Thursday sparring was pretty hard. We did stand up with big gloves, striking to take-downs, and MMA stuff, getting up from different positions, etc.

You get tired pretty quick going up and down, rather than just sticking to either jiu-jitsu or kickboxing. Man, by the end, my legs were burning but didn’t fail on me. I made it through, which means I’m in good shape. 😀 I can tell. Various injuries are better, thanks to Yoga. I’m really happy and satisfied with myself.

I went home, lay down for like 15 minutes before having to cook and do laundry and stuff, then went back to Syndicate, taught two kids classes and a private lesson. 😀 yeah. busy day.

Friday I woke up and could barely stand up, despite all the Glutamine and SOCK OFF recovery stuff I drank. :/ So I didn’t go to practice – I went to Vegas Hot!’s Yin Yoga (stretch-based only) at noon, and watched a ton of the anime Bleach, and Disney’s Frozen. I heard Friday’s practice was great. Aw, man! 🙁 oh well…. all practices are great.

Then I went to Tuff-N-uff to watch my friends fight! 😀 Jen Chareunvong had an awesome debut fight, but unfortunately lost by split decision. They were both scrappy!

(Jen and I)
jcjenocide after fight

My friend Tyler from Canada got caught with a punch in the opening of the first round. 🙁 I’m so sad for him, because he didn’t really get to fight and test his skills. Well, as long as he keeps going, he’ll get that chance. It’ll just be post-poned.

And Jamie Moyle, my main female training partner, did really well and defeated her very game opponent by TKO. I was so excited and screamed so loudly. The other girl looked really sharp on her feet, as is Jamie, of course, but once Jamie got her on the cage and on the ground, she had the advantage. I was like, “YEAH! we worked that! YEAH! We worked that! YEAH! WE WORKED THAT!!!”

omg. x_x

Thanks a lot to Tuff-N-uff for putting on such a great event, and letting me have a table to sell my books and T-shirts. 😀

(you can buy my T-shirt online here! link to T-shirt)
(you can buy my book online here: link to book )

Friday really felt like Saturday, and Saturday really felt like Sunday. I don’t know what Sunday will be like. I did the jiu-jitsu class in the morning and skipped sparring. My body is still hurting from my long Thursday. But I sparred someone who I usually get manhandled by, and I did really well. SO I AM HAPPY. I am on an upward peek. Please tell me I’m fighting soon.

I then hung out with Bootsy and friends, and then hung out with John and team, ate delicious BBQ chicken and watched Glory and boxing. I got sleepy at 10 PM because that’s my bedtime, but I was really interested in the main event. It was exciting! Thanks for having me, coach! 😀

After it ended, I went out John’s front door and Mike Pyle (who was laying in wait) shouted”BOOO!” I screamed, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” and jumped a foot in the air.


He hopped into his car chuckling, “I got ya real good! I got ya good! hahaha.”

Yes, you did. Thank you. What a kind, considerate man! Ensuring that I’m awake enough to drive home safely. Right? What great people I’m surrounded by! 😀 😀 😀

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