper sensitivity. For example, she suddenly says, “Can you hear that?” I’m like, “No, what?” She said, “It’s the guy in the apartment underneath us. He’s sneezing.”

I stop what I’m doing, strain my ears, and then I hear a very faint rumble from underneath. “That!” she said.

She says she could hear a constant humming when she lived in Massachusetts, and said it was vibrations from the wind turbines on the hills. But they weren’t nearby! 🙁 And now she says that the water heaters outside our building bother her.


She’s also super sensitive to tastes. If something is too spicy or sweet or something, she can’t handle it. But she can identify minute traces of stuff. And she ‘mmmms’ and ‘ummmms’ over various foods, making me think, “Is it really THAT good?”

“I sprinkled the spice tumeric in the brownies. Can you taste it?” she asked me. Um, no…..I can’t. lol

Temperature. I go out with a light jacket, but she needs a winter jacket with a hood and scarf. And vice versa.

Sight. If the sun is too bright, like when we’re taking our morning stroll, she complains and we have to go try and find shade.

It actually is really hard. She has a hard time sleeping at night because of apartment complex noises that I don’t even notice. She complains about kids playing outside, but I barely notice them.

Now if only she could harness that and fight crime………

Invicta, The Fight Dentist, rugrats, Muai thai ppl

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I have signed with the all-female MMA promotion Invicta! I have always wanted to fight in Invicta, honestly. I loved the UFC. It was my dream to fight there, too. They let me fight but decided not to keep me. The UFC is widely recognized as the leading fight promotion, and some day, I’d love to fight on their stage again, but it’s time to realize my second dream. I’ve been nothing but impressed by Invicta- their fighters, their production value, the good influence on the sport, the way they promote their fighters. It’s an honor to be apart of it. Thank you, Invicta, for having me! I can’t wait to show everyone my improvement.

(shoutout to my team at Syndicate MMA, and coaches John Wood, Mike Pyle, John Gunderson, Rick Davis, Fredson Paxiao, Vinny Magalhaes) <3 <3 <3 I got a T-shirt from my new sponsor, Herbal Payapa!! 😀 herbal papaya shirt

Last week, I went to The Fight Dentist (, ) who is a legit dentist in Las Vegas. He and his wife have an MMA-style office. They cleaned my teeth, gave me a whitening service, and also custom-made my mouthguard! They also offer cool boil and bite ones, with different designs, like flags and fangs, if you go for that.

When I was a kid, my mom used to say, “Don’t worry if your teeth aren’t pearly white, sweety. You’re beautiful just the way you! They are ivory color! Ivory is very valuable!” I was like, “Sweet. Ivory!” Then a few days ago, I told mom, “A fan suggested that I be in a toothpaste commercial because I have a nice smile, he said, but I don’t think that’d work, because my teeth aren’t so white.”

“Yeah, your teeth are yellow. You should think about getting them whitened,” she said.

O_O I was like, “MOM!! WHAT HAPPENED TO IVORY?!?!?”

;_; lol So yeah. Called up my The Fight Dentist Dr. Persky. “Yes, we can do that,” he said.
whiter teeth

syndicate women
Lots of ladies in the jiu-jitsu class Thursday morning at 10 AM. 😀

I trained a lot with Fanny on Friday! 😀 She stayed after jiu-jitsu to train!
Revgear gloves. yyyyyeah!
fanny and roxy

Coach Guns worked us hard on Friday. It was kicking drills followed by take-down live grappling whenever he said “grapple!” I think he lost track of time or got a phone call at one point, because I think Fanny went like 10 minutes instead of five, for one of her turns. lol Then wall stuff. GNP etc. It was great.

This morning, I was going to do the jiu-jitsu class and then kickboxing sparring. However, the kid’s teacher was absent, so I filled in. TOTALLY UNAPPRECIATED BY THE KIDS (ages 6 and 7). Apparently, they play lots of games and do dodgeball and stuff on Saturdays….but I dunno, it’s a jiu-jitsu class, I don’t wanna do dodgeball. So I said “no” and taught them the rear naked choke, which they didn’t do well at first, but finally did at the end. But then they stopped doing what I commanded.

Then they bugged me so I said yes to dodgeball. Then I saw parents watching, so I changed my mind and told them to spar. They got legitimately upset. Like, I can tell a ‘pout’ from ‘I’m going to cry’ and like two of them, and one girl DID start actually crying.

I was so ticked off. -_- But they are kids, what do you want? And the objective is to have fun. So I told them ten minutes dodgeball, then sparring. We played for a bit, and then I told them to spar, and the other girl started crying. OMGgggggggg

Well, they learned the rear naked choke better, so there! :< I jumped into sparring in the adult's class and got to spar with Rick, omgIforgothisname Mr. Awesome Dude who showed me various passguards I knew but forgot, he also showed me how to keep ppl from passing my guard, which I knew but forgot. Story of my life. I knew that! But I forgot! -_-; But it was awesome. THANK YOU Mr. Awesomedude my memory sucks. ;_; Then I ranted about the kids to him, got it off my chest, and then got ready to punch people in the face. 😀 I sparred a lot and it was glorious. At one point, I was going against Fanny, a Muai Thai-base girl. I did a hard low kick and she blocked it with her knee....into the space where my foot guard meets the shin guard and there's no padding there. OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWCH >_< @#$&#(@ Muay Thai people. lol Stop being so good at checking kicks. "Oh, are you okay?" she said. "Oh yeah, I'm good, I'm good!" I said, limping. I was not good. "Gimmie ten seconds!" I finished the round totally flat footed. lol I managed to hang in there, despite getting punched in the eye. Aaaah the eye!!! I took a round off. Five minutes later, I could put weight on it again and sparred somebody else and John. Then I went with Fanny again and kicked with the right leg only. AND IT LANDED FUNNY and the OTHER ankle got hit. ommgggg @#(*$# Muai Thai people. Stop being so good at kicks and hitting people and stuff! ;_; and I got hit in the OTHER eye. Now I have ice on a few different body parts, and my mom baked me carrot oatmeal bread. YAY! That is love!! 🙂 btw You can support me and my friend Heather by buying my signed photos in my website store!! We're splitting the profits - my gas money, surgery money for her dog! roxy fense small